Time To Start Your Day With Jack In The Box Breakfast Hours

Jack In The Box Breakfast Hours

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But amid a hectic work schedule, not many have the luxury of eating a home-cooked meal. That’s why the second option for them is Jack in the Box. In here you will be to enjoy a delicious breakfast. But the question is- what is the Jack in the Box breakfast hours? 

You will be happy to know that Jack in the Box serves breakfast the whole day. If this has you excited, then you must be eager to know more in detail. 

When does Jack in the Box serve breakfast?

Jack In The Box Breakfast Hour

The first question which everyone must be asking is- at what time does Jack in the Box serve breakfast? Then know that they do serve all day. They have been doing so for the past two decades. 

This is an impressive record. So you can come in anytime and order what you like from the breakfast menu. But no one wants to eat greasy food all day. If you have to start your day with greasy food every day, then you will soon grow tired. So the question now is: 

What is the Jack in the Box breakfast menu prices?

Know that the breakfast menu prices differ a lot. But they all fall in the affordable range. So you will behave a satisfactory breakfast for sure. Note that you will get a breakfast jack for $1.59 while a breakfast jack combo will cost you $3.79. If you want something bigger then the $4.29 sausage, cheese biscuit, and egg are for you. 

List some Jack in the Box breakfast menu nutrition facts

Jack In The Box Breakfast

Here is some nutritional information about some breakfast items at Jack in the Box

  • Mini Pancakes have 143 Calories. 
  • Bacon, cheese biscuit, and eggs have 410 Calories. 
  • Hash Browns have 187 Calories. 
  • Supreme Croissant, has 448 Calories.
  • Breakfast Jack with ham has 350 Calories while the one with bacon has 380 Calories. 

Know that Jack in the Box is one of the few places that serve breakfast all day long. So if you are asking- does Jack in the Box only serve breakfast in the morning? Then note that the answer is no. You can go in there at 11 pm and still get to choose from the breakfast menu. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the Jack in the breakfast menu drinks?

With the breakfast menu at Jack in the Box, you will get Coca-cola, Sprite, Minute Maid’s Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, and more. So you will always have something to wash down your meal with.

2. What is healthy at Jack in the Box?

There are a lot of healthy items on the breakfast menu of Jack in the Box. You can try the fish and deluxe fish sandwiches if you want to go for healthy eating. Apart from this, you can try the grilled chicken salad and chicken teriyaki bowl as well.

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