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Are you someone who loves grill food? This article which is on the topic, pit boss Austin XL reviews is a perfect jackpot for someone who loves cooking and eating grilled food. Let’s see what this article has in store for us. Grill food when cooked on the perfect grill machine, makes the food 1000 times more luscious and impassioning. Grilling food in a grilling machine is an activity that most people enjoy during outings and picnics.

However, people tend to forget about the quality of the product, when they see offers and discounts offering a huge range of products at low prices. This is why especially we have brought this article dedicated to the product, Pit boss Austin.

In this article, we will have a look at the reviews, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using a grilling machine. And why people enjoy grilling food in specific grill machines.


Factors to consider before buying a Grill Machine

  1. It should be easy to use: The machine should be easy to usewhich means it should not be much complicated with the buttons and all. The grilling machine should consist of a user guide which makes it easier for users to know about the functionalities the product has to offer.
  2. The machine should be easy to install: The grilling machine should be easy to move and should also be easy to install. Installation mechanics might not be readily available every time. So, it will be better if the grill machine installation is easy.
  3. Grill Machine should be durable: If you are investing a particular amount, you should make sure whether it is a value-for-money product or not. The product should return the value of your money in terms of use. The more a machine can be depended upon the more you feel confident, for investing in it.
  4. It should cost economical: The grilling machine should be economical. It shouldn’t burn a hole in the buyer’s pocket. The machine should be within a budget as well as top-notch quality. This will make the users recommend the machine to their friends and relatives, which in turn will help the company to boost the selling of the product.
  5. It should produce less smoke: Most grill machines produce a lot of smoke. The smoke not only causes diseases, but it also causes air pollution. Air index quality might be affected due to the smoke produced from the grill machine. So before buying any grill machine, we should make sure that it doesn’t produce a lot of smoke.

Now you know all the factors, which you need to look for before settling on any smoker. Let’s now have a look at the reviews of the Pit boss Austin XL reviews, people had written about, on the internet.

Pit boss Austin XL review

Searching for a perfect grill machine, which gives you 100% value for money? Here we are to help you choose the right product. Pit Boss Austin XL is the product to go for. It has the perfect dual coating of porcelain which sums up to 1000 square inches of the grilling area, where the food is supposed to be grilled.

It is available for under $600, which is a great value as compared to the features it provides. It has got a side stainless steel table, which can be used for serving the grilled food. The pit boss Austin got uniform heat distribution due to which the food gets evenly grilled.

Comes with automatic ignition, where temperature can be set for the machine to switch on.

Similarly, the temperature can also be set for switching it off, upon reaching the required temperature. One main disadvantage is doesn’t have a Wi-Fi feature due to which temperature can’t be controlled with a remote.

Pit boss Austin XL 1000 reviews

The pit boss Austin XL 1000 has great feedbacks from customers who have bought and used it. Customers love the sear and smoke feature of the grill. Along with following the safety requirements a grilling machine needs to abide by. You can grill any food item on it ranging from pizza, turkey, salsa, fish, venison jerky, etc.

Pit boss Austin XL pros and cons

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons the Pit Boss Austin XL has. We have listed a few below:


1. Searing plate

2. Fully Automatic

3. Uniform Heat Distribution

4. Stainless

5. Warranty for 5 years

6. The temperature selection range is high

7. Porcelain Coated


1. Unavailability of Wi-Fi: Due to the unavailability of Wi-Fi, we can’t remotely control the grill machine. The temperature can be set manually, which when touches the particular temperature the machine turn off on its own. This is implemented keeping in mind the safety protocol for users. This functionality will prevent the grill machine to become overheated. The temperature has to be controlled manually and the initial temperature has to be set specifically. This comes as a huge disadvantage to the grill machine.

2. The user has to manually clean it after every use: The users have to clean it manually after grilling food on it, each time. It’s not like usual grill machines which can be cleaned with little to no effort.

Pit boss Austin XL size

The dimensions of the pit boss Austin XL are width – 62.4″, diameter – 25.8″, and height – 28.23″. The size should be well enough for grilling food items. It’s the perfect size required for a comfortable grill machine. Grill machines if too big prove as a headache. As it can’t be easily shifted from one place to another. It will also occupy a lot of space during transportation if people decide to use it during group outings or for picnics. If compact, it can easily be carried and set up as and when required by the user. This comes as an added advantage to the buyer.

Pit boss Austin XL best price

The best price for Pit Boss Austin XL can be availed by purchasing it from Amazon, which offers various discounts and offers vary from time to time. The link to buy it from Amazon

Pit boss Austin XL price the retail price for Pit Boss Austin XL is under $500, which is specially made for Wal-Mart stores. In few other e-commerce sites, people may find it for lesser or more price depending upon the time of the year. The sales are offered across websites keeping in mind the festivals and special occasions of the country. Due to this, the sales season varies.

