6 Best No Bake Cookies Without Peanut Butter

Cookies – those heart-melting chunks of love that can enliven a dampened spirit just with their aroma!

Unquestionably, a bowl full of cookies has the superpowers to make you binge-watch a boring movie, make a get-together much more cheerful, and above all, make your life bliss! Imagine those showers of rich, aromatic choco chips complementing the mouth-watering crunchiness of no bake cookies without peanut butter – IRRESISTIBLE!

Since cookies are a way of presenting your love, we’d like to give you some exotic ways of expressing your affection. We are here with some simple no-bake cookies without peanut butter recipes that you should definitely give a try if you’re a genuine cookie lunatic.

But before we proceed with the recipes, many of you might question – why go for no-bake cookies? We’d love to answer this in the upcoming section.

no bake cookies without peanut butter


Why Go for No Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies When You Can Bake Them?

Imagine having a sudden craving for jumping into a bowl of cookies and savoring them with your favorite show. Since these types of cravings are hard to suppress, you need to choose one of the following paths:

  1. Get up and start baking cookies in the scorching hot oven by risking your kitchen
  2. Go to a supermarket and get some unhealthy, sugar and trans-fat-laden cookies
  3. Complement the show with healthy and affordable no-bake cookies at home

A rational, health-conscious guy will surely find the third option a considerable alternative due to numerous reasons. Listed below are some major reasons why going for no-bake cookies without peanut butter, microwave will prove to be a great decision.

  • Low in trans-fat
  • Low in sugar
  • Affordable
  • Can be made even if you don’t own an oven 

A fact that’s clear with all this is that non-peanut butter no-bake cookies are a wholesome health package and thus, ignoring this healthy gourmet doesn’t sound like a rational decision. Thus, we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t go for something as delicious as no-bake cookies.

Are Easy No-Bake Cookies No Peanut Butter as Crunchy as the Baked Ones?

Yes, an easy no-bake cookie recipe without peanut butter can be made as crunchy as the baked ones (or even much crunchier). But since we are replacing the oven with some other heating methods, we need to take care of some aspects to yield the desired crispiness in our cookies. Here’s all you need to do.

  • Cook the cookie batter for a considerable period
  • Boil the cookie mixture at least till 230°F to get the desired crispiness i.e. cooking for 90 seconds at medium flame
  • Try adding quick oats to the mixture
  • Refrigerate the cookies for some time if they don’t harden up in 20-30 minutes.

Shelf Life of No-Bake Cookie Recipe Without Peanut Butter

Simple no-bake cookies exhibit a spectacular shelf life as they can be easily stored for up to 15 days, which is somewhat better than baked ones. But it must be noted that you need to keep them in an air-tight container under room temperature or a refrigerator for good shelf life.

Some Simple yet Amazing No-Bake Cookie Recipes Without Peanut Butter

Since no bake cookies without peanut butter are an exceptional way of self-pampering, we have shortlisted some amazing simple no-bake cookie recipes that will surely prove to be a treat for you, your family, and your friends. Alongside, we have also discussed the ways of how to make no-bake cookies without peanut butter that even an amateur can easily follow.

Here are the recipes.

1. Choco-dip gingerbread cookies

Cookie lunatics can’t deny the fact that chocolate and gingerbread make one of the most seducing pairs and here is an epitome of this. Since both these ingredients exhibit contrasting flavors, pairing them together gives out a delicious outcome.

The time required: Choco-dip gingerbread cookies can be prepared in just 27 minutes but it requires a chilling time of 2 hours.

Ingredients: unsalted butter (1/2 cup), ground ginger (1.5 tsp), ground black pepper (1/4 tsp), ground cinnamon (3/4 tsp), brown sugar (1/2 cup), baking soda (1/2 tsp), nutmeg (1/4 tsp), fresh ginger (1 tbsp), all-purpose flour (210g), cocoa powder (2 tbsp), choco chips(200g).

