22 Fruits That Start With C And Their Stories

Amidst the different varieties of fruits, this list is about 22 fruits that start with c. While picking up a fruit we often struggle to remember the benefits it offers. This takes care of it.

If you really care for good research then this list provides you with the same.  Read to learn further.


 1. Cherry Fruit

fruits that start with c

These small stone fruits come in varying flavors and colors such as from deep yellow to deep blackish-red. The dual profile to their flavor, one being tart and the other sweet, adds a dimension to the taste buds. The highly nutritious elements present in this fruit builds a protective shield in the bodies against all foreign substances.

Cherries incorporates well with ice creams, salads, pies and other desserts.

 2.  Chokeberry Fruit

Chokeberry or Aronia fruits grow in shrubs of the Rosaceae family and are rich in plant oxidants. These fruits are low in calories but rich in vitamin C. Due to their strong mouth-drying effect, they are made into juices, tea, jam and jelly.

 3. Cloudberry Fruit

 Not many are familiar with it as it mainly grows in arctic and alpine regions and in boreal forests in the north.This delicious fruits from the rhizomatous herb possess many benefits to them. If you are making jams or even baking, use its tart flavor and watch the wonder

 4. Crowberry Fruit

 These are low evergreen shrubs of subarctic, alpine and boreal regions. The fruits are reddish, purple and black and are juicy with an acidic taste to it. This fruit is also an important food source to many birds and bears. Some eat raw crowberries while many use its bitterness in pies, wine, jams.

 5.  Coconut

 These are the exotic fruits of the tropical region for more than 4,500 years. Rich in carbohydrates and fat, coconut water, oil, milk and meat are very useful.The husk of this fruit makes a natural scrubber, ropes, brooms and many more things.

 6. Coco Plum Fruit

 This fruit belongs to the tropical regions of Africa, Caribbean and America. They possess a slightly sweet flavor so are also called honey plants. Coco plum fruit can be eaten raw or used for making jelly.

 7. Cucumber Fruit

fruits that start with c

 These fruits are one of the most common residents in every house. Cucumbers are low in calories but have important vitamins and minerals. They are the best choice for summer to keep the body hydrated.These fruits can be eaten raw and even makes a fine salad dressing.

 8. Cornelian Cherry Fruit

These plants are native to Southern Europe and Southwestern Asia. They have attractive flowers and the fruits are ruby red and yellow having an oblong shape. Their acidic flavor makes them a key ingredient for zesty jam.

 9.  Cupuacu Fruit

Native to the Amazon, these fruits are related to the Cacao tree. These fruits are oval having a brown rind and white flesh. This bears the taste of chocolate with a touch of pineapple and lime. Cupuacu fruits are either used in desserts or made into juice.

10. Clementine Fruit

These fruits are a hybrid of mandarin and sweet oranges. These seedless tiny fruits are orange in color and forms a part of children’s diet mostly. This sweet-citrus fruits brings a fine balance in salads, desserts or be eaten as a snack.

11. Cranberry Fruit

They are from the northern United States and southern Canada. Cranberries are bitter sour small round red fruits growing in vines of freshwater bogs.If you like drinking cocktails, infuse some cranberries in it or spread as jelly on your toast.

12. Conkerberry Fruit

Having their origin in Central Australia, these green berries turn black as they ripen.The fruit and its roots are both edibles making it a plant for various useful uses.

13. Charichuelo

These species of trees are from the rain forests of Central and South America. The fruit looks like a wrinkled and dried lemon with a soft white pulp inside, compared to lemon cotton candy. This citrusy delight is a right mix for preservatives, jam or into food dishes for taste.

14. Calamansi Fruit

This fruit is a hybrid between kumquat and other citrus fruits. They also are a traditional fruit of Philippine cuisine having a natural sour taste like all citrus fruits. The sourness is used in many beverages, preserves and marinades

15. Canistel Fruit

These fruits are sometimes called cupcake fruits. The fruit tastes of creamy mousse. The flavor is rich and is similar like egg custard. This flavorsome fruit is used in a milkshake or custard. The wood of the tree too is used in various construction works.

16. Carob Fruit

These fruits look like dark brown pea pods having pulp and seeds. These fruits have a sweet taste to them and are often considered a replacement of chocolates. The powder of this fruit can be added into smoothies, yoghurt, ice creams and also made into warm drinks. 

Do you like to sing and struggle to maintain your voice? Then this fruit might be the one you should look for. The Chemists of the 19th century are said to have sold the pods of this plants to singers. It is said, chewing on it helps to maintain the health of the voice.

17. Cashew Apple fruit

fruits that start with c

These are the fruits of cashew nuts. This dome-shaped fruit ranges in the colors from yellow, orange to pink. Once ripened, cashew nuts are extracted from these fruits. Cashew Apple fruit juice is healthy to drink.

18. CamuCamu Berry

These berries are native to Amazonian forests. They have a sour taste and looks like cherry in color. CamuCamu is rich in vitamin C, nutrients and plant compounds.  Their extreme tart flavor makes them a component in juice, pulp and puree.

19. Cape Gooseberry

 These golden berries are also called Cape gooseberry being first to be cultivated in Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. This fruit is one of the very loved one because of its tartness. These are either eaten as a snack or used as dessert toppings.

20. Chestnuts

These carry a rich amount of vitamin C in them with a very low proportion of fat.  They have been a source of food for many years. These nuts are green and have spiky shells that introduce the nuts after they are peeled. Chestnuts can be eaten as a snack, roasted and also can add in anything.

21. Caimito Fruit

These are exotic tropical fruits. The fruits bear a round structure to that of an apple having a skin of green to dark purple. When cut into half, the inside of the fruit looks like a star.Caimito has a sweet taste which is very refreshing. These fruits can be used as dessert toppings and also be put into salads.

22. Cempedak Fruit

These native South Asian evergreen trees bear fruits that almost resembles a jackfruit. As the fruit ripens it turns yellow having a savory and aromatic flavor. They are a very good source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. This fruit adds deliciousnessto many dishes.

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