7 Best Narrow Refrigerators for your Kitchen

Narrow refrigerators are perfect for a narrow kitchen space. They not only take up much less space than other refrigerators, but they also have enough storage if you are planning to buy one for your home. They are sleek while also providing ample storage. You could even choose a subzero narrow refrigerator for your home.



GE GDE03GGKBB Compact Refrigerator of 3.1 cu. Ft.

GE GDE03GGKBB Compact Refrigerator of 3.1 cu. Ft.

  • Has a separate freezer compartment

  • Can rack and clear crisper for great storage

  • Recessed handles for easier opening and closing

Apartment Size Refrigerator from Avanti

Apartment Size Refrigerator from Avanti

  • See-through crisper

  • Removable and adjustable glass shelves and door bins

  • Energy star rated

Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan from Whynter

Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan from Whynter

  • Six shelves to hold the cans

  • Internal fan included

  • Sleek glass door withblack cabinet

Compact Refrigerator with Energy Star rating from Black+Decker

Compact Refrigerator with Energy Star rating from Black+Decker

  • 2 removable glass shelves

  • Door storage capacity of 2 litres

  • Adjustable thermostat control

2 Door Compact and Narrow Fridge Black from RCA

2 Door Compact and Narrow Fridge Black from RCA

  • Can dispenser

  • Double door fridge

  • Adjustable electronic thermostat

Stainless Steel Compact Refrigerator from Midea

Stainless Steel Compact Refrigerator from Midea

  • Adjustable legs

  • Reversible door

  • Durable glass shelves

Compact Dual Door Refrigerator from Walsh

Compact Dual Door Refrigerator from Walsh

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • Reversible Door

  • Double-door refrigerator

Hotels, offices, and homes make use of a narrow refrigerator to save space. They come in many forms including beverage cooler refrigerators, compact refrigerators, etc. The common factor is that they are all thinner than other ones and this is the stand-out factor. You can even get a tall narrow refrigerator to help store more items or a small narrow refrigerator like a compact one.

But choosing a narrow refrigerator could be a challenging task. There are many companies and varieties that could confuse the shopper in you. But fear not because we are here to help you.


Best Narrow Refrigerator – Buying Guide

So to help you with shopping for narrow refrigerators, here are some factors you could look for to recognize the perfect one.

  • One of the most important factors when it slim refrigerators are, of course, the width. Check to make sure it will fit in your kitchen space.
  • Look for the energy star rating. This helps you know how much energy can be saved by choosing that particular electronic product.
  • The budget needs to be set by you before you start looking for narrow refrigerators. This will help you filter your options and choices accordingly.
  • It has to be the right size so that it fits in your small space. So check the size of your product and your kitchen space before you make a purchase.
  • Look for the features that you need in your refrigerators. Then compare the various products based on these factors.
  • If you need a narrow refrigerator with an ice dispenser, or a narrow refrigerator with a water dispenser, or maybe a narrow refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser, you need to check the features of the product.
  • A deep slimline freezer could help you purchase a thin yet counter-deep refrigerator that could increase the storage capacity of the product.

Best Narrow Refrigerator Reviews

Now that you know the factors to look for, check out our list of some of the best narrow refrigerators that you can choose. There are many options for you out there- narrow refrigerator with ice dispenser, narrow refrigerator with water dispenser, narrow refrigerator with water and ice dispenser, tall narrow refrigerator and subzero narrow refrigerator, etc.

1. GE GDE03GGKBB Compact Refrigerator of 3.1 cu. Ft.

GE GDE03GGKBB Compact Refrigerator of 3.1 cu. Ft.

This is a freestanding compact refrigerator and this is the best narrow refrigerator you could choose for your kitchen. A small narrow refrigerator, there are many reasons why this is the best narrow refrigerator. With its small size but ample storage capacity, this could be perfect for you.

