Sonic Breakfast Hours 2022

Who doesn’t like waking up and heading towards the breakfast table to scoop up eggs and biscuits for breakfast? But unfortunately for a lot of working people, a homely breakfast isn’t always possible. For them, there are Sonic Breakfast hours. 

Thanks to Sonic you will be able to enjoy your meals any time of the day. So even if you wake up last and miss breakfast, there is no need to worry with Sonic beside you. So let us tell you more about their Sonic breakfast hours. 

What are the Sonic breakfast timings? 

Sonic Breakfast Hours

You must be wondering- Is Sonic breakfast Hours served all day? Then note that the answer is true yes. At Sonic you will be able to eat breakfast from their opening hours to their closing timing. 

This means that from 6 am to 10 pm you are free to order from their breakfast menu. After all, this is the minimum number of hours for every franchise. 

At Sonic you will be able to enjoy a good and healthy breakfast all day long. Whether you come in at 7 am or at 9 pm, there will be a hot breakfast waiting for you to dig into. 

What time is the morning drink stop at Sonic?

Sonic breakfast hours

Are you racing towards your workplace with a bagel in your mouth? Then make sure you have something to drink and wash the large bagel down with. 

Sonic is here to help you with that since it offers teas, slushes, and large sodas every day before 10 am at a price of just $0.99. It’s a steal so don’t miss out on it. Know that apart from this you can get drinks for just half the price between 2 pm and 4 pm. It’s a small window so don’t miss out on it. 

What is the Sonic breakfast Hours menu?

Sonic offers a lot of variety in their breakfast menu. You will find that the menu contains sausage patties on fresh and thick Texas toast along with a buttery, flakey croissant. 

But that’s not all. Here you will also get to choose between bacon or sausage, egg, as well as melted cheese that gets put in between the croissant. So you can rest assured of a hearty and filling meal. 

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Frequently Ask Questions:

1.Does Sonic have breakfast sandwiches?

Yes, Sonic does offer breakfast sandwiches. There is a breakfast sandwich with 500-600+ calories. The calorie count differs according to what you put in it.
So, if you put sausage, then the calorie count will be 640. Whereas with bacon it will be 580. So you can adjust your calorie count accordingly.

2.Are Sonic breakfast burritos healthy?

If the above calorie count of the breakfast sandwich gave you a heart attack, then know that there is no need to worry. Compared to the sandwiches, the burritos from Sonic are indeed healthy.
After all, it contains just 460 calories, which is a good amount for one person’s breakfast. If you choose the wrap, then you will get about 30 grams full of protein from eggs and ham.

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