25+ Fruits That Start With K You Should Know About

Kiwi might be the first fruit that comes to mind when you think of fruits that start with K, but believe it or not, there are 25+ plus fruits that start with the K alphabet, even though some of these fruits are rare to find or might be new to you.

If the thought of learning about fruits like Knobby Russet Apple or Keitt Mango thrills you, then keep reading!


#1 Kaffir Lime

fruits that start with k

Although Kafir Lime is not one of the juiciest limes out there, it is the best choice for people that would love having a remarkably fragrant lime with a strong citrus scent.

#2 Kanzi Apple

The little-known gold and red apple, Kanzi Apple, is a very juicy apple. The tart apple makes a good choice for snacking as compared to baking and cooking.

#3 Karmijn De Sonnaville Apple 

The fancy name of the Karmijn De Sonnaville App comes straight from the Netherlands. The person who first bred this apple, Piet De Sonnaville, is the main man behind the fancy name of this apple. This apple makes a good choice to make juices. However, it is very hard to grow.

#4 Kei Apple

The unusual-looking Kei apple has its roots in Africa. These unique apples grow alongside the Kei River in Africa. These small-sized fruits barely taste like apples.

#5 Kensington Pride Mango

One of the most popular mangoes in Australia, the Kensington Pride Mango, makes up almost 80% of the mango sales over there. People in Australia are pretty fond of the Kensington Pride mango.

#6 Keule

The Keule trees that grow in Chile produce Keule, an edible fruit. However, it will not be considered wise to eat the Keule fruit. Why? Because too much harvesting of the Keule tree has led to its danger of extinction.  

#7 Kinnow

The protective power of the Kinnow fruit makes it a popular choice for people residing in India and Pakistan. What makes growing this fruit a good decision is that some trees can produce over 1000 Kinnow fruits at once. They taste a lot like oranges. But they do have a large number of seeds inside.

#8 Kiwi

fruits that start with k

People across the globe are most familiar with this K alphabet fruit. The small round fruit with a crisp green interior and brown hairy skin are just one of the wide range of Kiwi types available out there.

#9 Knobby Russet Apple

The Knobby Russet Apple has a very irregular and lumpy shape as compared to the smooth or round shape of apples. However, the well-named fruit has a delicious and creamy flesh flavor despite its rough and uneven exterior.

#10 Kumquat

The Kumquat fruit is another fruit that mostly looks like oranges but is only a fraction of its size. This fruit is also available in a few different kinds.

#11 Kuweni

Most easily found in Asian countries, Kuweni is one fruit that can either taste sour or sweet in flavor. Barely eaten raw, the Kuweni fruit is a more popular fruit for making chutneys.

#12 Kutjera

The sweet and caramel-like tasting fruit, Kutjera, is popularly recognized as the Australian desert raisin. It is known as the Australian desert raisin because the fruit usually gets shriveled up on the branches.

#13 Korlan

Related to tropical fruits such as Lychees, the Korlan is a tropical fruit that grows in clusters. The raspberry lookalike tastes very sweet and musky at the same time.

#14 Kiyomi

With its origin in Japan, the Kiyomi fruit is a citrus fruit that tastes sweet and sugary at the same time. If you dislike the usual sourness of most citrus fruits, then Kiyomi is not for you.

#15 Kiwano

Kiwano, also nicknamed Horned Melon, is another popular snack fruit. This fruit cannot be left to ripen for too long as it usually pops open when it is overripened. It does so, to let it seeds out.

#16 Key Lime

The Key Lime well-known for its use in the delicious Key Lime Pie is a green fruit that turns yellow once it’s ripe. The small-sized lime has high acidity, lots of seeds, and also a strong aroma.

#17 Kepel

With its origination in Indonesia, the Kepel fruit is a spicy flavored fruit. The taste of this fruit can be compared to that of Mango. Many people also use the Kepel fruit to freshen their breath.

#18 Keitt Mango

Have you been fantasizing about having a large-sized mango, then the Keitt Mango is definitely for you. This mango has its origin in Florida and can weigh up to several pounds. These mangoes also taste very delicious.

#19 Kawakawa

Mostly found on the Kawa tree in New Zealand, the berries along with the tree’s leaves are used to treat numerous kinds of ailments. Kawakawa leaf’s mildly antiseptic and pain-numbing properties make it the best choice to allay toothache.

#20 Kapok

Kapok also known as Java Cotton is a fruit with a spicy taste. This is good to eat fruit just when they are newly open. The Kapok tree produces over 500 to 4000 Kapok fruits at once. The Kapok tree is also considered a valuable tree for honey.

#21 Kangaroo Apple

The Kangaroo Apple is a famous fruit grown throughout Australia and New Zealand. The apple berries can be eaten either fresh, cooked, or raw. Roasted Kangaroo Apple can also be used to make chutneys, jellies, or jams.

#22 Kabosu

A common fruit in Japan, the Kabosu is a great citrus fruit that is often used in many dishes like Sushi as a flavor enhancer.

#23 Kakadu Plum

Native to Australia, the Kakadu Plum is renowned for its highest natural amount of recorded vitamin C in the world. The fruit is not only used in food but also for its medicinal properties by the locals.

#24 Korean Pear

fruits that start with k

One of the sweetest pears out there, the Korean Pear can be distinguished from its crispy outer skin. The Korean Pear has a high level of vitamins and minerals. They are either brown or yellow in color.

#25 Kaki Persimmon

Kaki Persimmon or Japanese Persimmon look familiar to orange tomatoes. While the unripe version of this fruit tastes foul and bitter, the ripened version is sweet and spicy. They are used both raw and dried in recipes.

#26 Kastanj

Kastanj, more popularly known as Chestnut is a fruit or nut that is small, brown, and circular with some really hard outer shells. To eat Kastanj you will first have to hull them. Kastanj can be eaten raw, baked, boiled, or even roasted.


1. What is Kangaroo Apple?

The Kangaroo Apple is a famous fruit in Australia and New Zealand. They are berries that can be eaten fresh, raw, or cooked. You can also use this berry to make chutneys, jellies, or jams.

2. Is Kastanj a fruit or nut?

Kastanj has more characteristics of a fruit than a nut. The necessity to break open the hard outer shell to eat Kastanj is what confuses people about whether it is a fruit or a nut.

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