This compact refrigerator from the brand of GE is all of 18.8 inches wide. It is a double-door fridge that has a separate freezer compartment. With wonderful interior lighting and strong shelves, it even has a separate can holder. There is also a partial automatic defrost function to help keep fresh food frost-free.

Now here are some other features of this refrigerator:

  • The best thing about this could be the separate freezer compartment it has that provides you with a separate space for frozen foods.
  • The glass and door shelves are strong and durable and can easily hold your food items.
  • The recessed handles make the opening and closing of the refrigerator easy and the can rack adds to the appeal.
  • There is even a tall bottle door storage function to free up the shelf space of the product.
  • The clear crisper provides you with a perfect environment to store vegetables in the compact refrigerator.
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2. Apartment Size Refrigerator from Avanti

Apartment Size Refrigerator from Avanti

This stand-alone apartment-size refrigerator with a width of 21.75 inches is sleek and stylish with a platinum finish. It has reversible door hinges and an automatic defrost function to prevent your fresh food from being frozen. There are 4 crispers or drawers to make this great for storage of food, vegetables, etc.

It is a double-door refrigerator with a separate compartment which includes the freezer. It is very good when it comes to energy-saving capabilities and does not take up much electricity for usage. It has a cycle defrost system and is made of steel.

Now, you might be wondering what the features of this refrigerator are. Read on to see why this refrigerator could be a great choice for you:

  • It is an energy star rated refrigerator that will help you save a lot of electricity.
  • One door rack can hold bottles of 2 liters.
  • The see-through crisper of this refrigerator has a glass cover and the product also includes an ice tray.
  • The glass shelves and door bins are removable as well as adjustable. You can remove them and wash them to keep up the sanitary conditions.
  • The interior lighting system is great and the temperature control is also commendable.
  • In short, this refrigerator is exactly what you were looking for.
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3. Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan from Whynter

Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan from Whynter

This 17-inch wide beverage refrigerator could be the perfect addition to your office space. It has an internal fan and is a freestanding stand-alone refrigerator. With reversible door hinges and a glass door, it looks like and is a great slim refrigerator for drinks.

The slim body also ensures that it does not take up much space and will fit in perfectly. It will also enhance the ambiance of the surroundings in the office or even your home. It has six shelves to hold the beverage cans and bottles for your use.

This beverage refrigerator will be great in any space you put it in. Here are the amazing features of this product:

  • This beverage refrigerator has a sleek and stylish glass door and contains a black cabinet inside.
  • It is all of 17 inches wide along with the handle installed on the product.
  • The internal fan installed in the refrigerator makes sure that the temperature inside is distributed equally.
  • It also helps in maintaining the cooling property of the refrigerator for the beverages.
  • The functioning of the door is very smooth, making the opening and closing of the refrigerator very easy.
  • This beverage refrigerator could easily be the one that can change the whole atmosphere of your office or home.
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4. Compact Refrigerator with Energy Star rating from Black+Decker

Compact Refrigerator with Energy Star rating from Black+Decker

This compact refrigerator (mini-fridge) of 2.5 cubic feet is 18.5 inches. It is small and fits perfectly in a small space, not even necessarily your kitchen! And it looks so sleek and stylish and so cute that it will change the way the place looks.

If saving space is your top priority, then this compact refrigerator is perfect and it will not take up much floor. It is the ideal compact fridge for any home or even your hostel room. It also has a full-width freezer compartment for storing frozen food with an ice cube tray.

Now here are some amazing features of this wonderful refrigerator:

  • It is compact and stylish and yet has a large capacity. With 2 removable glass shelves, you can expand the storage.
  • There is also a reversible door, leveling legs, and even an adjustable thermostat control.
  • The refrigerator has a low sound operation and is very quiet. You can even place it in your living room without any issues.
  • The door has a storage capacity of 2 liters and it has a recessed door handle.
  • It has a manual defrost function and is energy star certified.
  • It is perfect for your room, boat, garage, etc., and is available in black, white, and stainless steel shades.
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5. 2 Door Compact and Narrow Fridge Black from RCA

2 Door Compact and Narrow Fridge Black from RCA

This refrigerator is made specifically to cater to people who need a small storage space to keep their drinks chilled and snacks fresh. It is a compact refrigerator beverage cooler that will help you store your drinks and snacks in a compact, space-saving way. You can stash them all in this tiny yet amazing fridge that can be put anywhere- your kitchen, dorm room, RV, etc.

