21 Fruits That Start With D And Are Very Special

If you are fond of fruits and find them special or appealing or if you are interested to know which fruit was named after Charles Darwin, you will have your answers here in this article.

Along with your healthy dose of fruits, know why they are so special. Let’s get started!


 1. Dates

fruits that start with D

These fruits are a resource from the date palm tree that is grown in tropical regions. Dates are stuffed with nutrition and calories than most fruits. They are of small sizes and in colors of bright red and yellow. Their textures are chewy with a fudge-like flavor.These fruits can presently be involved in cakes, cookies, juices and a dressing on dessert.

Do you know, dates are the world’s oldest fruits to be cultivated since 50 million years ago?

 2.  Davidson’s Plum

These brightly colored fruits whose outer skin are in the shades of dark blue and purple bear reddish-pink flesh inside them. This fruit has an earthy smell to it with an acidic taste, being rich in Vitamin E and other minerals.

Sauces, jams, chutneys are perfect places for the fruit to be included in.

 3. Durian

 This tropical Southeast Asian fruit is big in size and their outer shell has spiked over it. Though its deep pungent smell may be disliked sometimes but the custard-like fruit is delicious to eat.

You might find it fascinating to know that this fruit is also known as, “King of fruits” because it has a lot of healthy nutrients than other fruits.

These fruits can be eaten as a side dish, used in ice creams and desserts.

 4. Desert Lime

This native Australian fruit that grows in bushland during the summers. Being a highly richsource in the amount ofantioxidants,these citrus fruits are very juicy.They are mostly used for making marmalades and beverages.

 5. Dragon Fruit

 High in antioxidants and vitamin C, these fruits are mostly the children’s favorite fruit for their bright pink and red colors and a juicy taste like watermelons or kiwi. The name of this plant, hylocereus, is a mixture of the Greek ‘Hyle’ and Latin ‘Ceres’, together comes to a meaning, waxen.

A fruit salad with dragon fruits or juice are always a delight!

 6. Dewberries

These plants are a common site in North America and in Northern Europe. The cluster of these fruits that grows in vines are actually not like common berries but are an accumulation of drupelet. It either becomes black or purple when it ripe. These fruits have their distinct taste yet are roughly relatable to blackberries.

These fruits are very useful for tarts and preserves.

 7. Desert King Figs

 California was first to cultivate desert king figs but later were adopted in the Pacific Northwest region.These yellowish-green summer fruits have strawberry colored flesh tasting sweet and flavorful. These fruits can be eaten raw or baked and even made into jams and

 8. Discovery Apple

 Having their origin in England, these small to medium-sized apples are one of the early season fruits. They have a semi-rough texture with crisp flesh and dark brown seeds. These fruits are acidic, tasting like strawberries having a sweet and tangy taste profile.

They can be made into purees, sauce and flavor for ice creams.

 9. Decaisnea

More known as ‘dead man’s fingers, this fruit of the deciduous shrub has a distinctive blue sausage shape. Its jelly-like pulp can be eaten raw and the fleshy pulp which is sweet tastes like watermelon.

10. Dekopon

This fruit which is said to have been developed in Japan is a hybrid of two fruits. These fruits are large with a bump on the end. Dekopon tastes sweeter than other citrus fruits. These fruits are good as desserts or sauces.

11. Duku

Duku fruits are native to SouthEast Asia. They are small having a translucent color. They are sour when they are unripe but becomes more of a bittersweet texture like grapes, as they are ripe.  During the year 1930, these fruits had gained immense popularity in the Hawaiian region.

From snacks to juices to desserts, everywhere this fruit can settle in.

12. Double Coconut

This rare fruit species belongs to the family of palms. They are grown in the islands of Seychelles and are also called sea coconuts. Though they own the characteristics of any other normal coconut but it is also said to have medicinal qualities in the past. 

 This fruit is used for enhancing the flavor of foods.

13. Dangle berry

These wild berries from deciduous shrubs grow in late summer. The flowers are pink and when the fruits have ripened,they turn blue resembling a blueberry. Dangleberries are a good source of antioxidants and fiber.Their delicious flavors are best suited for jams, granola, pies and other such things.

14. Dodder Laurel

This climber plant usually grows over other plants instead of standing on its own. The fruits in their appealing green color are an attraction to other birds and grow during the early phase of the dry season.

15. Damson Plum

These plums are small in size having an ovoid structure being a bit pointed to one end. The skin of this fruit is tart when unripe. The ripe ones carry a rich flavor and have a high amount of sugar and astringent. Usually, these purple fruits are preserved, canned or pickled.

16. Dabai Fruit

fruits that start with D

This fruit belonging to the tropical rainforest of Borneo is regarded as a seasonal delicacy. The shape is oblong like that of olive with a skin of black. The yellow fruit tastes like avocado. This fruit can be mixed with various recipes, salads and sauce.

17. Dangyuja

This is a citrus fruit from Korea having thorny branches to its tree. When the fruit becomes ripe, it becomes yellow and yellowish-orange. These fruits have a fragrance to them but are bitter to taste. The tartness of this fruit is used in different food dishes to enhance the flavor.

18. Desert Quandong

This native Australian fruit has exotic qualities to it. The fruit ripens during late spring and early summer. The red and sometimes yellow fruit has a hard covering flesh over its seed.This fruit is used in sweet dishes and at times in savory dishes too.

19. Darwin’s Barberry

This berry belonging to southern Chile and Argentina grows in thorny evergreen shrubs. It blossoms during springtime and is of a small size sometimes in black and sometimes purple having an acidic taste.Barberry fruit has got its name after Charles Darwin as he discovered it.These berries are used for adding flavor to jams.

20. Draconto melon

This fruit belongs to a flowering plant of Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Unripe fruits are green but gradually as they mature the color turns yellow. The extreme sourness of this fruit is used for fish dishes and curries.

21. Daidai Fruit

These bitter and very acidic small oranges are of traditional use in Japanese medicine.Due to its deep flavor it is usually not eaten directly.Good use of this fruit is also seen as a decoration during the Japanese New year.Other than that, it is an ingredient in marmalades and sauces.

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