A Guide For Rec Tec 590

The rec tec 590 can undoubtedly be the perfect grill you are looking for. It offers top-notch quality to its customers. It is built in such a way that, It does not take much space. They give you a good amount of grills and the cost is comparatively friendly to the other ones. It is easy enough for more amount of people. It comes along with rec tec accessories like grill and cover. Usage is not complicated and is well explained in the rec tec instructions booklet. What else can you be looking for?


Rec Tec 590 – Buying Guide

Factors to Look for while buying  grill

Before buying it you should know what exactly you want. The rec tech 590  completes the below-mentioned requirements

  1. Reviews: Products should have good past reviews

2. Budget-friendly: The grill should fit in your budget

3. User friendly: Usage should be easy and hustles free

4. Excellent customer service: Company should have good customer services

5. Best smoking feature: smoking should be good

Rec Tec 590 Review

Rec Tec 590

1) Description 

 The rec tec features the best purpose one can get to the price one has to pay for it. It is 100% worth the purchase. This product has a stainless steel outer body. This will save you from getting burnt.  It will enable you to cook from anywhere in the house with help of WiFi technology embedded in it.

The rec tec dimensions are 44 inches by 37.25 inches. The item weighs almost 160 pounds which is equivalent to almost 73 kilograms. For making this work, you will need wooden pellets. It is the only fuel source you can use. You can find them on Amazon as well. It will come with two non-stick grill mats and a rec tec 950 grill cover. The company has made sure to provide a top-quality product with an exclusive 4-year warranty. The rec tec drip pan installation is also easy.

2) Performance –

The rec tec 590 reviews stated that the product is great. It can smoke a lot of meat and still work up to the mark. The customer service is remarkable. The rec tec 590 grill reviews also said that the pellet grill was perfect to set up the right temperature.  It also lasts for a longer period. The meat prepared are juicy and perfectly grille. It had no issues in usage.

The technology provided helps to control the matter from the phone itself. The rec tec 950 all-weather smoke vents make its usage handy and perfect altogether.

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3) Comparison-

Grilla Grills Silverbac vs Rec Tec 590

Both of these come with a four-year warranty. The rec tec grill has WiFi-enabled technology, which will help you control the cooking and do multitasking whenever needed. It also comes with a larger hopper than the other.

Grilla grills silverback is comparatively cheaper with doubled fire pit and bottom wall. Both of these companies’ services are good and talked about.

Rec tec 590 vs Rec tec 700

The rec tec 700 has a broader and stronger base of the grill. It also comes with a longer warranty. But all this comes with the huge price tag on it. Not everyone can afford this. That is the reason for company brings rec tec 590. It is comparatively cheaper than the 700. The quality of rec tec 590 builds has not been compromised either. This particular grill also removes the space constraint issues for customers.

Rec Tec 590 and Traeger Pro Series 22

The rec tec 590 features a greater cooking area than the Traeger pro series 22. Both of these use wooden pellets as the fuel source. The Traeger hopper size is almost half of the rec tec 590 hopper size. The warranty of the Traeger series is 3 years, which is less than the other. The rec tech dimensions are smaller and lighter in comparison to the Traeger pro series. The good thing about the Traeger series is the porcelain grates which help to achieve perfect sear lines. The rec tec 590 reviews for the services they provide are irreplaceable.

4) Who can use these products :

The usage is simpler than ever. With the help of rec tec 590 instructions, you will get to know every detail of how it works. For any further doubts, you can either contact the rec tec 590 forum or search rec tec 590 grill assembly on youtube.

  • Rec tec 590 grill dimensions are smaller so it will be easy and better for families who have space constraints. It is an easy-to-use technology.
  • The upper body is made up of stainless steel. This will make sure that It won’t give burns when touched by mistake. This will give liberty to parents who have toddlers or smaller babies. They will also be able to control the rec tec 590 grills anywhere from the home, with the help of a mobile. It comes along with a rec tec 590 grill cover.
  • For People who have a low budget and want a good quality grill, rec tec 590 reviewsare the best. Cheaper than others and still able to give excellent results. It will be better to do rec tec 590 cleaning after every use to make sure we do not leave any chances of it getting damaged.


  • rec tec 590 hopper size is big
  • rec tec 590 build is high quality
  • Good smoking of meat 
  • Budget friendly
  • Great quality
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper than other same quality products
  • Control the temperature
  • WiFi technology involved


  • Rec tec 590 assembliescan turn out to be time-consuming.
  • Rec tec 590 accessories are heavier 
  • Rec tec 590 cleaning can be difficult.

5) What’s new?

The company decided to launch this because its previous models were heftier in price and size. Rec tec 950 is lower in price. This helps people buy good quality products from well-reviewed companies. Everyone can enjoy the taste. The rec tec 590 grill assembly is also smaller compared to their other models for the quality it is providing.

6) Why you should buy it?

Best for people who have a budget but don’t want compromised quality.

 Finding the best grill with all the technology is difficult. It is extremely essential to buy grills after thorough research. Buying a grill is a one-time activity. The grill that you will buy will stay with you for a long time. Hence, you should buy the grill that has all the qualities, which you were looking for. rec tec 590 will provide you all the features, which will help you to make your grilling experience easy and fun.


1) Which is better Rec-Tec or Traeger?

The rec tec is better than Traeger because it provides a bigger cooking area and hopper size. Although the all-over size of Traeger is bigger which makes space constraint an issue. This is not the case with rec tec 590. Also, the warranty of rec tec is more than that of Traeger. The only common thing is that they use wood pellets as a fuel resource. The major difference is that Traeger provides porcelain grills that are perfect for sear lines.

2) Is Rec-Tec worth the money?

The company manufactured rec tec 590 especially for people who have space and budget issues. All their product is great in quality. The reviews suggest that once you start using it there is no u-turn. The rec tec 590 brisket is in no way replaceable. Also, the company provides the best customer and repair services in the market of grills. The rec tec 590 all-weather smoke vents make it easier for its user anytime.

3) What is the best-rated pellet grill to buy?

Several products top up the list. But there is no doubt to get inclined towards the rec tec grills. The company tops in quality of the products they provide. They are also appreciated by customers for their services. Nothing can be better than past reviews of clients. They have a variety of grills that suit different requirements of people. They come with inbuilt WiFi technology and ignition technology, which makes the work so much easier and more fun.

4) How do I cook burgers on the rec TEC?

Take the buns and sear each side of it for 4 to 6 minutes. If the filling consists of meat then sear it separately according to your taste requirements. Then add them together and pile them up to sear for not more than a few minutes. In the end, searing depends on the taste of your choice.

5)Can you sear on a rec TEC?

Rec tec grills provide pellet grills that are capable of holding on heat and turns out to be best for the use of searing.

6)How hot will a Rec Tec get?

 A rec tec can get from 180 F to 450 F of temperature.

7) Why won’t my rec tec heat up?

Reasons for rec tec 590 not heating up can be insufficient wooden pellets so that it will give the heat. If not this, then look for the flow of air in the grill.

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