List Of 23 Fruits That Start With O

This ultimate list of fruits that start with O will consist of some fruits that will be new to you and others that you might already know about. But we hope this exhaustive list of fruits will help you find and learn more about fruits that begin with O for better reference. This article contains all the information about fruits that start with o.


Fruits that start with o

So, let’s get started!

#1 Oranges

One of the most well-known fruits that start with O out there is definitely no other than Oranges. This apple-sized ball of fruits makes it one of the yummiest snack foods. Be it salads or lunch boxes, this fruit is definitely the perfect food. Freshly squeezed orange juice has also become a staple for breakfasts every morning.

fruits that start with o

#2 Orangelo

Hybrids of oranges and grapefruits, the Orangelo is more of a lookalike of grapefruits. These fruits are not as large as oranges but have orange skin. They also have pinkish-red flesh. Although they are sweeter than grapefruits they are not as sweet as oranges.

#3 Ogallala Strawberry

Fat and succulent berries, Ogallala Strawberries are exceptionally juicy and sweet fruit. Their taste resembles that of wild strawberries. Popularly grown in cold seasons, these beautiful strawberries make a perfect fit for chocolate strawberries and some other mouth-watering delicacies.

#4 Oval Kumquat Fruit

Nagami Kumquat or Oval Kumquat Fruit that is bright orange in color. They are 100% edible fruits. They are sweet and chewy in flavor with slightly tangy flesh. They are commonly grown in Asian countries. However, they are also very popular in the United States.

#5 Opal Apple

Opal Apples are a combination of delicious golden apples and topaz apples. They are juicy in texture and also as crisp as the Honeycrisp apples. The taste of these apples can range from delicately floral to fruity sweet. They would definitely make a good crunch.

#6 Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Most popular with commercial growers, the Ozark Beauty Strawberry is a surprisingly sweet and juicy strawberry grown all year round. Although they lack the traditional shape of a strawberry, they are extremely delicious. These strawberries can also be eaten raw.

#7 Osteen Mango

With its origin in Florida, the Osteen Mango is one of the most highly desirable and commercially selling mangoes. They have a strange and oblong shape. Once fully ripened, these mangoes have a color almost similar to purple. They have a very mild flavor as compared to other mangoes out there.

#8 Ozark Gold Apple

The Ozark Gold Apple makes one of the best apples for all kinds of baking endeavors. They are yellow apples with a delicious flavor. They are sweet and juicy apples with a honey-like flavor with a bit of spice. They make the ultimate choice for baking and desserts. They are also one of the largest apple varieties in the world.

#9 Olallieberry

Olallieberries are berries that resemble long blackberries pretty well. They have a cluster-like structure, a glossy black color, and has some reddish-purple highlights. They can be used to make desserts and dishes just like blackberries. They also have an inky purple juice.

#10 Okra

While science mentions Okra to be a fruit, Okra is more commonly used as a vegetable. This finger-shaped pod of green color contains seeds that are edible. From soups to stews, Okra is extensively used to make dishes. And, it is also not sweet at all.

#11 Orlando Tangelo

Orlando Tangelo or Orangelo is also the hybrid of grapefruits and tangerines. Almost the same size as Orangelo, this fruit is bright orange in color, and not pink or red. It looks almost like the orange but is a bit larger in size. It is not as popular as the other citrus fruits because it is hard to peel.

#12 Olives

Many people are unaware of the fact that Olives are fruits. They are stone fruits similar to nectarines, peaches, and plums. With over 2,000 varieties of this fruit available, most people differentiate olives based on their colors: green and black only.

#13 Otaheite Gooseberry

The Otaheite Gooseberries are yellow-orange colored small berries. They can be eaten either raw, or dried, or even cooked. Many people also use these berries for medicinal purposes. These berries are full of antioxidants. It is commonly used for making gooseberry jams.

#14 Oullins Gage Plum

Oullins Gage Plum is a candy-like flavored plum that is sweet and incredibly juicy. They are beautiful, unlike most plums. They have golden color sprinkled with red dots. The Opal Plums are a hybrid of the Plums and Oullins Gage Plum.

#15 Opal Plum

Opal Plums are one of the most popular varieties of plums in the European region, particularly in England. They are easy to grow and self-fertilizing fruits. They are medium-sized and reddish-purple plums that taste sweet like a fruity candy. Their taste resembles the taste of mango, apricots, and honey.

Opal Plum

#16 Orin Apple

Orin Apple, native to Japan, is a yellow-green-colored apple having ivory-colored flesh. They are juicy and crispy apples having a tropical flavor similar to pears and pineapples. These sweet-flavored are favorites of most Japanese people.

#17 O’Henry Peach

The O’Henry Peaches are peaches that are large in size. These peaches are usually available in yellow, red mottled, and orange skins. They have a pleasantly smooth golden yellow flesh on the inside. They are sweet-flavored fruit just like peaches. They have a juicy and slightly acidic taste with hints of vanilla.

#18 Oro Blanco Grapefruit

The Oro Blanco Grapefruit is a large fruit round in shape. They become bright yellow-colored fruits from bright green colors when ripened. These fruits have an incredibly appealing fragrance. They are seedless fruits that are also very easy to peel. They have a bitter, sour, and tart flavor.

#19 Orient Pear

The Orient Pear or the Asian Pear is round-shaped pears with yellow color just like the European pears. They have a thick and soft inner flesh with slightly tough skin. They also have a sweet flavor and but a much mild flavor as compared to the European pears.

#20 Ogeechee Limes

Ogeechee Limes are green-colored lime fruit that turns into burgundy once fully ripened. They are edible fruits with an incredibly sour flavor. Many people often use the Ogeechee limes as a substitute to the regular limes.

#21 Oeillade Noire

Oeillade Noire is grapefruits that come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They are basically wine grapes that usually grow in various ranges and varieties. They are highly productive fruits they usually grow in very large bunches.

#22 Olivier Olive

Olivier Olive are olive fruits that mostly grow in some specific regions in France known as Pyrenees-Orientales. They are one of the most popular types of olive fruit in France.

#23 Oregon Grape

Oregon Grapes are purple and round grapes that are used by most people to make jellies, wine, and pies. Eating these grapes can help people to cleanse their bowels, clear an upset stomach, recover from stomach ulcers, and treat infections. When applies to skin this fruit will also act as a disinfectant and reduce skin problems.

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