24 Fruits That Start With L

Our planet earth surely has abundant fruits that we definitely should know about. So, why not openly discover all that our planet has to offer! This article contains all the information about fruits that start with l.

So, let’s not waste a moment longer and get set to sharpen our fruit vocabulary. As we have listed 24 fruits that start with letter L to spice up your taste buds. From lady apples to langra mango, here are 24 fruits that begin with the alphabet “L” and have a full tendency to become your ultimate favorite fruit super soon!

fruits that start with l


Fruits That Start With LA:

#1 Lady Apples

Known to be the oldest apple varieties in America, the attractive Lady Apples have crimson highlights and yellow to green hues. They have a subtle flavor and are usually tender than crisp. Most people prefer growing them for their beauty rather than consumption.

#2 Lancetilla Mango

Mostly grown in Honduras, the Lancetilla Mango was introduced to the people of South Florida back in 2001. Bigger than the usual mango size, the Lancetilla Mango can grow from up to 2 pounds to almost 5 pounds. These mangoes have red skin and bright yellow flesh.

#3 Langra Mango

Another sweet and tasty type of mango is the Langra Mango. This mango is one of the most popular and widely grown fruit in Pakistan, North India, and Bangladesh. Usually softer as well as sweeter than most other mango varieties, the oval-shaped mango stays green in color until its maturity.

#4 Lardizabala

Also known as Zabala, the Lardizabala fruit is a beautiful and sweet fruit. High in fiber, the Lardizabala fruit can be eaten raw or cooked.

#5 Laranja

Laranja is just another name for oranges in Portuguese. The orange fruit like most of us already know consists of various citrus species with a sweet flavor and rarely tastes bitter.

#6 Langsat Fruit

Found in Malaysia, the Langsat Fruit is a popular fruit that belongs to the Mahogany family. The scientific name of this Malaysian fruit is Lansium Domesticum.

#7 Lapsi

Lapsi is a delicious and greenish fruit usually found in Nepal. They are rich in minerals, amino acids, and vitamin C. It is a commonly used fruit that is used for making candies of numerous tastes and compositions.

Fruits That Start With LE:

#8 Le Conte Pear

The Le Conte Pear is one delicious fruit that could be eaten raw as well as cooked. The flesh of the Le Conte Pear resembles the flesh of the Asian pear a lot. One can eat this pear fruit as soon as they pick it. The fruit can also be stored easily, be it for several days or several months.

#9 Lemon Aspen

Lemon Aspen or Lemonwood is a rainforest species that is native to Queensland, Australia. The slightly acidic fruit tastes somewhat like a combination of grapes and lime. This fruit is mostly used in desserts, beverages, and sauces.

#10 Lemons

One of the most versatile citrus fruits, lemons make the perfect ingredient for both savory dishes and dessert. The fruit is also renowned for being a highly effective and affordable cleaning agent. This fruit grows throughout the year and its tree can produce over 600 pounds of this fruit in a year.

Fruits That Start With LI:

#11 Lingonberries

Truly sour tasting berries, Lingonberries, is a very commonly eaten fruit in the Nordic countries. Popularly known as dry cranberries, the Lingonberries, in their dry state, are slightly juicer as compared to how it tastes normally.

#12 Liberty Apple

First produced in 1955, the Liberty Apple was only released for consumption by the public in 1978. This apple tastes very sweet. It also tastes a bit like tart occasionally.

#13 Lippens Mango

Florida-based variety, the Lippens Mango was first produced for commercial consumption back in 1945. These mangoes can grow up to 1 pound in weight.

#14 Limequat

Lime and Kumquat hybrid, the Limequat is a bit tart in taste like the lime. However, its tartness is not as overpowering as that of a lime. It is a small and oval fruit that can be eaten as a whole. This fruit is mostly used to flavor drinks and dishes.

#15 Lime

Another one of the ultra-citrus fruits out there is Lime. Loaded with numerous beneficial nutrients, this fruit looks familiar to a small green lemon. It has yellowish-green color. It is also popularly known as Key Lime or Desert Lime.

#16 Lillypilly

The edible and colorful berries, Lillypillys are small berry fruits. These berries are also known as satinash and brush cherries. There are approximately 1,800 different species of Lillypilly berries available.

#17 Limeberry

Limeberry, as its name suggests, is not really some berry that tastes like lime. These citrus-rich berries have their roots in Asian countries like the Philippines and Malaysia. While some people prefer eating the Limeberry, there are many others that choose to grow it as a Bonsai plant.

Fruits That Start With LO:

#18 Loganberry

Raspberry and Blackberry’s love child, Loganberry is a famous hybrid created by James Harvey Logan. This fruit looks more like blackberry. It also has dark hues similar to a raspberry. This fruit is highly beneficial for weight loss and can also boost immunity.

#19 Lord Lambourne Apple

UK-based variety, the Lord Lambourne Apple has a very sweet and strong flavor. Its premium taste and crisp flavor make it one of the tastiest apples out there.

#20 Loquat

An evergreen Chinese shrub, Loquat is one of the most useful shrubs out there. While the leaves of Loquat can be used to make tea, the orange-like fruits of this shrub have a great flavor. From red to yellow-orange, there are different sub-varieties of this shrub available.

#21 Louise Bourne Of Jersey Pear

The Louise Bourne Of Jersey Pear is a sweet fruit with soft flesh. The fruit will melt like butter in your mouth. Prettier than most other pears, this bi-colored pear with yellow skin not only looks good but also tastes good.

#22 Longan

One of the most popular fruits out there, Longan, belonging to the soapberry family, is rich in potassium. It is a great fruit for people that want to control their blood pressure.

fruits that start with l

Fruits That Start With LU:

#23 Lucuma

The fleshy fruit, Lucuma, is a native of Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. It is a yellow-colored fruit that is super sweet. The fruit has a very dry as well as mealy texture. Lucuma can be used to make milkshakes, ice creams, and flavored juices.

Fruits That Start With LY:

#24 Lychee

The aromatic Lychee is another one of the fruits that start with L. The sweet taste of this fruit can be compared to the combination of how a grape and a pear would taste together. This fruit is mostly sweet and is also commonly referred to as “Chinese Strawberry”.


1. Can lime cause skin darkening?

Yes, lime can cause skin darkening when the skin in contact with the lime juice is exposed to direct sunlight that contains ultraviolet light. This leads to the onset of a reaction called Phyto photodermatitis. This reaction will then lead to blisters, discoloration, or worse skin darkening.

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