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Grohe vs Hansgrohe is two German brands known for superior quality faucets with elegant designs. When your bathroom needs beautifully designed fixtures and faucets, you know, you have the best choices of Grohe and Hansgrohe. They manufacture all kinds of plumbing equipment without any mounting problems for your kitchen and bathroom. As both are German manufacturers, people often lack clarity as to whether the two manufacturers are distinct or connected. Many even want to know “are Grohe and Hansgrohe the same company”.

Today we are going to discuss Grohe vs Hansgrohe to shed some light on the similarities and the differences between the two brands. Despite their common family roots, Hansgrohe and Grohe are terrific competitors to each other for sanitary fixtures. Their names confuse the people even more. Each of them has its own identity and none of them is subsidiary of the other.


Is Grohe and Hansgrohe same?

The answer is “no”. Even though they have common family roots, both companies are fierce rivals to each other. If you look at both the companies in terms of shower types of equipment, Grohe has shower sets from the series of Euphoria. The product is built with the latest technology. Then comes the DreamSpray that offers homogeneous water flow irrespective of the water pressure.

SpeedClean is another amazing product that they manufacture for easy cleaning of limescale. The bestsellers of Hansgrohe are the series of Crometta and Corma. The products are built with EcoJoy technology that helps to consume 60% less water than the other classical producers. You will find many varieties with or without the thermostatic mixers to suit your preference.

History of Grohe vs Hansgrohe

To understand the difference between Grohe vs Hansgrohe, you need to know their history first. 

Hansgrohe was established in the year 1901 in the region of Germany’s the Black Forest. During that time, the founder of the company Hans Grohe was popular among the masses for his tin show fixture. Later on, he went ahead to design new improved fixtures for private bathrooms, which had just begun to be prevalent among the homes. His innovative ideas got recognition in the market and his company did well through the first half of the century. He converted the simple handheld shower to a fixed overhead show. Currently, the Grohe family operates a company that is stocked with more than 30 brands. The company has collaborated with several high-profile designers like Philippe Starck.

Grohe was founded in the year 1936. It happened when Friedrich Grohe quit the family business of Hansgrohe. He took over the faucet manufacturer Berkenhoff & Paschedag. The company changed its official name to Friedrich Grohe Armaturenfabrik in 1948. After some years, the company bought Carl Nestler. Carl Nestler is a big thermostat and faucet producer. Over the period, Grohe purchased many German brands that included Eichelberg and DAL. DAL was the inventor of the flush valve and Eichelberg was a big name in faucet maker. Grohe is an innovative plumbing fixture brand that is famous for high-tech developments like digital thermostats and a one-hand mixer.

The comparison between Grohe vs Hansgrohe

The products developed by both the companies are similar but they differ in various aspects. We have tried to make you understand by drawing a comparison.

  • Market and design – Grohe has managed to earn a hipster image in the market as it uses digital technologies in bathroom appliances. Hansgrohe on the contrary has a little staid reputation among its customers. Grohe uses Smart Water Controller to detect the frost risk, micro leaks, and burst pipes to shut down the water supply immediately. The bohemian designs of Hansgrohe are inspired by the perfectionists and architects like Giuseppe Citterio and Philippe Starck.
  • Vision – Both Grohe and Hansgrohe are renowned for their artistic artisanship and innovation. Hansgrohe has been maintaining the standard of its products for 116 years of its existence. Additionally, the products are equipped with a user-friendly interface, excellent design, and technically advanced. The products are customer-oriented and they have retained the values of the Grohe brand for more than 80 years.
  • Customer service and warranty – Hansgrohe and Grohe offer similar warranty in terms of finishes, warranty on the cartridge, and the mechanical parts. The real-life guarantee is valid for 20 years or a little less and it would be mentioned on the sales receipt. Grohe has reluctant after-sales customer service. You can reach them only through voice mail or email. On the other hand, Hansgrohe offers a limited warranty, but the customer service is smooth and helpful.

To conclude the topic of Grohe vs Hansgrohe, we would like to confirm that these two brands are not from the same group. Both of them are premium manufactures of kitchen and bathroom faucets. They own their identities and are independent businesses. They arch a striking rivalry in the industry. There is a similarity in the names because all of it started with the company of Hansgrohe.

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