7 Best Box Cutter Knives

A box cutter also commonly called a utility knife is a very important tool in the modern workplace. If you work at warehouses, or some other industrial area, or even for a home purpose like if you are a shopaholic and love to purchase things online a box cutter will make tour knife very easy. No more tearing of boxes, looking for scissors or other sharp objects, and no more hurting your hands to open a box. With the best box cutter, you can make your way through the box within 3 – 5 seconds with ease.



Internets best utility knife

Internets best utility knife

  • 5 blades

  • Heavy-duty metal

  • 3 sizes

Slice box cutter

Slice box cutter

  • 3 sizes

  • Lock system

  • Best box cutter

Gerber Zip Blade

Gerber Zip Blade

  • Small size

  • Stainless steel

  • 36.8 grams

Screwpop Ron’s utility knife

Screwpop Ron’s utility knife

  • 4 step features

  • Magnetic

  • Retractable blades

Outdoor Edge Slide Winder

  • Smallest box cutter

  • Built-in flathead

  • Multipurpose cutter

FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

  • Lightweight

  • Aluminum body

  • 5 blades

Modern Box Cutter with Holster

Modern Box Cutter with Holster

  • Easy to use

  • Connected to holster

  • 3 blades


What is a Box Cutter?

A box cutter is a very important tool used for crafting purposes. It helps in packing and craft, opening bulky and heavy boxes, cutting through plastic strings, stripping plastic and cardboard efficiently, and creating precision cuts.

These days you will definitely find at least one Box Cutter in any workplace. They are very common in the work environment; however, you can definitely purchase them for your home use too. It will help in making your kids crafty, if you love purchasing things online then you might love this product. It will make your work very easy and gentle.

Best Box Cutter – Buying Guide

Utility knives or box cutters are an amazing product in all sectors. For office use, factory, carpeting, and many more. They help in breaking cardboards, carpeting, opening and cutting boxes, trimming a rug pad, sheet plastic, and even roofing shingles. Since a box cutter has a razor they need to be used much more carefully and with precaution.

Factors to look for while buying the best box cutter:

Here are a few things that you must consider while buying the best box cutter:

  1. Grip:

Some of the best box cutters have finger grooves because this is a dangerous tool. They might look small and the purpose not too dangerous, but it is a bit risky to use if not handled properly.

For any purpose, you must make sure that you have a nice grip. Try various products on your fingers and only when you find the grip to be firm enough go with that product.

  • Blade change:

For the home user or even for warehouse, factory, etc. user buying a box cutter that has an additional blade change facility is always worth the money they are going to be spending on their box cutters. And it is always nice to have an already existing blade so that you can change the worn-out blade and your work doesn’t get irrupted by it.

  • Folding:

Folding box cutters and utility knives always have an upper hand in the terms of security. They can be trusted while keeping in the pockets that they will not sprout out or open up and hurt you.

They are easy to store and folding knives means that you can be sure of easy use and are they are very convenient to use.

  • Price:

Whatever you choose it is always about how efficient it is for its money. It should be worth every dollar you spend on it. It can be $50 as well, but it must be worth the 50. There is no point in purchasing a $100 best box cutter for it to stop working in a week.

  • Blade changing options:

If you work in an industrial department then you will need box cutters more than anybody or people from any other field. And so, since it will be a very essential tool for your work you can spend a few extra dollars so that you have enough space and ready to use blades. This saves your time and your work won’t be affected by any delay caused due to any box cutters.

Best box cutter reviews:

With so many products in the markets and so many brands to choose from, let us look at some of the best box cutters that you can choose according to your mode of use so that you do not regret your purchase and are fully satisfied.

Best Retractable Box cutter:

Retracting box cutters are always chosen above the other brands at the workplace because of the security they offer. Since they retract after use they can be kept handily and can be used while traveling. Let us look at the best retractable box cutters:

1. Internets best utility knife

Internets best utility knife

This is one of the best products and is available on amazon. It is available in a set of 2 retractable razors which provides excellent cuts and easy working.

  • It comes with a set of 5 blades and is very easy to change. Changing blades from one to another is also very easy. All you need to do is to press the red button, pull it down, remove, exchange and done.
  • It is made up of heavy-duty metal which makes it very easy to use and highly durable.
  • It can be used for opening boxes, making slices on them, packing, and even plastic packing.
  • The grip this product offers is highly commendable. It has a high-intensity rubber grip that helps you work more efficiently and easily.
  • It slides open to a blade of 3 different sizes.
  • It is one of the Best Retractable Box cutters
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Best Safety box cutter:

Since box cutters are originally risky to use therefore, they naturally must be used with extra caution as one wrong move or one slight mistake can cost a great deal to someone. Therefore, let’s look at some of the Best safety box cutters that you can easily use at the workplace:

2. Slice box cutter

Slice box cutter

This is arguably the best safety box cutter. It is the best box cutters in all terms. It has an ergonomic handle design and is very finger-friendly.

