10 Best Paring Knife for Your Kitchen Needs

Paring Knives help you work better and faster in the kitchen. Since they’re of the perfect size: small and short-bladed, they are preferred over knife types by many people. Well, when one sees these knives at first, one is confused as to why they’re quite popular among many housewives.

There are very great reasons why paring knives help you work like Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen. Paring Knives can be used for cutting and dicing fruits and vegetables, peeling them, or even chopping them into fine pieces. Thus, they’re ideal for times when you’re off on picnics on a sunny day during summertime.

Also, they’re perfect when you want to have some prawns because paring knives are great for deveining shrimps and prawns. Most of the advantages associated with paring knives arise due to their ideal small size. Because of the size, it essentially means that it is easier to control and hence more precise at the work.

As great as paring knives are, it is crucial to find the best paring knife if you want to get the best value for your money. Also, paring knives come in various forms, sizes, shapes, and dazzling combinations of features. However, you need not fret as we’ll help you find the top-rated paring knives without any problems.

We understand that traversing through the market can be an incredibly overwhelming task for many. So, we’ve done a thorough analysis of the market to find the best paring knife or best budget paring knife for you.



Sabatier Forged Paring Knife

Sabatier Forged Paring Knife

  • Self-sharpening Edgekeeper Sleeve

  • Razor-sharp blades that are super durable

  • High carbon steel knife

  • Ergonomic handle that's comfortable and flexible

  • Not suitable for dishwasher

enckels International Paring Knife

Henckels International Paring Knife

  • Sharp, strong, and precise fine-edge blade

  • Narrow, triple-riveted knife handle supports cutting for a long period

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Ideal 4-inch length

Wüsthof Classic Paring Knife

Wüsthof Classic Paring Knife

  • Small size perfect to carry for outdoor activities

  • Riveted and contoured handle design is great for swift cutting

  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Blade made of high-quality steel

  • Precision Edge Technology makes knives sharper and more durable

Aheye 2-in-1 Pocket Paring Knife

Aheye 2-in-1 Pocket Paring Knife

  • Folding knife ideal for safe storage and portability

  • Knife made of food-grade stainless steel

  • Sharp, sturdy and rust-proof

  • Handle made from quality ABS material

Jonbyi Premium Ceramic Paring Knife

Jonbyi Premium Ceramic Paring Knife

  • Premium ceramic blades are better than steel blades

  • Extremely durable

  • Lightweight and agile

  • Multipurpose blade that can be used for various purposes like cutting, peeling, etc

Victorinox Swiss Army Paring Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Paring Knife

  • Small blade offers better precision

  • Lightweight knife means better agility and flexibility

  • Textured and ergonomic handle offers a tight and easy grip

  • Safe to use in dishwasher

  • Made of topnotch Europe steel

Kuhn Rikon Straight Paring Knife

Kuhn Rikon Straight Paring Knife

  • Protective sheath

  • User-friendly handles that are comfortable to grip

  • Blade made of non-stick coated Japanese stainless steel

  • Extremely sharp and durable

  • Lightweight and easy to wash in dishwasher

Mercer Culinary Non-Stick Paring Knives

Mercer Culinary Non-Stick Paring Knives

  • Ergonomic handle that's easy to grip

  • Non-stick feature is ideal for releasing food such as fruits, pastry after cutting

  • Protective sheath for safe storage

  • Great durability and sharpness

  • Safe to use in dishwasher

Chef Craft Multi- Color Paring Knife Set

Chef Craft Multi- Color Paring Knife Set

  • Blade is made of high-quality stainless steel

  • Rust-resistant and durable

  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • Sharp and thin blades ideal for small tasks

Best Paring Knife- Buying Guide

Safety, comfort, and durability are absolutely important when you’re looking to buy the best budget paring knife. Though every quality paring knife scores well in each of the parameters, some paring knives are without a doubt better.

Factors you need to look out for in Best Paring Knife

Many of these factors are quite complementary to each other. Without one, the quality of a good paring knife can suffer greatly. In this section, let’s go through a brief breakdown of important factors to consider before buying the best paring knives.

