Jack In The Box Breakfast Hours – Greet Your Appetite Deliciously!

Jack in the box is people’s favorite joint for sandwiches and burgers. Know what else can you expect to have during jack in the box breakfast hours. Get ready to turn your taste buds active!


Jack In The Box breakfast hours

Jack in the box has been a favorite fast-food outlet for many in America. This fast-food restaurant chain was founded in the year 1951 in San Diego, California by Robert O. Peterson. Now they have outlets in over 2,200 locations all across the different states. In America, this is one of the best options that you can avail yourself of having a delicious breakfast. Jack In The Box serves breakfast all day long. 

In fact, they have been serving breakfast throughout the day for the past two decades. Indeed, it is an impressive record and not an easy thing to do for such a long time, either. You can drop in here just any time and order your favorite meal from their menu. The starting time to their breakfast hours may vary a little depending on different locations. Some outlets you shall find an opening between 6-7 am while there are outlets too who remains open for 18-24 hours a day as well. So, it is always advised that you check with their website to know the timings of their outlet nearest to your location. 

Jack In The Box Breakfast Hours

Price of the menu at Jack In The Box breakfast hours

In Jack In The Box, you shall find different prices for each of their different breakfast menus. But it is certain that all their menus are within an affordable budget. You are surely going to have a satisfactory breakfast hour there. You can get the breakfast jack for $1.59 while the breakfast jack combo shall cost you $3.79. If you wish to have something else then, you can get eggs, sausage, cheese biscuit for $4.29.

Jack In The Box Breakfast Hour

Nutritional facts on the Jack In The Box breakfast menu

Know about some of the nutritional facts that you can expect in jack in the box breakfast menu:

  • Mini Pancakes have 143 calories
  • Hash browns have 187 calories
  • Eggs, Cheese biscuit and Bacon have 410 calories
  • Supreme Croissant has 448 calories
  • Breakfast jack with Bacon has 380 calories and with ham has 350 calories

Jack In The Box is only one of the few fast-food chain restaurants that serve the breakfast menu all day long. So, in case you have missed out on visiting the outlet during the morning or even during the day, you can still visit them at 11 pm and enjoy having their breakfast menu.

Jack In The Box Breakfast

Few popular breakfast menu items

  1. Loaded Breakfast Sandwich: this is much in demand the signature breakfast sandwich here. This sandwich has fresh eggs, sausage, smoked bacon, and ham. To enhance its flavor a bit more they add American cheese to it. 
  2. Breakfast Sandwiches and Biscuits: Jack in the box is very popular for its wide range of delicious breakfast sandwiches and biscuits. So here, you can get a variation in this category such as the Grilled Sourdough, Extreme Sausage Sandwich, Swiss Sandwich, Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich, Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, and Sausage, egg and cheese Biscuit.
  3. Breakfast Burritos: this is also a popularly recommended breakfast item here. There are two types of breakfast burritos: the Grande sausage breakfast burrito and the Meat lovers breakfast burrito.
  4. Croissants: there are two types of croissants available here.  Supreme Croissant that has a flaky piece filled with eggs ham, grilled bacon, and, American cheese. The second type is the Sausage Croissant which is buttery and has eggs, sausage, and American cheese.
  5. Breakfast Jack: this breakfast menu has three significant items. Breakfast Jack on a soft bus has freshly cracked eggs with American cheese and ham. Bacon Breakfast Jack has bacon enclosed between two sandwich layers of buns. Sausage Breakfast Jack has freshly cracked eggs with American cheese and sausage wrapped in a bun.
  6. Jumbo Breakfast Platter: this jumbo platter is served with eight mini-sized pancakes, scrambled eggs, and hash browns. You can even add to it three slices of bacon or country-grilled sausage. You get a juice with it as well completing the breakfast platter.
  7. Donut Holes: these are served fresh and hot and are very popular with people. 
  8. Mini Pancakes: these soft and fluffy pancakes are served with syrup. You shall be served with eight of these pancakes on your platter.
  9. Hash Browns: these round and crispy potatoes complement well with other dishes and are a much-demanded item on the breakfast menu as well. 

Jack In The Box also gives you the option of getting the breakfast box delivered to your home. They do not have an in-house delivery facility and so they get it done through third-party delivery partners. Before availing of this service just check on their website or make a call to them if the nearest outlet to your area is offering this service. If you download their app and register yourself you shall be getting updates of the latest offers, deals, and rewards that you can avail of. Other than that, you can always check their website to know the nearest location of their outlet to your area, check the different prices on the menu as well and place your order.

1. What are some of the Jack in the breakfast menu drinks?

With the breakfast menu at Jack in the Box, you will get Coca-cola, Sprite, Minute Maid’s Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, and more. So you will always have something to wash down your meal with.

2. What is healthy at Jack in the Box?

There are a lot of healthy items on the breakfast menu of Jack in the Box. You can try the fish and deluxe fish sandwiches if you want to go for healthy eating. Apart from this, you can try the grilled chicken salad and chicken teriyaki bowl as well.

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