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Cakes exhibit the superpowers to match the vibe of almost every occasion. Whether it’s about a birthday party, a wedding, graduation, or any occasion to celebrate, these heart-melting flavorsome cannonballs can actually magnify the joy and magnificence of the night to no extent.

Cakes, being such an important aspect of a celebration, deserve the best cake knife set, and surely, investing in these knives will prove to be the best investment of your life. The post talks about some of the best cake cutting knives that are successful in luring the cake lunatics all around the globe. Along with this, we have also encapsulated some factors to take care of while choosing the best knife to cut cake to ensure that you get the best product.

But before beginning, we can see that there’s a high probability that some of our readers are unaware of what cake knives are all about. And surely, that’s not a thing to worry about! Let’s begin with a brief introduction of what we mean by the best cake knives.



Zulay Kitchen Kids Knife Set for Cakes

Zulay Kitchen Kids Knife Set for Cakes

  • Comes in 6 vibrant shades

  • Children-friendly

  • Multi-purpose knife

  • No-slip rubber handle

  • Dishwasher-friendly

  • Lifetime warranty

Zyliss Cake-Cutting Knife

Zyliss Cake-Cutting Knife

  • Multi-purpose

  • Solid plastic

  • Children-friendly

  • Dishwasher-friendly

  • Great for coated cookware  

Darnell Nehemiah Stainless Steel Cake Knife (10 inches)

Darnell Nehemiah Stainless Steel Cake Knife (10 inches)

  • Premium stainless steel

  • Multi-purpose

  • Durable material

  • PP plastic handle

 PUCKWAY Stainless steel Cake Knife and Icing Spatula

 PUCKWAY Stainless steel Cake Knife and Icing Spatula

  • 2 different sizes

  • Ergonomic non-slip wooden handle

  • Lightweight

  • Multi-purpose

  • Dishwasher-friendly

  • Rust and corrosion-proof

Bakehouse Trading Co. 14’’ Professional Stainless Steel Knives

Bakehouse Trading Co. 14’’ Professional Stainless Steel Knives

  • Solid, sharp serrated blade

  • Precise cuts

  • Dishwasher friendly

  • Food-grade stainless steel

  • Plastic, no-slip handle

  • 30-days money-back guarantee

 Tenrai Stainless Steel Cake Knife and Icing Spatula

Tenrai Stainless Steel Cake Knife and Icing Spatula

  • Stainless steel blade

  • Stainless steel, no-slip handle

  • Bent icing blade

  • Dishwasher friendly

  • Multi-purpose

Angled Stainless steel Icing Spatula (set of 3)

Angled Stainless steel Icing Spatula (set of 3)

  • 100% food-grade, BPA-free stainless steel

  • Wooden no-slip handle

  • Great gift option

  • Multi-purpose


Best Cake Knife – The Introduction

Cake knives are specialized knives, designed for cutting or slicing cakes at an event. These knives are much more visually appealing than those plastic knives and undoubtedly, these small things actually make a difference.

Talking about their structure, the best cake knife set is extremely lightweight and is generally crafted out of stainless steel. These knives are designed with a slightly curved blade, which makes them capable of cutting through different layers and frosting of the cake.   

Why Should You Opt For the Best Cake Knife Right Now?  

We saw what cake knives actually mean and what you can do with them. Now, a question arises – are there any other reasons for opting for a cake-cutting knife set? Surely YES! The best knife to cut cake possesses numerous abilities that no other knife can ever offer when it comes to dealing with a cake.

Here is a list of reasons to choose a cake-cutting knife.

  • Extremely convenient to use

No knife can match the convenience offered by a good cake knife as they are designed with a handle at a level higher than the blade, making it easy to hold and use the knife. Besides, the knife is also curved towards the center and thus, it can easily cut through the frosting, cream, and bread on the cake without making your knuckles collide with the cake.

In addition, the best cake knife not only allows the user to cut cakes but also helps in preparing and decorating the cakes.

  • Designed with a decent length

Cake knives are much longer than a chef’s knife, which makes them an excellent option for cutting and preparing cakes. These are designed to be longer than chef knives because cakes are delicate and can easily be ruined just with a touch and thus, you can’t afford to touch them.

The best knife for cutting cake layers is long enough to easily cut an 8-10 inch cake without letting your hand touch the cake, helping you get a perfectly-sliced cake.

  • Their scope is much beyond cakes

If you think that you’re investing in the best cake knife just to cut the cake, then you are mistaken somewhere. These knives are sharp and thin and thus, are extremely efficient in slicing desserts like pies, puff pastries, etc.

  • Gives perfect cuts

Cake knives should be a one-stop destination if you like cakes to be perfectly sliced! These knives are much thinner than ordinary knives, which makes them capable of cutting through cakes much more precisely. Besides, they don’t put much pressure on the bread to avoiding crumbling the base of the cake.

  • Doesn’t spoil the beautiful decorations on the cake

Cakes are like family members as you can’t count the occasions when you’ll be cutting a cake to express your happiness. Ordinary plastic knives can destroy the decoration and frosting on the cake as they aren’t as sharp and thin as the best birthday cake knife.