  • Lightness: For a paring knife to function as it should, it should be light for it to be agile. The quality of a paring knife hugely depends on its agility and thus, lightness should be given huge importance. This fact is due to the necessity of a paring knife to be able to make precise cuts and carvings.
  • Length: A paring knife is usually only 3-4 inches long. This is indeed the ideal length for it to function optimally. If it’s either shorter or longer than this length, the functionality of a good paring knife will suffer greatly.
  • Flexibility: The most popular purpose of paring knives is for peeling fruits and vegetables in mid-air. Thus, flexibility becomes crucial for the user to be able to maneuver through the whole peeling and dicing process.

Best Paring Knife Reviews

Since we’ve gone through the basic features that need to be considered when choosing a paring knife, we can start with the next. Let’s start by reviewing the best kitchen paring knives as well as the best paring knife brands in the market.

We’ve deliberately made sure to include factors like customer response and durability in drafting this list of the best kitchen paring knives.

1. Sabatier Forged Paring Knife

Sabatier Forged Paring Knife - best paring knife

Sabatier is a household brand that is hugely popular for its high-quality, top paring knives. It is recognized and reputed for being one of the best paring knife brands.


  • This Sabatier kitchen knife has an Edgekeeper Sleeve that has the ideal quality of sharpening itself.
  • These knives have a sheath that arrives with a patented, built-in mechanism. This mechanism allows knives to be sharpened automatically after every use, thus being perfect for lazy people like you and me.
  • Thus, even if you don’t sharpen it regularly, your blades won’t get dull with repeated use. It will keep maintaining its razor-sharp quality and be ideal for cutting and dicing tough veggies and fruits. Thus, if you’re looking for the best paring knife for apples, you should consider this knife.
  • Also, another factor that adds to the high quality of its knives is the material it’s made from. This Sabatier paring knife is made of high carbon steel that is well-known for being durable, strong, and sharp.
  • This knife is equipped with triple-riveted ergonomic handles that offer tight grips and hence, flexibility and comfort while doing your kitchen tasks.
  • It’s 3.5 inches long, which is the ideal length for a paring knife. It’s ideal for small tasks like peeling, chopping, and dicing small veggies and fruits.
  • The amazing service of lifetime limited warranty was offered. Defective pieces will be replaced and even refunded (if asked) with zero charges asked of the consumer.
  •  This knife isn’t ideal to be used in a dishwasher. Handwashing is the most ideal for paring knives.
  • It needs to be rinsed and dried immediately after washing.
  • Each blade is crafted with care to ensure that sharpness and edge retention are retained. Thus, slicing and peeling become more precise and mistakes are avoided as much as possible.

With an impressive list of remarkable features, it is on the run to become the best paring knife for apples.

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2. Henckels International Paring Knife

Henckels International Paring Knife - best kitchen paring knives

Henckels International is a brand that sells kitchen essentials and household products like different types of knives, plates, spoons, etc. It is definitely one of the best paring knife brands in the market currently. If you’re looking for a top-rated paring knife, this brand is amazing and offers good knives.


  • This paring/utility knife has a fine edge blade that is well-reputed for its precision, sharpness, and strength.
  • It’s also perfectly durable, which saves you useful resources like time and money.
  • This knife is ideal for many small tasks that need attention to detail. You can do a whole range of tasks like peeling apple covers, slicing and chopping garlic effortlessly, removing spots and blemishes, etc.
  • This knife is made in such a manner that there is a seamless transition from the blade to the handle.
  • The construction handles of the knives are forged fully and beautifully. This feature ensures that there is a harmonious balance since these triple-riveted handles allow cutting for long periods. Thus, this is perfect if you’re cooking in professional settings like restaurants.
  • This knife is made and designed in such a way that its back and edge are both curved and style is center-tip. Because of this, it’s perfect for use while having your breakfast or dinner.
  • Since the handles of the knives are quite shallow and narrow in breadth, the grip will be stronger for people with smaller hands.
  • Fortunately, this paring knife is safe for washing in the dishwasher. However, it is better that you wash these Henckels knives using your bare hands.
  • This knife is quite sturdy and not very flexible.
  • Its length of 4 inches is the perfect length for a paring knife.

While some customers have reported issues of it being too small and blunt for use, it still is a good paring knife. This knife is definitely a contender for the best serrated paring knife.

