The Ultimate List Of 32 Fruits That Start With M

Whether you wish to, believe it or not, there are about 32 fruits that start with M. This article contains all the information about fruits that start with m.

You have probably had a Mandarin Orange or a Mango before. But have you tried the Macadamia Fruit or Macoun Apple before? If not, then this list of 32 fruits starting with the alphabet M will definitely help you discover something exciting and new.

So, let’s get started!


Fruits That Start With MA

#1 Macoun Apple

Hybrid of the Jersey Black and McIntosh apple, the Macoun Apple is a sweet and juicy apple that is good enough for occasional growing but not commercial growing.

#2 Mamay Sapote

Mostly found in Central America, the Mamay Sapote is used as a common addition in Latin America-based frozen dishes. This fruit also grew vividly in Florida and Cuba.

fruits that start with m

#3 Mamoncillo

A popular type of soapberry, the Mamoncillo resembles an orange in looks. It has quite a thin green skin and tastes very juicy as well.

#4 Mangaba

Mangaba is another popular fruit that looks like a combination of oranges and apples. It is most popular in the Southern American countries.

#5 Mangosteen

Mangosteen, as its name suggests, is a mango fruit that is of Asian origin. This fruit has a sweet flavor. The fruit is also highly nutritious and is rich in powerful antioxidants.

#6 Maqui Berry

Mostly available commercially, the Maqui Berry is harvested from the wild rather than cultivate. A mature tree of Maqui Berry can produce over 22 pounds of Maqui Berries in a year.

#7 Marionberry

Marionberry is basically a kind of blackberry. This berry has an overwhelming tart flavor. The fruit also gives hints of sweetness to the eater.

#8 Margil Apple

Founded in England in the 1700s, the Margil Apple is a fruit having a powerful flavor. Most apple experts across the globe are always in awe when they eat this raw apple.

#9 Mayapple

Usually grown in the woodlands, the Mayapples, are safe to eat fruits only once they are fully ripe. It is important to take note that the Mayapples when unripe can be very toxic.

#10 Maypop

A traditional and naturally-rich remedy for insomnia and anxiety, the Maypop is acclaimed for its benefits to such patients. It is also used to make some mouth-watering and delicious desserts and jams as well.

#11 Macadamia Fruit

The Macadamia tree not only produces Macadamia nuts but also Macadamia fruit. However, the hardness of the tree fruit does not make it as pleasing food as the Macadamia nuts. 

#12 Malay Apple

The Malay Apple is that Apple which is usually grown in tropical climates. This apple can either be eaten raw or can be used for making quality wine.

#13 Mammee Apple

The Mammee Apples are somehow related to the Mangosteen fruit. The fruits become softer as it ripens. As it softens it also becomes easier to eat.  

#14 Mandarin Orange

The Mandarin Orange is certainly one of the most well-known types of oranges available in the market. From juices to salads or even casual snacking, the delicious Mandarin Oranges are favorites of all.

#15 Mango

Just like apples, mangoes also are of various kinds. Despite different kinds and flavors of mangoes available, the king of fruits is one of the most sold fruits in the world any day.

#16 Manila Tamarind

Manila Tamarind is one of the most popular fruits in southern countries of the world, especially in Asia and South America. The pulp of the Manila Tamarind pods is not only used in sugary beverages but can also be eaten raw. 

#17 Marang

Marang is a fruit that comes with a strong scent. The fragrance of this fruit is very similar to that of durian. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and should be opened and consumed, particularly while it is ripe.

#18 Marula

Marula is an African fruit that is not only used for making beer but also for making some cosmetic supplies.

#19 Maya Nut

The Maya Nut is one of the famous fruits that start with M. It is a popular fruit in Central and South America. The fruit has seeds and has a skin coat that almost tastes like citrus.

fruits that start with m

#20 Mayhaw

Mayhaw is a fruit that is mostly grown in the southern states of the US. This fruit is used to make jellies and syrup. The Mayhaw syrup makes an excellent topping in cakes, ice cream, and puddings.

Fruits That Start With MC

#21 McIntosh Apple

One of the most famous apples out there, the McIntosh apple is the perfect and all-rounder apple. These apples can either be eaten raw or can be used for baking.

Fruits That Start With ME

#22 Medlar

Medlar is a unique fruit that grows in the winter season. This fruit can be eaten raw and can also be incorporated into numerous recipes.

#23 Melon

There are millions of Melon fruit lovers across the globe. This large and fleshy fruit with its sweet flavor makes the ultimate favorite fruit of many people worldwide.

#24 Meyer Lemon

The Meyer Lemon is a fruit with its origin in China. They are small-sized lemons, smaller than the regular melons. They have dark yellow pulp and deep yellow skin. They can be eaten along with their peel.

#25 Melinjo

Melinjo is one of the most popular fruits in Indonesia. The seeds of this fruit can be used to make delicious soup and crackers.

#26 Merlot Grape

The Merlot Grapefruit tastes delicious. It is used to make various kinds of wines including Bordeux. Although these grapes are edible, however, they should not be eaten like table grapes.

Fruits That Start With MI

#27 Minneola Tangelo

Minneola Tangelos are the hybrids of grapefruits, tangerines, pomelos, and oranges. Most features of this fruit are similar to that of mandarin and orange.

#28 Midyim

Midyim also nicknamed the Australian berry is quite a common bushfood popular amongst the indigenous people.

#29 Miracle Fruit

The Miracle fruit, as its name suggest has the magical power to make any sour food taste sweet. All you have to do is eat the miracle fruit before you eat a sour fruit like lemon and witness how the lemon won’t taste sour at all.

Fruits That Start With MO

#30 Mock Strawberry

Mock Strawberry is a fruit that looks similar to the regular strawberry fruit with few similarities. While the regular strawberry trees grow white flowers, the Mock Strawberry fruit tree grows yellow flowers.

#31 Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa is mostly used as container plants because of their beautiful leaves. This plant also grows some pleasantly aromatic fruits that are completely suitable for consumption.

Fruits That Start With MU

#32 Mulberry

Mulberry fruit is a colorful berry fruit that can be eaten dry or fresh. This fruit is a good source of vitamin C, iron, and also several plant compounds. Eating this fruit can help lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and the risk of cancer. However, to avoid puking prefer eating ripened mulberries.

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