14 Candy That Starts With G – The Joy Of Eating

Close your eyes for a while and think back about your childhood days. Think of how many candies that start with g that you had. Some of the candy that starts with G are Gobstopper, Gumballs, Gusano, Good and Plenty, Gumdrops, Goo Goo Cluster, Grapehead, Gummy Bears, Ghirardelli, Glazed, Goobers, etc.

Candy That Starts With G

  1. Gobstopper

This hard and chewy candy is available in different colors. These candies are such small that you can easily pop in your mouth a couple of them and enjoy having them. You simply got to suck them till the time they become easier for you to chew. These candies are mostly found in movie theaters.

  1. Gumballs

Who doesn’t like having gumballs? They have gradually turned into bubble gums from chewing gums, and the popularity of these colorful balls kept growing. In fact, in the US, there lies a close connection between these gumballs and their vending machine.

In the year 1888, these vending machines used to give out Tutti-Frutti gum on New York City’s platforms and subways. This became so popular that in the year 1907, Gumballs got introduced to people through these machines.

candy that starts with g
  1. Gusano

Have you ever had those sweet and spicy candies called Chamoy? Gusano happens to be a version of it and is very popular amongst the Mexican varieties of candies. This is a liquid candy having the flavor of Chamoy and chili peppers. This candy indeed tastes incredible.

  1. Good and Plenty

Although this is a little old-fashioned candy, it is still available in the US. This licorice-flavored candy has been made from a small gummy variety of candy. This candy adds a retro feeling to the taste. They are white and purple colors and each of these candies tastes of licorice.

  1. Gumdrops

These candies bring along the best memories of childhood. These sweet little drops of candies are coated in sugar and have a gummy nature to them as well. It is a small dome-shaped candy having a variety of flavors, amongst which the cinnamon-flavored little spicy ones are the most popular.

These candies have been here around since 1801. Probably you might remember the brand named Dots Candy. They are an example of these famous Gumdrops, still in the US today. Although Dots are not coated with sugar and are delicious and fun to have.

  1. Goo Goo Cluster

The Goo Goo chocolate company has made Goo Goo Clusters. They have always been considered one of the original chocolate clusters that you shall ever come across. It was in 1912 that Howell Campbell began this company.

This company began in Nashville, Tennessee; from there, it took off to become one of the most popular ones. They made these clusters from roasted peanuts, caramel, and marshmallow nougat, and then they gave a coating of chocolate over it. It is certainly scrumptious and delicious.

  1. Grapehead

If you are aware of Lemonhead, you shall understand that Grapehead has been made having a similar concept. The only difference that lies is just that it has been given the flavor of a grape than a lemon. Although these are a little difficult to find but are certainly still available. It comes having a tiny purple ball of candy having a hard outer surface. As has already been mentioned, this candy tastes like grapes having a little hint of pucker power that has been mixed with it.

  1. Gummy Bears

Everyone is aware of these very popular candies. They taste like little treats having the shape of bears. They have been made like fruity, gummy textured candy. This is the reason why they have been given such a name. Out there, you shall find various brands of gummy bears, each unique.

The different colors and flavors depend on the brands that are manufacturing them. Some you shall find have unique colors, while others come in standard colors such as orange, green, yellow, red, and white. Some are even blue and purple as well.

  1. Ghirardelli

This is the best chocolate that you can find, which is very much popular all throughout the year and especially during the holiday season. This brand has been around since 1852. It was founded in California, USA, and since the beginning, it has maintained its headquarters in California.

  1. Goobers

You surely must have heard about Goobers candy. Nestle makes these and is mostly found in movie theaters’ vending machines. These candies are indeed very delicious, and this makes them extremely popular among all age groups. These are made with peanuts covered with chocolates.

  1. Glazed

These are extremely delicious to taste, having been made from nuts and soft caramel. Although it falls under the category of candies, it is actually chocolate that is highly popular among children.

  1. Galaxy Chocolate Bar

This, too, is a chocolate bar that falls under the category of candies. This fun treat under the Mars brand is a very popular one all across the world. If you wish to have just decadent milk chocolate or prefer something to be more dark chocolate or caramel, you shall get a variety of flavors here.

  1. Gumby Giant Gummy Candy

These are fun candies for children. They can pull, squeeze and play with these candies while they eat them. These candies are absolutely yummy and come having different flavors, such as mango, green apple, and orange.

  1. Gilliam Peaches and Cream Stick Candy

These are old-fashioned candies that are still available, and children love having them. These candies’ vintage stick-like look and taste are just great and add festive flavor to the mouth. These candies have a hard texture and come in a box containing eighty such candies.

So, these are some of the best candy that starts with G that you can find and is an absolute treat to have.

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