Can you Freeze Chilli

Delicious chilli adds that spice and flavour your food needs. Whether it is tacos or spaghetti, chilli goes with everything. But what if you accidentally made a lot of it and can’t finish it off? One option will be to simply throw it down the drain. But that just seems incredibly wasteful. 

The next thing that might come to your mind is- Can you freeze chilli? Then know that it is indeed possible to do so. But the question is how? So let us explore that question and more below. 


Can you freeze chili after cooking? 

Yes, you can. Cooking chilli will give it a better shelf life and so it will stay fresh in the ziplock bags or freezer bags you put it in for a longer period. Know that if you are asking-Can you freeze chilli? Then that’s possible as well. Just follow the same advice given here. 

How can you freeze leftover chilli? 

All that you need to do to freeze chilli is put it in a bowl and then put it inside your freezer. That’s all you need to do to freeze the thing. But you might want to know what kind of bowl or container will be work freezing your chilli. 

If you are asking- can you freeze chilli? Then the answer is yes. Want to know in which container to freeze your chilli? Then read on below: 

Can you freeze chili in glass containers? 

chili in glass containers

Yes, you can. All you need to make sure is that the chilli has been cooled down before you put it in the glass container and then put it inside the freezer. It’s also advised that you don’t fill the glass container up to the top and instead leave a bit of space of around 1 inch between the lid and the chilli. 

Can you freeze chilli in freezer bags? 

Yes, it’s possible to freeze chilli in freezer bags. Freezer bags are perfect for this. Just scoop chili in it and then freeze the bags solid before stacking them on top of each other. 

Can you freeze chilli in plastic containers? 

You can freeze chilli in plastic containers as well. Just make sure that the chilli is cooled before you put it in the container and then into the fridge. 

Can you freeze chilli in ziplock bags? 

Ziplock bags are fine for freezing chilli as well. Just make sure that there’s minimum air inside before zipping the chilli filled bag up. 

Can you freeze chilli in Tupperware? 

Tupperware is great for freezing chilli too. All you need to do is scoop chilli in it and then put it in the freezer. As always, make sure that the chilli has cooled before you pop it in the Tupperware and into the freezer. 

Can you freeze chilli in pyrex? 

Pyrex containers are perfect for storing and freezing anything. Note that this includes chilli as well. So you can store your chilli in it without worrying about it going rancid. 

Can you freeze chilli in a glass bowl? 

Chilli can be stored in glass bowls as well. But do note that you should make sure it is sealed airtight before putting it in the freezer. Don’t put an uncovered or loosely covered glass bowl filled with chilli inside the freezer. This will make the food go rancid. 

Can you freeze chilli in a metal pot? 

Metal pots are great for storing chilli too. Just make sure that they are sealed in an airtight manner before you put them inside the freezer. 

How do you store chilli in the freezer?

Can you freeze chilli

Storing chilli in the freezer is easy. But you need to ensure that the chilli has been cooled down before you put it in the container. Also, you should make sure that you don’t pack the container from top to bottom. Always leave some space at the top. This will give space to the chilli to contract or expand a little. 

What kind of chilli can you freeze? 

Many people don’t think that you can store all kinds of chilli preparations in a freezer. So let us find out what you can store and what you can’t below: 

Can you freeze chilli peppers? 

It’s possible to freeze chilli peppers with ease. Just put them in the bag of your choice and then ensure that it’s airtight before putting it in the freezer. 

Can you freeze chilli beans? 

Many people think that you can’t freeze chilli beans, but that’s wrong. Cooled chilli beans can be stored in the freezer for many months. 

Can you freeze chilli soup? 

Chilli soup is another thing that people think is impossible to freeze. But that’s bogus as well. You can freeze chilli soup in ziplock or freezer bags with ease. It won’t go bad at all. Once you thaw it out and then heat it, it will be fine. 

Can you freeze chili and beans? 

It’s possible to freeze chili and beans for sure. Just put it in a container that you can seal airtight. This will keep it fresh. Also, once you take it out, make sure that you thaw it first before heating it. 

Can you freeze fresh chili peppers? 

Yes, you can indeed freeze up fresh chili peppers. Just like with normal chilli you need to put it in a zip lock bag. However, here you have to extra careful while sealing it. You need to ensure that it’s fully airtight or the peppers won’t last long. 

Can you freeze green chili stew? 

Any chilli preparation, which involves a water component is regarded with untrustworthy eyes by people. After all, people think that water in it will damage the food. But you don’t have to worry about that with stew. You can safely freeze the green chili stew in the container of your choice. 

How long will chilli remain fresh? 

Can you freeze chilli

The main question is always about the period you can freeze chilli for. So let us find out what is the ideal time duration for freezing chilli:

Yes, you can freeze chilli easily, even after 2 days. Your frozen chilli will remain fresh in that period and so it can be stored for a long time. However, it’s advised that you try to freeze it within a day of making it for longevity. 

Can you freeze chili after 3 days? 

Know that freezing chilli after 3 days isn’t advised. It might be too late and your food might have started going a bit bad already. So going through the entire hassle of freezing the food won’t be worth it. 

Frozen chilli and how to heat it up

After freezing your chilli for a week, now it’s time to take it out and eat. But you must have some questions about that process as well. We have answered the most common ones below: 

Does chili taste good after being frozen?

When you will thaw out your frozen chilli, then it will look a little too mushy and feet weird to eat. But once you hear it up it will taste like the delicious thing you prepared a month or so before. 

How long should chili cool before freezing?

Can you f6eeze chilli

You should cool your chili completely before freezing it. Know that hot chili will give off water vapor that will cause condensation if you pack it tightly and close the lid on the container. This water can then make the food go rancid. So make sure that you cool off the chilli for a couple of hours at least before going to freeze it. 

Can you reheat chilli from frozen?

It’s advised that you don’t reheat frozen chilli right out of the fridge. Instead, you should first thaw it out and then heat it again 

Can I defrost chilli in the microwave?

You can defrost chilli in the microwave for sure. This will speed up the process and you will be able to enjoy your chilli faster.  Now you know the answer to- can you freeze chilli? It’s very easy to store and freeze chilli. However, you should remember that chilli will only be good for a couple of months only after being frozen So try to consume it within this short window. 


1. How long can you freeze chilli?

For up to four to six months easily you shall be able to freeze chilli.

2. How to freeze chilli?

You can put chilli in a bowl or even a glass container and put it inside the freezer. If it is a glass container then do not fill up to the brim.

3. Can chilli be frozen?

Yes, chilli can be frozen very easily.

4. Can you freeze chilli?

Freezing chilli shall keep it fresh up to four to six months very easily. so yes, you can absolutely freeze chilli without having any problem.

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