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3. Wüsthof Classic Paring Knife

Wüsthof Classic Paring Knife  best budget paring knife

Wüsthof is a brand that has etched a name for itself in the field of kitchen essentials. It’s a brand that is dedicated to providing consumers with the best household and kitchen essentials. This classic paring knife has an amazing set of features due to which it’s undoubtedly a contender to be the best paring knife for apples.


  • This paring knife can be used for many small and detailed tasks. Due to this feature, it’s one of the most widely used and popular tools for a modern kitchen.
  • This knife is extremely versatile.
  • This knife can be used even when you’re on special outings or picnics with your loved ones. This feature is possible due to its small size.
  • The apt combination of the riveted handle design and the contoured shape makes this knife very agile and comfortable. Thus, it is great for working on your kitchen tasks swiftly, leaving you more time for your leisurely tasks.
  • The knife is equipped with something called the Classic Icon. This icon adds a rear bolster that can take on the role of acting as a counterbalance while working with the knife.
  • It has an elegant and slim bolster design that makes it lightweight and comfortable. It also allows you to reuse and sharpen the entire blade, which is a remarkable feature.
  • It is equipped with an ergonomic handle that perfectly fits in your hands. Because of this, peeling and chopping your veggies and fruits can be accomplished effortlessly and mishaps can be avoided too.
  • The whole blade was crafted and forged with steel of the highest quality. To prove this, there is an engraved logo on the surface of the blade.
  • This knife was made using the latest and state-of-the-art Precision Edge Technology. This has been proven to increase sharpness by 20 percent and also twice as durable.

Though this product does have its fair share id pros and cons, it still is a remarkable product with impressive features. Thus, it is definitely one of the top paring knives. Also, it won’t be far-fetched to conclude that it is a top-rated paring knife.

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4. Aheye 2-in-1 Pocket Paring Knife

Aheye 2-in-1 Pocket Paring Knife - best paring knife brands

There is a leading producer of kitchen essentials and household products. It is well-known for the high quality of its products, which it produces using cutting edge technology. This product has been updated with new amazing features, due to which it can be the best paring knife you can buy.


  • This knife set has two sets of blades. One of these blades is ideal for cutting and slicing soft food items like boneless meat, melons, fish. There are chances that it will break or get dented if used on hard bones or frozen food.
  • This knife set is ideal for many activities and occasions like hiking, camping, or any indoor/outdoor activities.
  • Since it’s a folding knife, it can be carried everywhere you go for safety reasons. Also, due to this, the chances of mishaps are very unlikely.
  • This knife is made from food-grade stainless steel, due to which the authentic colors and tastes of the food are preserved well. This helps keep the food perfectly fresh and nutritious without negatively affecting your health.
  • The stainless steel is of top-notch quality, sturdy, rust-proof, and sharp. All of these qualities ensure that the knife will function optimally. Also, the knife lasts for a very long time and doesn’t get spoilt easily.
  • The knife handle has a perfect grip due to it being made from high-quality ABS material. Precisely due to these reasons, it’s extremely comfortable for use, and cases of accidental drops are very low, fortunately.
  • This knife is great as a traveling companion everywhere you go. Be it camping, fishing, hiking, picnicking, or engaging in other outdoor activities, this knife can be a great lifesaver. Also, due to its small size, it doesn’t take up much space and hence, is perfectly portable.
  • Aheye’s refund or Return policy is very consumer-friendly. So, you don’t need to worry about losing your money on a defective product.

With such a dazzling combination of wholesome features, it is apparent why it’s one of the best paring knives currently.

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5. Jonbyi Premium Ceramic Paring Knife

Jonbyi Premium Ceramic Paring Knife - best paring knife for apples

Jonbyi is a reputed company specializing in the production of minor products like kitchen and dinner table essentials. This knife has a meticulous combination of wholesome features. Hence, it has become the best ceramic paring knife for many consumers.


  • The sharpness of this blade is quite legendary. These premium ceramic blades are so strong, sturdy, and sharp that they require lesser force than metal to cut food.
  • The ceramic blades won’t pose any damage to your health as they’re rustproof. Thus, this means they’re resistant to the effects of acids and hence, your food won’t become brown and spoilt.
  • These ceramic blades are perfectly durable, meaning they last for a long time without wear or tear. These blades can maintain their edge for 10 times longer than many steel blades in the market. This advantage exists in ceramic blades without the need for you to take the trouble of resharpening.
  • These blades can function well as multipurpose blades. They can be used for many things ranging from cutting, peeling, trimming to mincing, dicing, and garnishing your food. However, they shouldn’t be used on hard food items like frozen goodies.
  • The customer service of this company is remarkable. A 100 percent refund policy is guaranteed for an entire lifetime. Replacement is provided as well.
  • This ceramic blade is lightweight, weighing merely 2.7 ounces.
  • It’s also perfect for use in professional settings as it’s lighter and much more agile.

