Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

Have you ever had leftover cream cheese and then texted your friends “can u freeze cream cheese”? Well, once you read this article, you will not have to text your friends about it as you will know all about cream cheese and freezing it. And as for your question “can you freeze cream cheese”, yes you can!

Cream cheese is a variety of cheese that is soft and mild-tasting. It is usually used in frosting, icing, and even to make cheese balls and mints. One can also use it like regular cheese and spread it on your cracker etc. Cream cheese is one of the most popular types of cheese used around the world. It is also used to make delicious cheesecakes.


Can cream cheese be frozen?

Yes, cream cheese can be kept frozen. This can be done especially when you have bought and used the required amount of cream cheese but still have a lot of it left. Leftover cream cheese can be stored in your freezer and this helps you to use it later on for something else. So if you have been wondering all this time “can I freeze cream cheese” then now you know you can!

Can you freeze cream cheese frosting?

If you are wondering what to do with all the leftover cream cheese frosting you have, then worry no more. Here are the steps you need to follow to begin freezing cream cheese frosting. All you need is an airtight container to do the trick. You can fill such a container with all the cream cheese frosting you have. Then you can refrigerate and keep it frozen. In this way, cream cheese frosting can last you for up to 3 months even.

If you want to use it later on, make sure you let the frosting thaw in the refrigerator for at least one day. Then you can keep it outside and let its temperature come down to room temperature. After this, you can use the frosting again.

So to answer your question of “can I freeze cream cheese frosting”, yes you can.

Can you freeze cream cheese frosting

Can you freeze cream cheese icing?

Just like your doubt “can cream cheese frosting be frozen”, you might wonder whether the same can be done with cream cheese icing. In short, cream cheese frosting and cream cheese icing recipes are the same. So the methods used to freeze cream cheese frosting can be applied to cream cheese icing as well.

An airtight container is of utmost importance in both cases. And always remember to thaw out the frosting and icing before you use it again. So the next time you ask yourself “can I freeze cream cheese icing”, you know you can!

Does cream cheese freeze well

Does cream cheese freeze well?

Cream cheese can be frozen and kept in your refrigerator. This helps you to use it for any later use. Say you have bought a new packet of cream cheese. You can put the unopened packaging directly in the refrigerator for freezing. The packaging of the cream cheese will usually consist of a cardboard box and foil wrapping. This is more than enough to protect the cream cheese from any freezer burn.

You can keep this is in the freezer for up to 2 months. Now if you have already opened the packaging of the cream cheese, make sure you put it in an airtight container. Now you can put this container in the refrigerator to freeze. Also, make sure the cream cheese you have bought has not passed the expiration date.

Can you freeze cream cheese balls?

Did you organize a fun party at home but accidentally make too many cream cheese balls? And now are you wondering what to do with the excess cream cheese balls? Well, fear not because you can always freeze them! Yes, you heard me right. You can freeze your cream cheese balls and use them later on.

Now, here is the procedure on how to freeze them. Take the cheese out from the leftover cheese balls. Wrap this using aluminum foil and food wrap and make sure it is wrapped lightly. You can keep this in the freezer. And to make things easier in the future, try to make cheese balls without their crunchy coating. This way, they can last up to 4 weeks without any damage.

But you need to remember that freezing leftover cheese from the cream cheese balls can lead to texture changes. This is the same for most dairy products. After defrosting your frozen cream cheese, you might notice that it is not as soft as it was. But if you do the freezing process properly, then you will have a perfectly frozen cheese ball easily.

Can you freeze cream cheese mints?

Cream cheese mints are one of the best holiday candies there are. Easy to make and delicious, they will surely be a hit during your parties and celebrations. But more often than not, you might end up wondering how to store and freeze your cream cheese mints. But it is very easy to do. Although freezing cream cheese mints might sound complicated, it is not.

As always for freezing cream cheese, you need a completely airtight container. Now store your cream cheese mints in such a container. This can be placed in your refrigerator and frozen for a long time. Frozen cream cheese mints can stay good in their frozen form for 10-12 months! You can even make them in advance for the holidays and keep them frozen. This way you can use them whenever you need them in the future.

Now, when it comes to simply storing the cream cheese mints, just place them again in an airtight container. But instead of freezing them, you can simply store them in the fridge. They will last in good condition for 10-14 days easily. This step can be followed for any leftover cream cheese mints you might have after the parties and holidays.

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How long can you freeze cream cheese?

You shall be able to freeze cream cheese for a maximum of two months having a fresh and edible condition and not more than that.

How to freeze cream cheese?

If you wish to freeze cream cheese, you shall be able to do it in two ways. The first way is very simple. As you have bought the packet of cream cheese from the supermarket, you can directly put that unopened packet I n the freezer. Usually, as the packing of the cream cheese comes being wrapped the cream cheese in aluminum foil and then the cardboard box, it is enough to protect the cream cheese from having freezer burns.  Or else if you have happened to have opened the box of cream cheese then in that case, pour the cream cheese in an airtight container at first. After having done that, you can now place the cream cheese in the freezer. You must note to mark the date of its expiry as well which has been mentioned on the packing.

Is it ok to freeze cream cheese?

It is perfectly ok to freeze cream cheese for up to two months and not beyond that.


1. Does Philadelphia cream cheese freeze well?

If you have bought Philadelphia cream cheese from the store and are wondering if you can freeze cream cheese, then do not worry. Philadelphia cream cheese freezes as well as any other type and brand of cream cheese. So you can freeze cream cheese and it can be preserved for future uses.
By storing Philadelphia cream cheese in the freezer, you can even extend its shelf life. And this will allow you to use it more and for longer.

2. How do you defrost cream cheese?

Are you trying to figure out how to defrost cream cheese so that you can use it again? Well, not to worry as there are simple steps you can follow to do this. First, take out the frozen cream cheese from the freezer. Place it in a microwave-safe bowl after unwrapping and microwave it. You can microwave it on high for almost 15 seconds.
This procedure is for an 8-ounce block of cream cheese. If you are adding extra 8-ounces, keep adding 10 seconds for the extra amount. Follow these steps until you have soft defrosted cream cheese.

3. How do you make frozen cream cheese creamy again?

You could microwave the frozen cream cheese or heat it over a stovetop to defrost it. While doing so, adding a small amount of milk or heavy cream or even sour cream could help you make it creamier. Add this while mixing the cream cheese and you will get a very smooth texture.

4. Why shouldn’t you freeze cream cheese?

Even though it is possible to freeze cream cheese and use it later, there are reasons why you shouldn’t be doing that. It is because freezing cream cheese can make it lose its creamy, soft, and smooth texture. Cream cheese often crumbles and becomes less creamy after being frozen and then thawed. This will not help if you want to use it as a spread.

5. Why does cream cheese last so long?

The shelf life of a cream cheese packet and how long it can last depends on various factors. The form of the cream cheese you’ve bought, the manufacturing and packaging date, how much it is exposed to heat, how you are storing it, etc. are some of the factors.

6. What can I do with a lot of cream cheese?

Are wondering what to do with the leftover cream cheese you have? Here we come to your rescue! There are many things you could do with the leftover cream cheese. You can make it into a dip and enjoy or use it as a topping for your cakes. You can even spread it on a cracker with some jam or jelly and have a tasty little snack!
Cream cheese can be used to fill up your French toast or stir and mix it into your scrambled eggs. There are many other recipes too that can help you finish your leftover cream cheese.

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