Different candy that starts with y you must know about!

Candy as a treat is the best option if you look around but there’s less use of the letter y when it comes to demonstrating candy with y being the initial. But if you are interested in searching for candy that starts with y, you have landed on the right guide for yourself. 

Here’s a list that helps you know about all the tasty candy that starts with y. Also, you will acquire a little knowledge about all of them by the end of this article. 


Names of the candy that starts with y

candy that starts with y

Here’s the name of all the candy that starts with y

  • Yum yum candy
  • York peppermint patties
  • Yoghurt raisins
  • Yema
  • Yorkie Bars

York peppermint patties-best candy that you will come across on this list! 

They are the best kind of candy in the range of candy that starts with y. They are a perfect combination of peppermint and chocolate. They are the perfect treat that you have been looking for all this while. Just a couple of bites of them will turn out to be the most satisfying thing for you. They are manufactured by the Hershey company and are one of the prominent candies in the span of candy that starts with y. They were initially produced in the year 1940 and they have come over the journey of 80 long years now. Initially, they were part of York Cone Company Corporation. This corporation was organised by Henry Kessler. 

This was not the first chocolate prepared with peppermint, basically covered by peppermint. But it stood apart from a lot of candies that are present in the market. This candy is firm in structure but not hard though. This also isn’t soft which is a common element in candies. This looks like a candy bar by its layout, so definitely it has got something different in it. This candy comes in the form of small patties and one can buy them individually if they want to. The covering on the external side is of dark chocolate. The filling is of peppermint and this becomes a great mixture of creamy mint. 

The second best candy that you can buy yourself from the list of candy that starts with y- Yum yum candy

candy that starts with y

Yum yum, candy has originated in the USA and turns out to be a great choice for all people. They have the perfect blend of traditional candy in them and have that sweet taste in them which makes them the tasty choice for all the candy lovers. It has a unique texture and tends to include itself in the list of favourite candy choices. The tagline of the company also follows as the favourite candy but it comes with a twist. They have been creating all kinds of sweet and spicy candies since 2018 and have gained immense popularity since they have begun. The candy comes with a sweet coating but with a spicy mixture. They come in varying flavours but whatever a candy lover chooses, they will be able to enjoy an epic mixture. 

This production of yum yum candies is a locally owned industry in Houston. They have got everything in their candy to help you serve a party platter. They got spicy candies to spice up your favourites as well. 

Healthy candies that one can choose- Yoghurt raisins

A healthier option that tastes sweet at the same time is yoghurt raisins. They are produced by different brands and most probably at the candy stores. So, if you are looking for a healthier alternative to the sweet candes, yoghurt raisins are the one for you. The simple coat of vanilla yoghurt around the raisins make them tastier. They have also got other yoghurt flavours but this one is the most civil choice. It has a creamy effect on the raisins and makes them more enjoyable by adding a flavourful coating. 

So, these yoghurt raisins are a perfect blend of tasty and healthy candy with a little bit of creamy texture. Raisins are derived from grapes that are first dried. The seedless grapes are the popular choice when it comes to raisin’s preparation. But yes, the yoghurt coating differs according to the brand. The best part of this candy is they are sweet and healthy at the same time. The yoghurt layer on the top makes them a tasty snack and also gives added health benefits to the consumer. So, this can also be called a powerhouse snack. It is loaded with antioxidants. Also, it contains natural sugars that make it a pretty enjoyable snack. This also makes it run low on calories. 

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