This ceramic blade functions remarkably due to it being equipped with remarkable mechanisms and designed with amazing parts. This explains the high customer satisfaction levels recorded on this product. Hence, it can become your best all purpose paring knife. It’s also why it’s one of the best paring knives.

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6. Victorinox Swiss Army Paring Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Paring Knife - best paring knife for home

Victorinox is an excellent choice of brand if you’re looking for household products to help you out in your life. It boasts of amazing products ranging from watches to knives, from travel gear to fragrances, etc. Thus, the scope and quality of its products are quite high and respectable.


  • This paring knife can function as a multipurpose paring knife. It is ideal for small tasks that require minute attention to detail. You can peel or slice fruits and veggies with this knife. Or you can even try mincing an entire big onion.
  • The blade of this knife is tapered in such a manner that it’s ground off in two directions. This feature largely ensures that you can maintain your razor sharpness for a longer period.
  • This blade is very small but this isn’t a disadvantage. Rather, due to its size, it can accomplish more tasks with extra precision and accuracy. It does everything that a normal knife does but with greater control on the chef’s part.
  • This blade grants the chef extra agility, dexterity, and flexibility for many kitchen tasks.
  • This knife is equipped with an ergonomic and textured handle that offers a tight grip. This ensures that you won’t drop it even when your hand gets wet. This is an excellent feature that offers the chef ample balance for easy handling.
  • It has an ideal length of 3.25 inches.
  • It can be washed in a dishwasher without damage.
  • It has been crafted from steel of topnotch quality, brought from Europe.

This paring knife is, without a doubt, one of the best paring knives in the market, despite a few shortcomings.

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7. Kuhn Rikon Straight Paring Knife

Kuhn Rikon Straight Paring Knife - best beginner paring knife

Kuhn Rikon is a cookware manufacturing company headquartered in Switzerland. Apart from knives, it sells pressure cookers, pots, pans, and various other kitchen tools such as peelers, silicone scrubbers, spatula, etc. This is a good paring knife that’s super versatile and ideal for various purposes such as peeling fruits, chopping vegetables, and slicing cheese.

The knife also comes with a protective sheath for safe storage in the kitchen. The product comes in a set of 3 knives- red, yellow, and blue, in this case. If you’ve been using substandard knives, this top rated paring knife will really improve your cooking experience.

Customer feedback is great and many people commend the sturdy cutting experience it provides and its rust-resistant feature. It has a wonderful combination of good features including sharp blades, and an ergonomic handle. This is a quality product at a very reasonable price so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth!


  • The protective sheath is great for use during outdoor activities such as camping, barbeque parties, vacation, etc.
  • The handles are very user friendly, and comfortable to grip.
  • It features a non-stick coated Japanese stainless steel blade.
  • It is extremely sharp and durable with well-maintenance.
  • The knives are quite lightweight and easy to wash.
  • The coating on the blades last longer and will not scratch, fade, or chip away even if you wash and scrub it frequently.
  • The non-stick coating of the blades make it easy to release food
  • It is safe to use in a dishwasher.
  • It is ideal for everyday cooking. This way, it is a good substitute for your other high-end chef’s knives which are better left for special occasions.
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8. Mercer Culinary Non-Stick Paring Knives

Mercer Culinary Non-Stick Paring Knives - best paring knife for vegetables - best paring knife with sheath

Mercer Culinary is a company that sells high-quality chef tools, knives, and various other kitchen accessories. They also manufacture knife block sets, knife sharpening tools, peelers, graters, plating sets, shears, barware sets, etc. Whether you’re a professional chef, a home cook, or a culinary hobbyist, this brand will provide you some of the best paring knife sets.

Mercer Culinary is a trusted, reputable brand that values customer satisfaction, so you can be assured you’re getting a product with high performance.


