List Of 35 Fruits That Start With P

Here are 35 different fruits that start with P. Some of our favorite fruits that begin with the letter P are passion fruits, peaches, pomelo, and papaya. But how many of these P lettered fruits have you tried until now?

If you are someone who’s passionate about not only eating fruits but also expanding their fruit vocabulary, then you are in the right place!

Now, let’s begin!


Fruits That Start With PA

#1 Papaya

fruits that start with p

Papaya is one fruit that is full of nutrients and tastes super sweet. It is a juicy and plump fruit having antioxidants that could improve digestion.

#2 Paw Paw

An absolutely rare fruit, Paw Paw, tastes like a combination of mango and banana. This tropical fruit is native to the United States and Canada.

#3 Passion Fruit

The Passion Fruit is a Brazilian-origin fruit that belongs to the family of berries. It is a bright and colorful fruit used in lots of beverages and cuisines worldwide.

#4 Pacific Rose Apple

The Pacific Rose Apple’s taste can be compared to the Fuji Apple. This apple has a sweet flavor, lacks acidity, and makes an excellent snack.

#5 Palestinian Sweet Lime

The Palestinian Sweet Lime is one of the least sour and acidic limes out there. They have a very sweet and tangy flavor as compared to how most limes taste usually.

#6 Parsonage Pear

First grown in the 1800s, the Parsonage Pear is a particularly flavorful and large pear. This pear fruit has a little bit gritty texture. 

Fruits That Start With PE

#7 Pears

Pears are delicious fruits that can be canned, dried, or even eaten fresh. They are some of the most useful and versatile fruits available out there. 

#8 Peach

Peaches are one of the juiciest fruits out there indeed. While most of the world’s peaches have been sourced from China, these fresh-tasting fruits are also grown in Georgia.

#9 Persimmon

Persimmons are super yummy fruits that belong to the rose family. They have a mild and sweet flavor similar to apricots. However, they are expensive fruits that are hard to grow.

#10 Pequi

Pequi is one of the most common fruits available in South America, especially Brazil. These fruits take at least 6 months to fully ripen to a size as large as an orange.

#11 Persian Lime

Persian Limes are one of the juiciest limes out there. These citrus-rich fruits taste as sweet as oranges but are not as acidic.

#12 Petit Rouge Grape

The Petit Rouge Grape is most commonly used to make wine. They are one of the oldest as well as the most planted wine grapes out there.

#13 Peumo

Peumo fruits are those fruits that are given by the Cryptocarya Alba trees. This perennial and evergreen tree is mostly found in Chile and Argentina.

Fruits That Start With PH

#14 Physalis

fruits that start with p

Physalis is one unique yet versatile fruit. This fruit is eaten raw, cooked, and also consumed in the form of jellies or jams. They are rich in vitamin C.

#15 Phalsa Fruit

Phalsa fruit or black current belongs to the berry family. It is rich in vitamin C and offers benefits like stomach-soothing. It also consists of some general cooling properties.

Fruits That Start With PI

#16 Pineapple

Native to South America, Pineapple is another one of the most versatile fruits out there. Rich in vitamin C, this fruit makes an incredible addition to desserts.

#17 Pineberry

Pineberry is basically a specific kind of strawberry. Unlike the red-colored strawberries, Pineberries are white in color with some small red seeds. They taste almost like pineapples.

#18 Pigeon Pea

The Pigeon Pea fruits are pods that contain four to five pea seeds. The color of these seeds can range from light brown to purple, and even black.

#19 Pigeon Plum

The Pigeon Plum tree’s fruit can either be eaten raw or made into wine or jelly. This purple-colored fruit contains a dark-colored flesh that is edible.

#20 Pili Nut

The Pili fruits or Pili Nut is a common and well-known nut fruit in the Philippines. The edible pulp of the Pili Nut fruit is as popular as its nuts.

#21 Pitaya

Pitaya fruit is more commonly known as dragon fruit. This green and pink-colored fruit is mostly grown in Florida and Asia. It is used for making many flavored drinks. 

#22 Pink Pearl Apple

The Pink Pearl Apple is an apple having pink colored flesh on the inside. These apples make an excellent choice for fruit salads, ciders, preserves, and sauces.

#23 Pinot Noir Grape

The Pinot Noire Grapes are another kind of grapes that are useful for making red wine. They are black-colored berries that are also used to make non-alcoholic grape juice.

#24 Pinova Apple

Pinova Apples are those apples that have white-colored inner flesh. They are crisp apples with a crunchy texture. They are sweet-flavored apples with subtle tropical undertones.

Fruits That Start With PL

#25 Plum

fruits that start with p

Plums are basically having a pit in the center. From European plums to Japanese plums, there is definitely a huge variety of plums available out there.

#26 Plumcot

Plumcots are basically stone fruits. They are hybrids of plum fruit and apricots. They have a brimming sweet flavor. They can be used to make baked goods, sauces, jams, and more.

#27 Plantains

Plantains are basically banana-like fruits that are a bit tougher and larger than bananas. They are also starchier as compared to bananas. They are green in color and have a sweet flavor.

#28 Pluot

Pluot is a fruit that is a combination of the plum and apricot fruit. They have a unique flavor and color. They are intense and sweet flavors with a tangy skin and juicy texture.

Fruits That Start With PO

#29 Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a fruit having juicy seeds that almost look like gemstones. The pulp of this fruit is inedible. They are commonly used for making beverages.

#30 Pomato

Pomato is a fruit that is basically a combination of tomato and potato. This is a small fruit that looks similar to a potato. It has white flesh that is edible and can be eaten raw or else cooked.

#31 Pomelo

Pomelo is a large citrus fruit that tastes almost like grapefruits. However, they have a much floral flavor in comparison to grapefruits.

Fruits That Start With PR

#32 Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear fruit is a cactus-lookalike fruit that is rich in vitamin C and can be eaten raw. It has a sweet flavor that sometimes tastes a bit bland.

#33 Prune

Prune fruits are basically dried plums that are a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber. They are great for digestion.

Fruits That Start With PU

#34 Purple Mangosteen

This is a dark-colored and edible fruit that is a native of the tropical lands. They can help stimulate the immune system and also improve mental health.

#35 Pulasan

The Pulasan fruit is a tropical fruit that belongs to the soapberry family. It has a sweet and sour flavor. It also has a very soft and crunchy texture.

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