Best Cake Knife – Buying Guide

Choosing the best knife for cutting cake layers is not as simple as it meets the eyes of most of the buyers. Cake knives differ in build material, types, prices, and numerous other attributes, which makes it crucial for the buyers to choose these knives with care.

So to simplify the process of selecting a good cake knife, here is a list of factors that you must look at to get the best kitchen knife for your kitchen.

  • Deciding the type of knife you need

The market for cake knives offers two types of knives:

  • Serrated cake knives
  • Non-serrated cake knives

The best-serrated cake knives are the best option for cutting cakes that are soft from inside and hard from outside i.e. the cakes with low density. This means that serrated knives are suitable for birthday cakes and are also the most common types of cake knives that you can find in the market.

On contrary, non-serrated knives are useful for cutting items that are equally dense from inside and outside i.e. items like cheesecakes, pancakes, nut-bread, etc.

  • Deciding the length of the knife

Cake knives not only vary in types but also have different lengths and thus, a buyer should be well aware of the length of the knife he/she desires. For instance, if you go for a 14-inch cake knife, you’ll be able to cut 12-inch cakes easily.

  • Pay heed to the scallops

Scallops refer to the small curves protruding out of a point. A buyer must look at the scallops as they play a major role in enhancing the cutting experience.

  • The thickness of the blade

The thickness of the blade is another major factor to consider while buying the best wedding cake knife. The knives with thin blades look much more elegant, are lighter in weight, and cut much better than those with thick, bulky blades.

  • Curved vs. straight blades

Professionals always recommend using a cake knife with a straight blade as it performs much better than the knife with a straight blade. The user gets straight cuts and need not resort to the sawing motion for cutting the cake.

  • Look at the tip of the knife

You need not look for a knife that has a pointed tip if you’re buying a cake knife. This is so because, in the end, you aren’t poking the knife into the cake.

The factors that make a knife a good cake knife aren’t confined merely to the above-listed ones. A buyer needs to move forward with all these factors and look for a knife that offers the best features without disturbing his budget.

If you feel lazy to visit an online marketplace and search for the best birthday cake knife in your budget, you need not worry as we researched have everything for you! We’ll be looking at some spectacular cake knives available on the reputed website for cake knives in the upcoming section.

Best Cake Knives Reviews

Just like every other product, there is a humongous variety of well-performing cake knives that have been successful in compelling buyers for a long time. Looking at so many factors like type, length, and thickness of the knife can be mind-draining for most consumers and thus, we saw a need to extend a helping hand.

Listed below are some ultimate cake knives that we have shortlisted with precision to help you choose the best products in your budget.   

1. Zulay Kitchen Kids Knife Set for Cakes

Zulay Kitchen Kids Knife Set for Cakes

Securing its place among the hottest selling knives on reputed websites for kitchen knives, Zulay’s kitchen knife is genuinely the best knife to slice the cake horizontally, vertically, or in whatever shape you want. The best-selling knife comes in 6 vibrant shades that beautify the table like never before!

  • The serrated knife is perfect for getting the cake cut by children due to its blunt edges and scallops.
  • The knife is also quite efficient in cutting soft fruits, cheese, or veggies
  • Zulay’s cake knife is made much more compelling through a rubber handle, which provides an ultimate grip to prevent slipping.
  • The blade is pretty easy to clean and is completely dishwasher-friendly.
  • The manufacturer extends a lifetime warranty on this cake knife, making it the most reliable option in the market.
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2. Zyliss Cake-Cutting Knife

Zyliss Cake-Cutting Knife

Some buyers don’t prefer going for nylon knives for cutting the cake and thus, we are here with an extraordinary plastic knife that will help you cut cakes into perfect slices. The serrated knife is way better than those fragile plastic knives that jiggle with every cut, making it a worth-it investment.

  • The 2.25-inch knife can cut through any cakes, brownies, or bread with sheer ease.
  • The product comes in a bright green shade, which will surely grab everyone’s attention.
  • Celebrate your tot’s birthdays with this knife as the blade is designed to be children-friendly as it has a blunt blade and scallops.
  • Zyliss cake knife is completely dishwasher-friendly and thus, the owner can clean it conveniently.
  • It is also a great option for using coated cookware.
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3. Darnell Nehemiah Stainless Steel Cake Knife (10 inches)

Darnell Nehemiah Stainless Steel Cake Knife - best serrated cake knife

Talking about the best knife to cut cake in half and ignoring Darnell Nehemiah is surely an injustice to the market leader as the manufacturer is successful in making a unique place in the hearts of the buyers with their finest quality knives. This cake knife comes in two different sizes – 10 inches and 12 inches and thus, you can choose the size that suits your requirements.

