Famous Fruits That Start With Y

Fruits are one of the most common natural flavoring agents used in the production of jams, fruit juices, sweets, and other products. The fruits are majorly cultivated in specific regions and supplied to all. People throughout the world consume these fruits. Some of such fruits that start with Y are discussed in this article.


Yangmei fruit

Yangmei fruit is one of the famous fruits that start with Y. Myrica Rubra is the biological term for the Yangmei fruit. Yangmei is a tropical fruit tree found across East Asia, primarily in central and southern China.

It is an evergreen fruit that may reach a height of approximately 20 meters.

These trees are very beautiful and besides fruits, their wood is used for ornamental purposes in gardens, homes, and streets.

Yangmei fruits are tiny and their color ranges from white to violet, with a sweet and tart pulp. this fruit can be eaten raw as well as converted into juices, jams, and even alcoholic drinks.

Yellow watermelon fruit

fruits that start with y

These fruits quickly hybridize, resulting in some unique forms and hues, as well as a wide range of flavors and sizes. Some watermelons in a field of watermelons may be yellow on the interior, whereas other plants produce red fruits. These hybridized watermelons are popular as yellow melons all over the world.


Yumberries are grown in China and are only available for roughly two weeks a year and are also called Chinese bayberries. They have a very interesting look at any fruit. They are also fragile, and most individuals only get to try them in juices because the berries themselves are difficult to store, transport, and sell.

They have a flavor that is similar to seeds and grapes.

They are incredibly delicious, and the juice. Yumberries are very famous in China and are used in several dishes as a natural sweetening agent. They bring a natural texture to the desserts.

York Imperial Apple

York Imperial Apple is another one in the list of fruits that start with Y. York apples are well-known and loved by apple lovers for their powerful sweet flavor, soft pulp, and unusual form. York apples sell well throughout prime apple season, which runs from mid-October to February. It is crispy in texture, sweet, and quite tart in taste and is used as a flavoring agent. You can eat them raw, make jam out of them, and consume them after they’ve been cooked.

Yunnan Hackberry fruit

Hackberries are tiny and resemble grapes or cherries in appearance. They are available in a variety of colors like crimson, purple, etc. The biggest hackberries have a diameter of nearly 3 inches. Its fruit is dried and crispy, with a solitary nutritious and edible seed within. It has a crunchy shell inside.

They aren’t as juicy as other wild berries. They are multicolored walnuts with a sweet covering. Certain hackberries are quite difficult to chew uncooked.


fruits that start with y

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that grows in many parts of Asia. They are incredibly sour and acidic, much like genuine lemons, and so cannot be consumed uncooked.

They are, nevertheless, utilized in meals in the same way as lemons and limes are. They are also used as garnishing in many foods, particularly seafood and mixed cocktails.

It is very much identical to lemons and grapefruits in terms of taste and looks.

Citron Yemenite

One of the best fruits that start with Y is Citron Yemenite. The citron Yemenite is also known as the “first citrus fruit”.

They are identical to lemons, but are much bigger and may have rough peels.

The peel of the Yemenite citron is exceedingly thick and inedible. Although the flesh inside would be edible, it is quite bitter and nasty, thus it is mostly used in cuisines. It’s also called etrog citrus, and it is commonly used at Jewish festivals.

Young Mango

Mangoes come in thousands of varieties and are used for various purposes like jams, ice creams, mango drinks, pickles, and other flavored juices. One such variety is a young mango which belongs to the mango family but has a few different characteristics. A young mango is a native fruit of Florida and is also called Tebow. It is quite a sweet and sour kind of taste with a strong tropical flavor.

These young mangoes are widely cultivated in Florida and exported throughout the world.

Yellow Passion Fruit

fruits that start with y

Passiflora flavicarpa is the scientific name for yellow passion fruit, which belongs to the Passifloraceae family. It is an evergreen vining plant with fragrant and lovely blossoms.

These fruits are rich in riboflavin, citric acids, amino acids, niacin, and carotene.

They have yellowish-orange pulp and brown-colored seeds inside. These fruits have thick yellow skin and are round in shape. They are widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions mainly in Florida, California, and Hawaii.

It can be used in several cuisines like pastries, juices, fruit salads, and can also be eaten raw.

Ya pear

Ya pear is famous as the Chinese white pear. It is widely cultivated in northern China. in shape and size, it almost resembles comice pears. These fruits are sweet and juicy and have a crunchy texture. The taste of ya pear is somewhat like rose and pineapple. They are perennial plants and can last up to 300 years. Ya pears are also known as Asian pears. You can consume it with or without skin just like an apple.

Yucca fruit

Yucca fruit is slightly different from other fruits. It is not sweet, instead, it tastes like bell pepper. You can consume it with salt and seasonings after roasting. It is one of the characteristic fruits in the list of fruits that start with Y.

The yucca is one of approximately 40 yucca species belonging to the New World. They resemble short, thick green bananas so they are referred to as banana yucca. These fruits were indeed a staple of the Apache and Navajo diets.


Orange sweet potatoes are frequently marketed as yams in the United States, however, true yams are dry and have a higher carbohydrate content. Yams originally came from Africa, and due to their favorable look, early African-Americans called these mushy sweet potatoes yams. Yam s are high in beta carotene, Vit C, and folic acid and are also high in potassium. Yams contain more calories as compared to sweet potatoes.

We have discussed most of the common fruits that start with Y. These fruits are highly consumed in a variety of cuisines. Some are eaten raw whereas others are seasoned with the characteristic seasonings. It is necessary to eat fruits to maintain good health and metabolism. Fruits are a natural source of energy and are successful in curing multiple body issues. Eating fruits daily can help remove toxins in the body and replenish it with nutrients.

These fruits are also available worldwide and are economical. Fruits contain antioxidants that boost your health naturally. if you do not like eating fruits directly, you can take them in the form of juices or also use them in your salads and other cuisines.

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