Can You Freeze Jalapenos?

Jalapenos are delicious and add some needed flavor to your food. But what if you bought a whole lot of them and now you don’t know what to do with them? Not to mention that if you grew a lot of jalapenos then you must be asking- can you freeze jalapenos from the garden? 

Yes, it’s possible to do so. If you just ask- can I freeze Jalapenos? They know that it’s possible to freeze both grown and store-bought jalapenos. So let us find out all the different ways you can get it done and what kind of peppers can you even freeze. 


Do peppers freeze well? 

can you freeze jalapenos

Peppers indeed freeze well and so freezing improves their shelf life. You will be able to use the peppers, even after their season is over. But now the question of Can you freeze jalapeno chilies? Must have been transformed into the best way to freeze jalapenos? 

So now that the first thing you need to do is get the right bags. This is because without the correct bags, you will end up with jalapeno chilies that have frost buildup or with freezer burn. So first get reusable silicon bags. 

Now, the best way to freeze jalapeno peppers is to ensure that there’s minimum to nil oxygen going into the sealed bags. Our goal here is to eliminate oxygen from entering the bag as much as possible since that will decay your peppers and thicker silicon bags will indeed make it possible. But if you can’t get them then normal Ziploc bags are fine as well. 

Now it’s the time to slice them. A lot of people tend to ask- can you freeze sliced jalapenos? Know that it’s possible to freeze them sliced. But can you freeze jalapenos whole? Yes, that’s possible as well. The method you take depends on the refrigerator space you have. 

If you want to freeze them while, then you need to first run the peppers under cold water before drying them with a towel. You can remove the stems if you want and then seal the peppers in the bag. Can you freeze jalapenos with seeds? Yes, as you read, you don’t need to deseed at all.

Deseeding can damage the pepper and make it taste and spice less later on. Now, if you want to make maximum use of the space in the Ziploc bags, just slice them however you like and then put them in. Make sure that you eliminate as much air as you can before sealing it. 

You can make use of both methods to freeze your peppers. But what if you have fully fresh jalapenos? Can you freeze fresh jalapenos whole? Then know that fresh jalapenos can be frozen as well. 

How many kinds of ways can you freeze jalapenos? 

We answered your questions of- can you dice and freeze jalapenos? In the above section.

Now it’s time to tackle all the various other ways you will be able to freeze your jalapenos: 

Can you freeze jalapenos before canning?

Yes, it’s possible to freeze the peppers for some time and then can them. 

Can you freeze canned jalapenos? 

Yes, the reverse is possible too. Just make sure to consume them before 6 months, so that there’s minimum flavor loss. 

Can you freeze boiled jalapenos? 

It’s advised that you don’t do this. Note that boiled jalapenos are soggy and so they won’t freeze properly. As a result, your whole batch might go to waste. 

Can you freeze jalapenos before pickling? 

It’s possible to do this and it doesn’t hamper the spiciness of the jalapenos at all. 

Can you freeze jalapeno poppers after baking? 

can you freeze jalapenos

baking them first will keep them fresher for a little longer. 

Can you freeze roasted jalapeno peppers? 

You can indeed do this as well. Although it’s advised that you ground them all together before putting them in the Ziploc bag.

 Can you freeze jalapenos from a jar? 

Of course, you can. But do check if the peppers in your jar are fresh. After all, if you use too old jalapenos then it might not freeze well. 

Can you freeze candied jalapenos? 

Of course, you can. Note that candied jalapenos will remain fresh for a longer period as well. 

If you are wondering that Can you Freeze jalapenos that are prepared? you can check our detailed article to know more.

How long can you freeze jalapenos?

You certainly shall be able to freeze jalapenos for at least six months for sure.

How to freeze jalapenos?

In order to freeze jalapenos, first, wash them very well in cold water. Now using a towel dry them well once having done that if you wish remove their stems softly. Now put them either in ziplock bags or reusable silicon bags that are a little thicker. The thing to be careful o is that the bag must be of the right size.

It is very essential to note this so that you are able to remove any presence of oxygen in the bag very efficiently. If there is air inside the bag then the jalapenos shall get decayed soon or else there are chances of frost to get accumulated and freezer burn of the jalapenos. After you have put them in the bags, make sure to seal the bags well. Now put the jalapenos in the freezer.

Can jalapenos be frozen?

Yes, jalapenos can absolutely be frozen without having any issues.

Is it ok to freeze jalapenos?

Yes, it is perfect to freeze jalapenos. Many people do the same and consume it slowly over the months. You surely can be able to freeze jalapenos for at least six months to the least, having them in absolutely fresh condition.

What are some commonly asked questions about freezing jalapenos

Here’s are some common questions that get asked about freezing jalapenos: 

1.Does freezing jalapenos make them milder?

Note that freezing jalapenos will make them a little milder. This loss in flavour is expected over some time. But your jalapenos should remain flavourful if you consume them within 6 months of freezing.

2.Can I freeze frozen jalapenos?

If you had to take out a little of your frozen jalapenos, then know that you will be able to freeze them once again. However, make sure that you freeze them as fast as you can again so that there’s less loss in flavour as well as structural integrity.

3.Can you freeze jalapeno poppers to cook later?

You can indeed freeze the pre-cooked jalapeno poppers, however, you should note that they won’t crisp up well after being re-heated as the uncooked ones do. So if you wanted to ask someone- Can I freeze jalapeno poppers ahead of time? Then you now know that you can.

4.Do you have to blanch jalapenos before freezing?

No, there is no need to do so. Blanching jalapenos will result in soggy peppers that don’t have much flavour or structural integrity. They will be mush.
So by now, you will know that it’s ok to freeze jalapenos in different ways. All the questions of- Is it OK to freeze jalapeno peppers whole? Or can you freeze roasted peppers? All have an affirmative answer. It will help you save the extra peppers you have and not worry about googling all the ways you can cook them. It’s advised that you freeze the peppers if you want to enjoy them later on. After all, freezing will save these peppers from getting thrown into the trash.

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