  • For your daily cooking in the kitchen, this affordable, all-purpose paring knife is just the perfect option. The blade of these knives is made of high carbon Japanese steel.
  • The blade is also stain-free so you’ll be able to easily clean and wash it.
  • The handle of the knives has an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to grip and use.
  • This product comes in a set of 3 with knives of varying colors, including red, blue, and black. Each of them has an average length of 4 inches. They come with a protective cover/sheath for safe and easy storage in your kitchen drawers.
  • This non-stick knife is ideal for cutting and prepping various kinds of foods, from fruits, and vegetables, to pastries, or cheese, etc.
  • The protective sheath is very convenient for safe storing or handling, especially when you take the knives outside for camping, picnics, barbeque, or potlucks.
  • They are extremely sharp.
  • The bright, vibrant colors of the knives will make it very easy and convenient to spot and not lose it when you do take them outside for outdoor activities.
  • Durability is great and these knives will last you long.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • The non-stick feature makes it suitable for easy cutting of fruits. It is especially useful for slicing through cakes, pies, or other sticky foods.

The overall design is quite similar to the Kuhn Rikon paring knives. The Mercer Culinary knife set is more affordable, however. So, for people who are looking for a budget investment, this is the ideal quality paring knife. 

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9. Chef Craft Multi- Color Paring Knife Set

Chef Craft Multi- Color Paring Knife Set - best all purpose paring knife

Chef Craft is a company founded by Peter Ernster in 1985. This company values customer satisfaction and strives to bring customers high-quality products. They have recently started focusing on products made from sustainable materials such as wheat straw, and bamboo.

This product is definitely one of the best paring knife sets as it is perfect for your daily fruit and vegetable preparation. You can also use it for various activities outside your kitchen such as road trips, food festivals, camping, etc. The knife has an overall sturdy feel to it; the handle is plastic but it is quite firm and great.


  • This set of paring knives is great for multiple tasks such as slicing, and chopping, to delicate decorations. This knife set is recommendable for general purposes and everyday use. It is one of the best paring knives for the money due to how inexpensive it is and high value for money.
  • The blade is made from quality stainless steel.
  • It is quite resistant to rust and is durable for long-term use if used gently.
  • The vibrant colors of the knives make them ideal to carry for outdoor activities like picnics, or camping because they will not be lost easily.
  • The knives are lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The blades are thin and sharp. They are ideal for small tasks like cutting onions, shallots, mushrooms, tomatoes, and some fruits such as strawberries, peaches, kiwi, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose a paring knife?

Choosing a paring knife ultimately depends on what you’re using it for. The durability of the knife is an important characteristic that you should consider if you’re looking to use it for long. Take a look at the important features and find out which one(s) should be given priority.

2. What is a paring knife used for?

A paring knife can be used for peeling and dicing fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes. Also, it’s used by many for deveining shrimps and prawns due to its agility.

3. Is a paring knife necessary?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that paring knives are unnecessary. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Paring knives have all the usual features of a knife but with extra flexibility and maneuverability.

4. What can I cut with a paring knife?

You can cut many things with a paring knife. You can cut fruits and vegetables, shrimps and prawns, boneless chicken and meat, etc. However, you should take care not to use it on hard ingredients like frozen foods or tough bones.

5. Can a paring knife cut meat?

Yes, a paring knife can cut meat, provided it’s not too tough. If it’s too tough, there are chances that the knife could break in half or get dented. Also, don’t use it on frozen meat because that’s fatal for a paring knife. You can check other good knives that can help you out.

6. What is the best quality paring knife?

Finding the best quality paring knife can be tough since everyone has their budget and preferences. However, to be safe, companies like Henckels, Wüsthof, Aheye, Victorinox, Jonbyi, Sabatier, etc produce high quality paring knives.

7. What does a paring knife look like?

A paring knife is usually small and 3-4 inches long. It comes with an ergonomic handle that is designed to offer a tight grip.

8. How sharp should a paring knife be?

A paring knife should be very sharp for it to work optimally. It needs to cut and dice fruits and vegetables. Also, it is meant to chop meat too, which is a very tough task.

9. Can you sharpen a paring knife?

Yes, you can sharpen a paring knife. Some knives have to be sharpened manually. So you have to purchase a sharpener when you buy a paring knife. However, some paring knives are programmed to be sharpened automatically without your help.

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