2. Maple no-bake cookies

Maple can actually magnify the rich flavor of vanilla or chocolate and thus, maple cookies made it to our list of most delicious no-bake cookies. This jaw-dropping combination involves pairing the cookie dough with maple syrup, banana, honey, and almond butter to make something out of the world.

In addition, we will complement the cookies with oats before refrigerating them. These cookies demand a cooking time of approximately 10 minutes but surely, those 10 minutes will prove to be worth it.

3. No-bake pineapple coconut cookies

Whether it’s about cakes, puddings, or pastries, pineapples offer the most mouth-watering flavor in whichever dessert you put it in and now, we are here with another exceptional pineapple recipe but this time in the form of cookies!

The no-bake pineapple coconut cookie recipe demands ingredients like coconut flakes, walnuts, dried pineapples, white chocolate chips, and cornflakes and surely, you won’t miss the crunchiness of baked cookies as ingredients like cornflakes and dried pineapples will give unrivaled crispiness to the cookies.      

4. No peanut butter oatmeal cookies

No peanut butter oatmeal cookies

Quick oats have the potential to mimic the crunchiness of baked cookies and thus, this recipe could easily make its place in our list of the no-bake cookie recipe without peanut butter. Although quick oats don’t have a sharp flavor, still, they can enhance the texture and suppress crisp flavors for giving out delicious no-bake cookies.

Ingredients required: white sugar (2 cups), Butter (0.5 cups), milk (0.5 cups), cocoa powder (3 tbsp), quick oats (3 cups), vanilla extract (1 tsp).

These cookies offer 189 calories in every serving and thus, make sure to adjust the number of ingredients according to your calorie goal to enjoy the cookies the most.

5. Nutella no-bake cookies 

How can forget an ingredient that is known for conquering almost dessert, being pastries, brownies, shakes, or cookies – Nutella! We know that your mouth has already begun watering and your feelings are purely justified as Nutella is actually irresistible and pairing it up with something like vanilla cookies can provide the most seductive snack till now.

In this recipe, we’ll be pairing our Nutella cookies with shredded coconut to enhance the richness of the cookies. Given below are the details of the ingredients that you’ll need for this recipe.   

Ingredients required: butter (8 tbsp), sugar (2 cups), milk (0.5 cups), cocoa powder (1/4 cup), salt (0.5 tsp), vanilla extract (1 tbsp), Nutella spread (1 cup), quick oats (2 cups), and shredded coconut (2 cups).       

6. Oatmeal and resins no-bake cookies

Oatmeal and resins no-bake cookies

Here is another oatmeal no-bake cookie recipe but this time we’re pairing it with resins as this makes a great combination. Besides, this will make the healthiest combination ever in a cookie as resins and quick oats are an abode to numerous health benefits. But you need to be careful if you’re buying these cookies from a bakery as there is a high probability that would add lots of sugar and butter to them.

You may also resort to almond oil to enhance the flavor and add some more good fats. Besides, the recipe involves complementing oats and resins with maple syrup and banana for enhancing the sweetness of the cookies without adding excessive sugar and keeping the recipe as healthy as possible.

No-bake cookie recipes without peanut butter aren’t confined merely to the above-listed ones. You can always innovate with these recipes to make exotic cookies and enjoy them with your friends and family.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why will my no-bake cookies not set up?

The most common reason behind your cookies not setting up is that you aren’t cooking the batter well.

2. What do I do if my cakes don’t harden up?

Many bakers claim that no-bake cookies aren’t hard as baked ones. This is not always true but surely, there are chances of this happening. If your no-bake cookies don’t harden up, you can resort to the following means to promote hardening.
• Boil the cookie mixture at least till 230°F to get the desired crispiness i.e. cooking for 90 seconds at medium flame
• Refrigerate the cookies for some time if they don’t harden up in 20-30 minutes.
• Cook the cookie batter for a considerable period
• Try adding quick oats to the mixture

3. How long do no-bake cookies last?

No-bake cookies exhibit an exceptional shelf life, which is even better than baked ones. You can easily store no-bake cookies for up to 2 weeks. But it must be noted that it is important to store them in an airtight container or refrigerator to ensure freshness.

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