With a storage capacity for 2-liter bottles and 8-ounce cans, it could be the ideal refrigerator for you. The electronic thermostat is also adjustable, so chill the food and drinks to your liking.

Here are some amazing features of this narrow beverage refrigerator:

  • It is a 3.2 cu. Ft. fridge and freezer that is 21 inches wide.
  • It consists of 2 doors- one for the freezer compartment and a bottom door for the fridge.
  • The adjustable thermostat helps to maintain the cooling in the fridge.
  • There is also a can dispenser included along with a door basket for bottles.
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6. Stainless Steel Compact Refrigerator from Midea

Stainless Steel Compact Refrigerator from Midea

This 19-inch wide refrigerator is narrow and compact and great for storage without taking up much of the floor. At 3.1 cu. Ft. it will fit in compactly and easily in any space- be it your kitchen, your room, boat, etc. It is a freestanding stand-alone fridge made of iron. It has a stainless steel door with reversible hinges.

It is an energy-efficient product that will truly surprise you with its amazing features such as:

  • You can choose how the door of the fridge opens- to your right or left- depending on your kitchen space.
  • It is energy star certified and also has UL energy certification.
  • The durable glass shelves and more make the storage extremely easy and simple.
  • The refrigerator also has adjustable legs to helps you organize it for your kitchen layout.
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7. Compact Dual Door Refrigerator from Walsh

Compact Dual Door Refrigerator from Walsh

This is a compact refrigerator with a double-door function with a freezer at the top. It will enhance the ambiance of any room you put it in with its sleek and stylish design. With an adjustable thermostat, bright interior lighting, and even a vegetable crisper, it also has a reversible door making it the best refrigerator for you.

It also has a large capacity with a clear crisper for storing vegetables. It will fit anywhere from your kitchen to your dorm room etc. Now, here are some of the wonderful features of this refrigerator:

  • It is compact, sleek and has a stylish design with a width of only 21.1 inches.
  • The glass shelf is removable, making it easier to clean and sanitize your product.
  • The refrigerator can be controlled by a manual dial to maintain the temperature of your liking.
  • It is designed to be perfect for any setting.
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This was our list of some of the amazing narrow refrigerators that could help you save space in your kitchen. They are thin yet have ample storage capacity, making them a great choice for narrow or small spaces. Buying a narrow refrigerator could prove to be beneficial to save space while also making your kitchen look sophisticated.

A narrow refrigerator could change the way your kitchen looks and feels. It is a great choice for a small family or even an office. The slim beverage refrigerators could be a great addition to your office and make it a friendlier space.

So when you are planning to buy a refrigerator, go for a narrow refrigerator. A narrow refrigerator could be exactly what you need for your home or office!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the narrowest refrigerator?

One of the narrowest refrigerator models that you can choose for your kitchen space is the Haier 28-inch French Door Model refrigerator. It will look sleek and thin in your kitchen without taking up too much space. This is the narrowest refrigerator you can buy with a French door for the product.

2.Is there a 24 inch deep fridge?

Of course, some refrigerators are 24-inch deep. Such refrigerators allow you to store more items while also not taking up much kitchen space.These products are usually 24-inch wide and have a counter-depth of 24 to 29 inches.

3.What size is a slimline fridge freezer?

A slimline fridge with freezer is the perfect solution to a tiny kitchen. They will fit in perfectly with much less space than other types of refrigerators. Slimline fridge freezer or narrow fridge freezer starts from a range of54.5 cm of width. They are usually 201 cm tall and they have ample space for you to store things.

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