Pit boss Austin XL 1000 on sale

The Pit Boss Austin XL can be bought from Amazon, Wal-mart, or from its official website. The sale usually is up during the times of festivals and special occasions. One has to register with the email-id to receive mails, whenever offers are up for the product throughout the year.

Pit boss Austin XL grill reviews

There are several reviews available on the Internet, which users who bought the Pit Boss Austin XL have written.

Pit boss Austin XL vs. Classic

The pit boss Austin XL has 1008 inches for grilling, in contrast to 700 inches with the classic one. The pit boss Austin XL also has stainless steel on the side, which can be used as a side serving tray.


1. Does the pit boss Austin XL have WIFI?

No, the pit boss Austin XL doesn’t come with Wi-Fi. It is one of the cons we have listed in the article, which would have been taken care of. The temperature can’t be controlled remotely. The only way to control the temperature is, upon reaching a set temperature the grill automatically turns off. Similarly, the user can set a time to switch off the grill, when it reaches a particular temperature.

2. Are pit boss pellet grills any good?

We have reasons for saying pellet grills are better as compared to its competitors. The first reason for stating it as the better one is because it offers great value for money. It is available only for $500 in contrast to $1000 for the other one.

3. Is the pit boss Austin XL a smoker?

Pit Boss Austin XL is a premium smoker available at a cheap price. Other grill machines that have a smoker burn a hole in the pocket for a person who wants to purchase them. As we have already stated, it is a value-for-money machine, which ideally makes it the best choice for people who love grill food.

4. How do you cook a pit boss Austin XL?

Yes, the max temperature to heat the Pit Boss Austin XL is 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Along with it, the side sear plate too can be used to directly heat over the flames and serve.

5. How much does a pit boss smoker cost?

A Pit Boss Smoker costs about $499. Discounts and offers can be availed to purchase it win websites like Amazon, Wal-Mart, or from the official website of the Pit Boss Austin Company. Mostly, offers can be availed during festivals and special occasions across websites.

6. Can I leave my pit boss on smoke?

Yes, pit boss can be left on smoke by putting a specific temperature to set. When that temperature is reached, the grill machine would automatically turn off, preventing the food to get over-smoked.

7. What is the difference between pit boss 700fb and classic?

Pit Boss 700
1. Meat probes are 0.
2. The control type is the H1 Control center.
3. Control Board is simple
4. Lower control settings as compared to the latter.
5. BTU value is 40,000.
1. Has got much bigger control settings
2. Meat probes are 2
3. The control type is V1 Control Board
4. BTU value is 20,700
5. Control settings are more as compared with the former.
Comparing the two, we conclude that the classic one is much preferable if compared with the 700.

8. What is the best pit boss smoker?

Below we have listed the top 7 pit boss smoker along with their key features, which will make it easier for you to decide.

1. Pit Boss Grills Pellet Grill 72700S PB72700S
· Porcelain-coat
· 100% natural wood pellets trays
· Automatic burn system
· Upgraded wheels
2. Pit Boss Grills Portable Tabletop Grill PB100P1
· Stainless steel
· Stainless steel body
· Attached hood and thermometer
· 10, 000 BTU power
· Portable
· Push-button start/off
· Grease tray
3.Pit Boss Grills 77425 2.5 Gas Smoker
·          Two burner system
·          Porcelain-coated
·          13, 500 BTU
·          High-temperature door seal
·          External access to grease tray
·          External access to wood chip drawer
·          Viewing window
4. Pit Boss Kamado Ceramic 71220 Grill Cooker
·          Heavy ceramic body
·          Iron top
·          Two-tier cooking grates
·          Solid side shelves to store
5.Pit Boss Grills 72820 Deluxe Pellet Grill
·          Copper finished product
·          LED Control
·          100% natural pellets
·          Automatic
·          Heavy stainless steel construction
6. Pit Boss Grills LP Gas Grill 75204 PB4GRT
·          578 square inches surface
·          13,500 BTU side burner and 4 stainless steel burner at 12,000.
·          Magnetic doors
·          Stainless steel
·          Electric start/stop
·          Built-in thermometer
7.Pit Boss Grills Two-Burner Grill – 75275 Stainless Steel
·          stainless Steel
·          stainless steel grid
·          Foldable legs
·          Opera table on a 20-pound cylinder.
·          Two 10,000 BTU burner
·          Manual ignition
·          Built-in thermometer
Our Final Verdict
·          With 5 years warranty,
·          pellet smoker,
·          easy to use,
·          Automatic,
We would recommend buying, to the reader’s pit boss Austin XL.


Coming to the end of this article, we have seen the pit boss Austin xl review, some frequently asked questions related to it, the best pit boss smoker, the cost of pit boss smoker, and many other subtopics related to it. We hope you liked our article. Have a great day ahead.Thank You

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