  • Crafted out of premium stainless steel, the cake knife can cut through cakes, bread, and brownies like a breeze.
  • The manufacturer promises extravagant durability, safety, and strength
  • Darnell Nehemiah’s cake knife is the best knife to frost cakes as the users can easily spread butter, cream, and frosting with its smooth, polished surface.
  • The PP plastic handle facilitates extraordinary grip, helping you make stunning patterns on the cake.
  • The serrated, multi-purpose teeth blade helps you cut the cake without the annoying sawing motion.
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4. PUCKWAY Stainless steel Cake Knife and Icing Spatula (6-inch/8-inch)

PUCKWAY Stainless steel Cake Knife and Icing Spatula - best knife to frost cake

Making its way straight to the most vibrant cake knives out there in the market, PUCKWAY genuinely stands out from other cake knives. The manufacturer doesn’t believe in compromising with aesthetics and thus, you can see a jaw-dropping combination of shining stainless steel blade and vibrant red, wood handle.

  • The best cake knife set comes with cake knives of two different sizes to cater to different uses and ways of cake decorations – 6-inches and 8-inches
  • The ergonomic, non-slip wood handle is known for facilitating exceptional grip so you can easily ice the cake to make the most appealing decorations.
  • The product is extremely lightweight, which makes it comfortable and reduces wrist and finger fatigue
  • The scope of this knife isn’t confined merely to cakes but is also pretty efficient in cutting pizzas, puddings, pastries, cheese, sandwiches, and much more.
  • PUCKWAY cake knife is completely dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned with sheer convenience.
  • The manufacturer promises exceptional durability with its stainless, rust, and corrosion-proof steel and premium wood handle.
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5. Bakehouse Trading Co. 14’’ Professional Stainless Steel Knives

Bakehouse Trading Co. 14’’ Professional Stainless Steel Knives - best knife to cut cake

Bakehouse Trading Co. has always been among the most reliable options when it comes to professional cake knives and this time too, the market leader has given us what he promised. This aesthetic professional product is a pair of a 14’’ serrated cake knife and a non-serrated professional cake knife, making it an outstanding product to go for.

  • Bakehouse offers the finest quality cake knife with its rock-solid, super-sharp serrated blade, which is the most ideal option for preparing and cutting cakes and ice-creams. 
  • The product lets you enjoy the most precise slices of cakes, brownies, or pastries.
  • The product is dishwasher-safe and extremely easy to clean
  • The cake knife is crafted out of food-grade stainless steel that looks stunning with an off-white handle.
  • Bakehouse 14’’ knife can easily cut nut cakes, fruit cakes, brownies, and much more.
  • The plastic handle provides a superior grip for cutting and decorating with convenience.
  • The product also holds a 30-day money-back guarantee and thus, you can try it without any risk.
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6. Tenrai Stainless Steel Cake Knife and Icing Spatula (set of 3)

Tenrai Stainless Steel Cake Knife and Icing Spatula - best cake knife

Tenrai can be considered a one-stop destination for those who are searching for professional knives that can mine the most out of a cake. The product comes in a set of 3 professional cake knives with lengths 6, 8, and 10 inches respectively so that the user can carve out stunning cakes.

  • The elite knife set will surely capture a chef’s attention with its elite, shining stainless steel blade and handle, making it stand among the most appealing knives in the market.
  • The stainless steel handle no-slip handle is known for providing exceptional grip while preparing or cutting a cake
  • The icing blade is bent to ensure that the knife offers adequate clearance while icing the cake
  • Like every stainless steel cake knife, this knife is also dishwasher-safe and is easy to clean.
  • Tenrai’s stainless steel cake knife is quite multifaceted as it not only helps the user in preparing cakes but also in spreading butter, icing, cream in varied shapes and angles.
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7. Angled Stainless steel Icing Spatula (set of 3)

Angled Stainless steel Icing Spatula - best cake knife set

We are ending our list with another gem from this aristocratic world of the best knives for cutting cake into half. The knife set comes with 3 different knife sizes, namely 6, 8, and 10 inches that will help you prepare cakes with different icing patterns.

  • The cake knife is crafted out of 100% food-grade, BPA-free stainless steel for providing sheer durability and strength to the blade.
  • The handle is designed out of natural wood that facilitates a no-slip superior grip to help you make the most of a cake.
  • The knife actually looks very premium and thus, it can be a great gift option for housewives and baking lovers.
  • The user can use it for various purposes like spreading cheese, icing, preparing sandwiches, and much more.
  • The buyers can get a refund or replacement if they face any issues with the knife.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best knife for cutting a cake?

Here are some of the best knives for cutting cake:
1) Zulay Kitchen Kids Knife set for Cakes
2) Zyliss Cake Cutting Knife
3) Darnell Nehemiah Stainless Steel Cake Knife
4) PHUKWAY Stainless Steel Cake Knife and Icing Spatula

Q2. Which knife is used for icing the cake?

Icing spatula or cake knives are used for icing the cake.

Q3. What is a cake knife?

A cake knife is a specialized knife for cutting and preparing cakes.

Q4. How do you cut a cake into half without breaking it?

Cake knives will help you cut the cake in half without breaking it.

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