Can You Freeze Liquid Eggs?

Eggs are a rich source of high-quality protein. The eggs have proven to be very much beneficial for health. Both the yolk and the whites of eggs are quite rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins minerals and proteins. 

The eggs also are an important ingredient for cooking whether for breakfast or the latter use. While eggs could be good until 3 to 6 weeks inside the refrigerator, but then have you any day wonder, Can You Freeze Liquid Eggs. If you have too many eggs and you cannot use all of them at a time, then you could break them and freeze them for later use.

Now, you might definitely want to ask about the process of freezing them and also about in what conditions you could freeze the liquid eggs. Apart from this, you might also want to know the answers to questions like ‘Can You Freeze Liquid Eggs?’ and ‘How do you freeze liquid eggs?’ in the first place. All the questions will be answered below. Have patience and keep reading the article.


Can you freeze liquid egg products?

Can You Freeze Liquid Eggs

If you are asking- Can you freeze liquid egg products? Then keep in mind that you can indeed freeze the liquid egg products as well. The products of liquid eggs are no different from the liquid egg itself, therefore, can be preserved in the refrigerator for more than six months. But similar to the liquid egg, the products of liquid egg too cannot be used more than 3 days once they have been refrozen, as the products cannot be frozen up again after defrosting. Check here Can You Freeze Liquid Eggs? 

Apart from this, there have been several questions that are unanswered yet. Questions like ‘Can you freeze liquid whole eggs?’ and many others would be answered in the article below. Keep reading the article for more details and answers to your questions.

How to freeze liquid eggs under different conditions?

1. Can you freeze liquid eggs in a carton?

Can You Freeze Liquid Eggs

If you are asking- Can you freeze liquid eggs in cartons? Then the answer is yes, but one cannot just put the cartoon into the freezer & expect amazing results. The eggs aren’t just like the other ingredients of the cooking; these have certain unique properties. So, a lot of consideration is required while freezing them.

The products of the liquid eggs should always be refrigerated at all times & eaten within 2 to 6 days after purchase, or these liquid eggs could also be frozen in the cartoon. One can place these liquid eggs in the refrigerator unopened inside the freezer and it could be stored for almost one year it is suggested to defrost these liquid eggs only when needed as the frozen eggs could not represent once they are thawed.

2. Can you freeze pasteurized liquid eggs?

The questions like ‘Can you freeze pasteurized liquid eggs?’ are very important. The answer for the same is yes, you can freeze pasteurized liquid eggs. The pasteurized in-shells eggs should always be stored inside the refrigerator and could be used after 3 to 5 weeks. The best pasteurized liquid egg freezing substitute may be stored inside the refrigerator for around 10 days. 

But, if you have opened up the cartoons then it is highly recommended to use them within 3 days after the opening. The substitute of the freezing egg is not recommended, however, the egg products that are purchased frozen might be kept inside the freezer for around one year.

3. Can you freeze cooked liquid eggs? 

Yes, you can freeze the cooked liquid eggs of yours into the refrigerator. Not just freeze cooked eggs, but also the raw eggs or the liquid eggs after they have been removed from the shell. 

You could also freeze many of the dishes which contain eggs and even the homemade sandwiches for the breakfast, however, the quality of these thawed eggs would vary and the uses of these thawed eggs might also be limited. You could freeze the eggs for up to one year but it is best to use these eggs within the period of around 1 to 6 months for best quality assurance.

4. Can you freeze liquid eggs with citric acid?

Can You Freeze Liquid Eggs

The citric acid should be added to the products of egg or some yolk for preventing the greening of the eggs. The eggs should be stored at around 0 degrees to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, so to use them for around a year. The egg products which are made from whole eggs with the added citric acid should be stored well. 

The citric acid prevents naturally the green-grey discoloration of the prepared products of egg that occurs when these eggs are kept hot for an extended period. An example of it can be bain-marie. The storing of the eggs in the freezer with the citric acid also prevents them from turning green-grey colour whenever heated.

5. Can you freeze cartons of liquid eggs?

The liquid eggs could be frozen up. They can be kept in the freezer for up to one year and could be used for around 3 days after it has been opened up. But then one cannot just put the cartoon inside the freezer and then expect good results. The eggs aren’t just like some other ingredients of the cooking they have their unique properties and hence they need to be packed before these are frozen up. But it is suggested to never freeze the eggs into the shell itself. Check here How long can you freeze liquid eggs?

Now, let us move on to the questions that might have aroused in your mind regarding the freezing of the liquid eggs. Questions like what happens exactly if you freeze the liquid eggs or how to freeze them in the first place.

What happens if you freeze liquid eggs?

Whenever you freeze the frozen eggs into their shell, the liquid then expands and which can cause shells to break. This could lead to the risk of bacterial contamination or the content of the egg getting spoiled. The freezing shelled or raw eggs could negatively affect texture as egg yolk then becomes jelly-like and thick. It is recommended to not freeze the soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs as the egg whites could then become rubbery whenever thawed.

How long can you freeze liquid eggs?

If you are asking- How long can you freeze liquid eggs? Keep in mind the liquid eggs could be used to one year until it is opened up. It is however suggested to use these eggs within the period of around 1 to 6 months for the best quality assurance. But otherwise, the liquid eggs should be used within three days after the opening of the liquid eggs. 

Always do make sure that you do not use the liquid eggs more than 3 days once it has been opened up. But if in case, it is opened up then you could use these liquid eggs up till 1 year and the quality of these liquid acts does not deteriorate, if it is unopened and kept for around one year.

How do you freeze liquid eggs?

Can You Freeze Liquid Eggs

The process of freezing the liquid egg is simple and very easy to understand. You could freeze your liquid eggs very easily. First of all, separate the liquid eggs in separate portions, and then place these portions into heavy-duty bags of freezer or the containers that are tightly sealed up so that it does not leak or spill. 

The next step is to carefully seal the packaging of these liquid eggs tightly so that they are leakproof. Once it is done, you are then going to label these eggs with the date and finish the packaging. The next and the most important step is to then store these liquid eggs in the freezer for up to 1 year until these are unopened.

Well, these were a few of the general questions that come to mind if one is to freeze the liquid eggs. But always do remember to use the liquid eggs within 3 days after the packaging has been opened up for best quality. Hope the article was of great help to you and that all the questions were answered up and all the doubts cleared.

If you are wondering how you Can you Freeze Scrambled Egg? or Can you Freeze hard boiled egg? or Can you freeze liquid egg whites, you can check our detailed article to know more.


1. Can liquid eggs be frozen?

Yes, liquid eggs can absolutely be frozen without having a thing to worry about. You certainly shall be able to keep liquid eggs in the freezer for many days and consume it gradually.

2. Is it ok to freeze liquid eggs?

Yes, it is absolutely ok to freeze liquid eggs. In fact, there are many who do the same. The thing to remember is that liquid eggs can be frozen for more than six months without having any issues at all. You must also remember to label it putting the date of freezing it. It is a must to do with all edible items.

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