21 Fruits That Start With B You Would Love To Learn About

In this list of 21 Fruits That Start With B, you may find your childhood memories attached to some of them. If you are open to knowing about the diversity of fruits then read on!

If the thought of learning about the facts and myths attached to some of the fruits excites you, discover them here.


1.  Banana

fruits that start with b

You are surely familiar with a banana. But one of its lesser-known facts is that a banana perhaps has got its name is from the Wolof word banana, having West African origin before being adapted in English through Spanish or Portuguese.

In 1904 a 23-year-old American pharmacist David Evans Strickler had invented the popular banana split in Pennsylvania.

2.  Beechnut

These edible fruits are small and roughly triangular in shape that often drops from trees during autumn and are found in small burrs. They have a bitter, astringent or sometimes mild and nut-like taste but it tastes much better if coated with seasoning and roasted on the fire.

3. Bearberries

This is something which is very interesting that this fruit has got its name from Bears because it is their favorite food. These red berry-like drupes ripen during the autumn season and stay in the bush the whole of winter. Their sour tart flavor with underlying sweetness makes it perfect for tarts, scones, jams and refreshing drinks.

4. Black Cherries

These native trees of the Midwest start producing fruits at the age of 10 years.

Not only jam, jellies liquors or pies are made out of them but there is more to it. Their inner bark is used for making cough syrup. And the orange reddish-wood which is very strong is highly in demand in the furniture industry. Surely there is a lot to be thankful for to them.

5.  Black Raspberries

Black Caps, yes this is also what they are called, are said to be much sweeter than the red ones. They are much difficult to find for they are only for a few weeks during midsummer.

Their extraordinary flavor makes it a great addition to anything such as a salad of chicken and goat cheese. It tastes great even as a sauce for meat or fish.

6.  Blood Orange

They belong to the season from December to May so it makes a great winter snack. Though they are specially grown in California and Arizona but now are available throughout the nation.

Nothing evil as the name might sound, they are rich in vitamin C and the sweet taste blends well with desserts and other savory dishes.

7. Blackberries

Romans are said to have made tea out of the leaves of the blackberry plant to treat various illnesses. The dark appearance of this fruit is evidence that it is rich in antioxidant levels. Their richness in containing various important vitamins and folate makes them a “superfood.”

This super tasty goodness is a perfect fit for desserts, jams, jelly and wine as well.

8. Bael

These fruits of the spring season have white flowers too which are of sweet fragrance and so are sometimes used in perfumes. The fibrous yellow pulp of this woody looking fruit is also aromatic and people often says it tastes of marmalade and smells of rose.

Not only does the fruit makes a refreshing juice or murabba and puddings but also its shoots and leaves are made green salads.

9. Bignay

If you are a fitness enthusiast then this fruit is just for you. Also known as Queensland cherry, these fruits are filled with nutrients. Tea is made from the bark of this tree which supports weight loss and cholesterol levels. The sweet and sour taste makes it a perfect ingredient to prepare brandy, wine and vinegar. Their leaves are put into salads.

10. Bilberries

These Eurasian species of low-growing shrubs actually grows single or in pair other than in clusters. Due to their high content of anthocyanin, it causes the stain on the fingers, lips and tongue. A few countries use them as a base for liquors and flavorings for sorbets and desserts while in many other countries they use them into making jams, fools and pies.

A myth goes around it is that during World War II RAF pilots consumed bilberry jams so that it sharpened their night vision and they can carry on their missions in the dark.

11. Blackcurrant

This is another great choice to indulge in the sweet and tangy cravings of your tongue. These delicious edible berries with richness in Vitamin C are very popular for their culinary use.  It is made into purees, jams, jelly, ice cream and many more.

12. Burmese Grapes

This oval-shaped Asian fruit comes in the shades of yellowish, pinkish, bright red and purple. Because they are heavily cultivated in Myanmar (formerly Burma) alongside other Asian countries, hence they got their name from there.

They are used in wines, jams, stewed and other traditional dishes.

13. Breadfruit

fruits that start with b

A staple to the South Pacific and other tropical areas. Because these fruits are high in starch so they are hardly eaten raw but baked, boiled, roasted and fried. Fiber is obtained from the inner bark of these trees that helps in making cloths. From the wood furniture and canoes are made.

Breadfruit tastes great when eaten fried, puffed and roasted.

14. Beach Plum

These Native American fruits are in bluish to dark purple color. They are smaller than an inch which makes them a quick snack for munching on. It tastes sweet-tart with a little hint of bitter sometimes. These shrubs also add beauty to the garden with their vibrant colors.

They make delicious jam, jelly and help to enhance the flavor of many more dishes.

15. Black Grapes

These fruits have a history of being the oldest cultivated in the Near East and Europe. They come in velvety colors and sweet flavor. They have high amounts of nutrients and antioxidants.

Apart from its reputation of wines they are added in salads and made into jams.

16. Black Sapote

These fruits are considered a healthier option. They contain low fat and as much as four times of vitamin C of an orange.

The fruit when ripens its color changes to greenish-yellow skin with a dark brown custard-like pulp, earning them the name ‘chocolate pudding.’

These fruits are used as varied recipes in desserts, pastries, snacks and sauces.

17. Black Raisin

These dried grapes bring many benefits not only on the health but also to the food dishes too. Their antioxidants help to repair the body cells and rejuvenate the skin. It is also consumed as a healthy snack. These sweet and tangy black raisins are added to desserts like ice cream, kheer and barfi.

18. Brazil Nuts

fruits that start with b

These nuts are the edible seeds of South American tree which is not only one of the largest but also longest-lived trees in the Amazon rainforest. These nuts are an excellent source of selenium and other rich vitamins and minerals.

These nuts are a useful resource for baking cakes, roasting these nuts makes them a delicious treat too.

19. Buddha’s Hand

A native to India and China, these citron fruits have got their name from their shape roughly resembling Buddha’s hand in prayer. They have a distinct smell with a citrus flavor. As the fruit grows it forms long-separate structures like fingers. This juiceless and seedless fruit is rich in volatile oil and other organic substances.

These fruits can be chopped and poured into a glass of soda water and enjoyed as a drink.

20. Bilimbi

This popular South-East Asian fruit is known for its aroma and taste. When it blossoms, the reddish-purple flowers turn into yellow-green fruits. With thin skin and small brown seeds, they have a crunchy texture.

The fruit carries important nutrients and essential components. The distinct tart taste is brilliant for enhancing the flavor of dal, soups and curries.

21. Brazilian Guava

This fruit comes round or pear-shaped having yellow skin and thick flesh of pale-yellow that surrounds the pulp which is in the middle. They have a slight strawberry-like taste but are acidic in nature.

It is used in baking and if you love jelly then you will find the jelly made using this fruit, much flavorful.

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