  • It has a 3 size manual size selection mode and it also has a button to lock the blade in your desired position.
  • It has a lock system to lock your blade in any mode you want so that you don’t hurt yourself which is very unique and that is why is the best safety box cutter.
  • It has ceramic blades which is why it allows to cut very precisely and is finger-friendly
  •  It has been primarily designed to cut boxes, vinyl, cardboard, foam, etc.
  • It is very durable and stylish. It is also the best pocket box cutter.
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Best keychain box cutter:

For faster access, let us look at some of the best keychain box cutters that are very small and easily portable so that you do not have to carry it in your backpack and can have it handy in your keychain whenever needed:

3. Gerber Zip Blade

Gerber Zip Blade

It is a very tiny yet very effective and the best box cutter. It is very safe and durable. Do not doubt this product based on its size. It can give a very tough competition to other larger products in its category.

  • It is the best keychain box cutter because of its tiny size. It is so small that it will easily fit in your wallet, on your keychain within your keys, and every other small place. You can store it anywhere, even in your pocket without any hassle.
  • It is the best folding box cutter and folds easily into your pocket or even your coat.
  • If you have a habit of carrying a pocket blade with you then this is your best pick. It is very small yet causes serious cuts when used. Unlike its small size, it has a very sharp blade
  • Its body is made up of stainless steel which means that you need not worry about it breaking or its expiry. It is made for rough and tough use.
  • Its weight is only 36.3 grams which is lighter than your cellphones even.
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4. Screwpop Ron’s utility knife

Screwpop Ron’s utility knife

This is one of the best box cutters if you do not have heavy blade work. And considering its price it is the best pick for a lot of people.

  • It is a multi-tool box opener. It can be used as a box cutter as well as a bottle opener. Its small size makes it the best EDC box cutter.
  • It has a4 step utility feature.
  • Another specialty of this product is that it has a small magnet in it. This means that you can easily stick it anywhere from your office desk to your refrigerator.
  • It is a very easy to use cutter and has retractable blades
  • Its magnetic power allows it to connect to refrigerators, tape guns, workshop machines, cabinets, etc.
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Best EDC box cutter:

Wondering what an EDC box utter is? It implies an Everyday Cutter. A lot of people, mostly industrial workers have a habit of carrying a box cutter everywhere they go because they are used to it and their jobs demand it. That is why especially for such people it is very necessary to look at a few best EDC box cutter that is easy to carry and are safe to be carried anywhere:

5. Outdoor Edge Slide Winder

Outdoor Edge Slide Winder

It is one of the best EDC box cutters because of its miniature size. You might not even recognize it as a box cutter in the very beginning that is how small it is. it is the smallest and yet the most effective box cutters of all times.

  • It has been designed to serve as a multipurpose cutter which means that it functions as a screwdriver, bottle opener, pocket clip, as well as box cutter and all with ease.
  • It has a very sturdy design and a good looking body that can be carried anywhere with class
  • It has a built-in flat head and comes in with one utility razor
  • Do not think that due to its small size it might exclude from some of the features. It is feature-packed. It has an auto-lock option which allows you to lock your box cutter in a certain mode while you are working.
  • It is very lightweight and is made of stainless steel that will help the box cutter in running for a long time. It is the best pocket box cutter
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Best box cutter with holster:

A holster ensures the safety of the box cutter as well as the person carrying it. It provides double safety and is very reliable. Let us look at a few best box cutters with holster:

6. FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

It is one of the best box cutters with a holster. It also has a lock back system that alerts you when the blade has been inserted properly and is locked firmly in the position should be in.

  • It is very lightweight, sleek, and has a body of aluminum which justifies its weight.
  • It has a very heavy duty steel blade that elongates to a very long length so that you do not hurt yourself. ‘
  • It includes 5 blade replacements
  • It has a very quick blade changing technique which allows you to get back at work without any delay.
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7. Modern Box Cutter with Holster

Modern Box Cutter with Holster

This is a very different and funky product. Its holster steals the show in terms of looks and is an excellent box cutter.

  • It is very easy to use and a fast working box cutter.
  • It is useable by people from any profession and for any purpose. A student, teacher, or even an elder can work with this device with ease and without hurting themselves
  • It has 3 blade settings
  • It can cut through cardboard, foam, paper, a box with ease.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the best box cutter?

Out of the many world-class box cutters doing the rounds and being a hit amongst the people, the best box cutters that are portable, safe, and easy to use are Gerber Zip Blade, Outdoor Edge Slide Winder, and Slice box cutter.

2. What is the difference between a box cutter and a utility knife?

A utility knife is any kind of knife. It may be the kitchen knife out mothers use to cut veggies, butter knife, etc.

A box cutter is one such knife that comes under a utility knife and that is its major difference. A box cutter is a product that was introduced after segmenting the utility knives.

3. What’s the best utility knife on the market?

While buying a utility knife what one sees is how capable and how much worth it holds to its price. Therefore, some of the What’s the best utility knife on the market is the CRAFTSMAN utility knife, FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife, and REXBETI utility knife.

4. How dangerous are box cutters?

Box cutters are a very dangerous tool to work with. Almost 30% of accidents that happen in the workplace are caused because of these box cutters. It is not the fault of the article though. It has a knife in it and hence it is known as a “cutter” which is why the person using it must know to use it carefully and with caution.

5. Is a box cutter a weapon?

Yes, It is a dangerous article, but it is not a weapon. It is an essential work tool used in many offices, factories, and industries. Its blade can still cause a little damage but that does not mean it is a weapon.

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