The Quintessential List Of 7 Fruits That Start With Q

Honestly, there are not many fruits that start with Q. So, although this list might not have an attractive number of fruits we promise to give you good quality content about all the Q fruits we know.

From delectable Queen Anne Cherries to unique tropical-flavored Quararibea, we are thrilled to help you take your fruit vocab to the next level.

So, let’s get started already!


Fruits That Start With QU

#1 Quince

fruits that start with q

Quince is one fruit that counts amongst the oldest cultivated fruits out there. This is a pear-shaped fruit that has been a favorite of Romans, Greeks, and even medieval meal planners for a long time. Some say this fruit seems to have a touch of divineness to it. Many biblical scholars are also of the belief that this fruit was also present in the Garden of Eden.

However, the appearance of the Quince fruit definitely is not a match for its divineness or illustrious history. It has a spongy, lumpy, and hard texture. This fruit shines while it is being cooked. It has a delicate and aromatic scent that is soft and sweet. This fruit also has stewed and syrupy flesh that can be used for making jams, sauces, pies, and more.

#2 Quandong

The Quandong fruit is a native of the peaches fruit. This is one of the most loved and popular fruits of Australia. Recognized as one of the Aussie superfoods, Quandong is a very large berry that is bright red in color. However, this plump and delicious berry mostly contains seeds.

Quandong has thin and tasty flesh with a large seed. A large of this fruit is often used to make jewelry and crafts. They have a sweet and tangy flavor. These highly priced fruits are not only perfect for tarts but also come with some great medicinal properties.

Quandongs can be used for treating various kinds of ailments because of their medicinal properties. They can be used to calm toothache and also mend wounds. The fruit also has antibacterial properties.

#3 Queen Anne Cherries

Queen Anne Cherries or Napoleon Cherries or Royal Anne are basically cherries that not only taste like Rainer cherries but also look familiar. They are one of the best enjoyed cherries perfect for the mid-summer season.

The Queen Anne Cherries are light-pink and yellow colored cherries having a delicate and firm texture. They are sweet flavored cherries with big nutritional benefits. Why? Because they are rich in vitamin C, anti-inflammatory compounds, and antioxidants.

Some studies have also shown that the Queen Anne Cherries can be used for treating various conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension as well. These cherries are also great for preserving and canning.

#4 Quenepa

Quenepa or Guinep is another popular tropical fruit usually grown in the Caribbean. These fruits look like small-sized green grapes. These grape-like fruits have a unique taste that is both tangy and tart.

The Quenepa fruit is quite commonly sold on the islands by vendors. Also known as Spanish Lime, this fruit makes an incredible addition to most Caribbean recipes. However, this fruit is most commonly eaten blended or raw. It makes a great ingredient for refreshing juice to beat the intense tropical heat.

In order to eat this fruit, you will first have to crack the outer shell of this fruit. Then, you can simply suck the creamy flesh out of it.

#5 Quararibea Cordata Fruit

The Quararibea Cordata Fruit looks a lot like mangoes but tastes more like apricots and the earthy pumpkins. This fruit has a unique yet tropical flavor to it. However, finding this fruit at a nearby grocery store is one of the hardest things to do. Why? Because Quararibea is a South American special rainforest fruit.

The local name of Quararibea Cordata Fruit in South America is chupa chupa. The locals usually try this fruit in their cocktails as it gives them a sense of adventure. This cocktail is mostly made of lime juice, passion fruit liquor, and Quararibea. This is definitely one great drink that helps you fetch a good amount of vitamin C indeed.

#6 Quinault Strawberry

fruits that start with q

Quinault Strawberry is basically a type of berry that is produced and harvested only two times in a year. This fruit is also popularly known as the Everbearing Strawberry. This is a juicy and sweet berry fruit that makes a great addition to most dessert recipes.

Born in Washington State University back in 1967, the Quinault Strawberry is one extra-large-sized strawberry. This strawberry can help resist many diseases that other strawberries might be vulnerable to.  

People can enjoy having the Quinault Strawberry fruit in both spring and the fall season. One can even blend the Quinault Strawberries with ice cubes on a hot spring day. The Quinault Strawberry plant mostly thrives in Midwest and Pacific North West regions.

#7 Querina Apple

Querina Apple is a famous French variety of apples that is juicy, firm, and also very hard. It is a popular fruit in the Atlantic and North America, mainly Florida. This fruit was first commercialized back in the 1980s. However, it is good to note that this is a great fruit for the fall season.

The Querina Apple fruit has a very delicate and aromatic flavor. This fruit is well-known for making delicious and mouth-watering ciders. What more! The Querina Apples usually last for months. All you will have to do is keep these apples in a dry and cool place. As they could maintain their fresh flavor for up to 3 months.

The Querina Apples are most commonly utilized in tarts. The heavenly flavor of this fruit also makes it perfect for enjoying it as raw as it naturally is.


1. Which of the fruits that start with Q are rich in vitamin C?

Almost all the fruits that start with the Q letter are rich in vitamin C. However, Quince is one Q-lettered fruit having the highest amount of vitamin C content, i.e., 25% RDA. Besides, Quince, Queen Anne Cherries is another fruit that is rich in vitamin C. It has an RDA of 37%.

2. Which of the fruits that start with Q are rich in fibers?

Quince is one fruit that begins with the letter Q, having a dietary fiber of moderate quantity in them. A 100 gram of Quince fruit contains a percentage of Daily Value of 4%.

3. Which of the fruits that start with Q have a high amount of water?

Quince and Quararibea Cordata are two fruits that start with Q having a moisture content of a whopping 80%.

4. Which of the fruits that start with Q are rich in protein?

Quandong is one of the fruits that start with Q rich in protein.

5. Which of the fruits that start with Q are rich in calcium?

Quenepa and Quararibea Cordata are two Q-lettered fruits that are rich in calcium content. While a 100 grams of Quenepa will have 15 grams of calcium, a 100 grams of Quararibea Cordata fruit will have 18.4 grams of calcium content.

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