Can You Freeze Feta Cheese?

Feta cheese goes well with kinds of pasta, sandwiches, and other kinds of dishes as well. But feta is also one of those cheeses which are pretty expensive too. 

So it makes sense that you would try to draw it out for as long as you can. If that’s your intention, then know that the answer to your question- can you freeze feta cheese? Is Yes. 

Want to know how you can do it? Then read on below to know everything about freezing feta cheese. 


Can you freeze a block of feta cheese? 

 can you freeze feta cheese

If you want to ask- Can you freeze opened feta cheese? Along with this question then the answer is yes you can. If you are trying to freeze feta then it’s advised that you cut it in proper cubes. 

This will allow you to get as much as you want for your dish without having to defrost entire blocks of feta or taking the effort to even cut it. 

But if you want to freeze a feta block, then you need to first strain its brine. After that pay, the feta blocks a little dry using paper towels. There is no need to get all the water out. Now cut the cheese according to the size you want. 

After this, you need to transfer the cheese into a heavy-duty freezer bag. Pre-freezing will ensure that the cubes or slices don’t stick together. Now put it all in your freezer. Here is the answer of can you freeze feta cheese.

Can you freeze feta cheese in liquid?

 can you freeze feta cheese

 Yes, it’s possible to do it. For this, put the cheese on the brine and make sure that the brine covers it. If you don’t have brine, then you can make it by adding one teaspoon of salt to one cup of plain water. However, if you have super salty feta, then just store it in ordinary water. This will allow the cheese to keep the texture, but avoid getting saltier. 

Best way to freeze feta cheese?

If you are asking- Is it ok to freeze feta cheese? Then note that it is. Here we will tell you the best to do it. The best way to freeze feta is by first drying it a little and then cutting it into the shape you want. 

Now get a waxed sheet and put the cubed on it. Also, ensure that these blocks don’t stick to each other so they will freeze together and you will find it difficult to break them off. Now, put the sheet into your freezer for 2 hours till the cheese becomes solid. 

After this, you need to pack the cubes into a freezer bag and then put it straight into your freezer. Make sure that the cubes are spread out in a single layer.  Here is the answer of can you freeze feta cheese.

Can you freeze cooked feta cheese?

 can you freeze feta cheese

It’s indeed possible to freeze already cooked feta cheese. For this, you need to line up the cooked cheese on a wax sheet lined with aluminum foil before putting it in a freezer. 

After 2 hours, take the cheese out and put it in a freezer bag. To ensure that the pieces don’t stick together. Now put the cheese-filled freezer bag into the freezer. 

Can you freeze dry feta cheese? 

 can you freeze feta cheese

Yes, you can. First, you need to take the cheese and put it in brine if you want it to absorb the water or become saltier. If not, then skip this step and layout the cheese on a wax sheet that’s lined using aluminum foil. 

But make sure that the cheese doesn’t stick together or it will become one whole sheet. Then put the tray in your freezer. 

Now, take the crumbs and put them in a good-quality freezer bag. Make sure that you split apart those pieces that have stuck together. After this, put the entire bag in your freezer. 

How do you freeze feta cheese? 

If you are also asking- can you freeze Greek feta cheese? Then yes, you can do both. Just follow the pre-freezing and freezing steps told above. Keep in mind that pre-freezing the cheese is necessary to prevent it from sticking together. 

After that, just transfer the cheese to a heavy-duty freezer bag and then proceed to put it in your freezer. 

How long can you freeze feta cheese?

If you are also asking- How long does feta cheese last in the freezer? You will be able to use frozen feta cheese for 3+ months easily. If you freeze it and use good quality cheese then you will be able to freeze it for 6-9 months easily. 

Keep in mind that as days go by, feta does get crumblier and tends to lose the saltiness and richness it is known for. It also becomes a bit dry.  Here is the answer of can you freeze feta cheese.

Can you freeze vegan feta cheese?

 can you freeze feta cheese

Yes, you can indeed freeze vegan feta as well. You will be able to freeze it easily for 3+ months in an airtight container. To freeze vegan feta you need to follow the same steps. First, you need to pre-freeze it by putting the cheese on wax paper and sticking it in a freezer. 

Then you have to put the cheese in your freezer bag before putting the bag in the fridge. It’s advised that you always make sure that the cheese isn’t sticking together. 

How do you store feta cheese in the freezer?

 can you freeze feta cheese

You can store feta in your freezer by putting the pre-frozen cubes or blocks in a heavy-duty freezer bag before putting the entire bag in the freezer. If you are asking- How do you make feta cheese last longer? 

Then keep in mind that if you use good quality cheese and squeeze the air out of the freezer bag before putting it in the fridge, the cheese will last longer. 

Freezing feta cheese is an easy and convenient way to ensure that it lasts longer. With frozen feta, you will be able to make anything you want. From salads to cooked dishes, nothing is impossible with frozen feta cheese. 

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1. How to freeze feta cheese?

In order to freeze feta cheese, at first, you have to strain out its brine. Now, having done so, press the blocks of the
cheese to dry using the paper towels. Now cut the portion you wish to freeze and then place it on the wax paper
and freeze it for a while. After that put it in the heavy-duty freezer bag very carefully and seal the bag well. having
done so, put the bag of feta cheese in the freezer.

2. Can feta cheese be frozen?

Yes, feta cheese can absolutely be frozen for up to one month.

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