Learn More About Candy That Starts With Z

In the list of candy that starts with z, there are not many names that you could count on, but even if the number is less, the quality of the candy that starts with z is amazing! There are some classic choices you can stick by in this category. Here’s the list of all the candies that come in this category. 


Names of all the candies that follow:

  • Zebra Stripe Gum
  •  ZotZ
  • Zebra Cakes
  •  ZotZ
  • Zero Bar

Zebra stripe gum- flavourful and sweet candy that exists! 

candy that starts with z

This candy is also known as a fruit stripe. The representation of this candy involves zebra stripes over the gum. This candy isn’t popular for its lasting flavour but it has fun and interesting flavours in it with the sweet flavour that lasts while we eat them. 

This candy has a natural fruit flavour infused in it. It is basically a chewing gum that is available in 5 flavours and each zebra stripe acts as the coordinating colour of the flavour that follows. Another attractive feature about this gum-based candy is they have washable tattoos with them on its wrappers.

History of Zebra stripe gum candy

The gum comes in 5 flavours and there are hardly any changes in the candy that starts with z, over the years that followed. There just have been some adjustments regarding the ownership and nothing besides that. In 1969, this candy was first produced. At that time, it was produced by the Beech-Nut Company. 

During the early 2000s, this brand was acquired by Farley and Sather’s candy company. At a later stage, the company was merged with Ferrara Pan and now it is produced by Ferrara Candy Company. Not just this one but there are many candies under this company. Originally, this gum was produced in five flavours. These flavours are namely melon, cherry, lemon, orange and peach. There were also other alternate options that followed. These alternate options were cherry, grape, mixed fruit, lemon and cotton candy. They also introduced the chocolate stripe alternative for a while. This candy that starts with z is unique and also hard to find at the same time. This candy is hard to find as well as one of the unique ones. But the best part about them is they are still being produced. This contains enough information for people to keep enjoying their candy if they have been doing it for a while. Also, the most important part about this candy is that there has been hardly any candy to give it a tough competition. They have different types available with them with zebra being the most popular. They also tried a man-made package which turned out to be a bit weird. The stripes had a lot of animals including their families such as zebra, tiger, elephant and mouse, that too all in a mix. 

Zagnut- The second famous candy that starts with z

candy that starts with z

Zagnut is a candy that starts with z, is lesser-known and doesn’t have a great history behind it. But this candy is still available in the market and also present in selected locations. This bar was first manufactured in 1930, by the D.L.Clark company. Back then they were the owners themselves. This bar is simple to manufacture by the company. It is made with peanut butter and toasted coconut that makes it a sweet treat. The peanut butter also adds a bit of crunch to it. Also, the toasted coconut helps in adding flavours. This bar is produced even today with a new company under its name but it still consists of enriched flavours. But the sad part about this bar is there isn’t much information present on this bar over the internet. The ingredients that come together and the ownership under which it is synthesised are the only information that is present about it. However one must have noticed this bar in local candy stores while they have been growing up. The bar is extremely unique hence it becomes a bit hard to find and produces in large quantities. This piece of information is enough to tell that one must keep enjoying this bar. Also, there are hardly any competitors in this bar. The coconut and peanut butter add crunch to the bar. 

Zero bar- white chocolate fudge bar 

The zero bar offers you zero disappointments since it is a popular and good candy to try out. It was first produced in the 1920s and its original name was Double Zero Bar. It is unique and the exterior part is also c with white chocolate fudge. This bar is infused with caramel, peanut butter and almond nougat from within. On the outside, the bar has a white chocolate coating that is a perfect blend of sweet and flavour. 

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