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Certain vegetables or even root crops sometimes raise a question in the mind about whether we can freeze them. Can you freeze Jicama? If yes, then how long?

Yes, you can freeze Jicama. In fact, quite surprisingly, it freezes quite well compared to other starchy root vegetables.


Can you freeze Jicama?

Of course, yes, you can freeze Jicama. Are you looking for an alternative to a starchy root crop or potatoes? Try using Jicama. It is a guarantee that you shall never regret using it! Jicama, as you know, is a kind of yam bean plant. You can eat its tuberous root.

This plant originated from South Africa and Mexico and is often used for the purpose of cooking. It consists of a fleshy root that has a crunchy texture and a mild flavor. It tastes similar to Turnips. The exterior of this root vegetable is either gray or light brown. The flavor is nutty and sweet, having a crunchy texture.

can you freeze jicama

Even after you cook this vegetable for a short duration, it retains its crunchy texture. You can either cook them in stews or can eat them raw as well by adding them to salads. Having a mild flavor, it shall not change the flavor of the meal. It is widely available, and you can buy it in bulk in the US.

If it is the fresh uncut tubers, then it shall stay well in the fridge for up to two weeks without having any issues. If you have not cut it into pieces, then, in that case, you do not need to wrap it up with a cling wrap or tin foil. You can keep it just like that in the freezer, and it shall stay fresh on its own.

But if it has been cut, then in that case, you got to make some preparations before putting it in the freezer. Even though it is white and crisp, it may turn soggy and yellowish when kept in the freezer without proper care. Even moisture could change its flavor, making the Jicama absorb all the other smells in the freezer. So, it is important to get it packed properly before you freeze it.

How to freeze Jicama?

Jicama can be frozen in an airtight container or wrapped in tin foil. It can be kept in the freezer for about 4 to 6 months. Before you learn the process of freezing Jicama, you must also remember that it is a very sensitive crop. When exposed to moisture, the texture shall turn different. It shall start to change its color and become decay.

Freezing the fresh Jicama

If you are trying to freeze an uncut Jicama, then in that case, you need not have to wrap it with anything. But still, you got to use a protective wrap so that the root vegetable does not suffer a freezer burn or even lose its moisture as well. Wrap it in tin foil; after putting a label on it, you can place it in the freezer.

Freezing Jicama that has been cut into pieces

If you have already cut a portion of it and wish to freeze the other half, then in such a situation, proper care must be taken. Pat, first use a dry towel so that no amount of moisture remains on its body. Make it as much dry as possible. Then put it inside an airtight plastic container and ensure that the container is leakproof so that no air can get inside.

Even ensure that the lid is airtight as well. Do not fill it up to the lid so that the Jicamas can freeze without suffering bruises. Having done that, put a label on it having the date of the freezing and pass it inside the freezer.

Can Jicama be frozen?

Yes, Jicama can be frozen. If it happens to be a complete Jicama, then you need to wrap it using tin foil so that it does not suffer freezer burn and then put it inside the freezer. For used and cut Jicama, you must dry it completely and then place it inside an airtight container before freezing. Jicama is very sensitive to moisture, easily decolorizes, and decays if proper care is not taken. So yes, indeed, it can be frozen under care.

How long can you freeze Jicama?

Jicama can be frozen for up to four to six months in the freezer. Longer than that shall make it lose its texture and turn rotten. An uncut Jicama freezes well than a cut Jicama. You certainly shall be able to freeze a cut Jicama, but its texture shall turn soft once you get it defrosted.

can you freeze jicama

Is it ok to freeze Jicama?

Yes, it is ok to freeze Jicama for up to four to six months to a maximum and not more than that.


Since we have looked into the process of freezing Jicama, it becomes important for us to know how to defrost it. In order to do so, bring out the container of Jicama from the freezer and place it on the normal shelves inside the fridge. Allow it to defrost overnight inside the fridge. After it gets defrosted, you must use it quickly before prolonging further. It shall turn soggy and tuber the more you delay due to the change in temperature.

Indeed, it fits well in various dishes such as barbecues and salads and enhances its taste. Certainly, it makes for a great alternative to potatoes or even for radishes and brings a change in the tastebuds. Not only is it easier to prepare, but also it is very healthy too. And this is the reason why it forms an important part of the dishes in South Africa and Mexico.

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