How To Store Jicama

Let us discuss how to store jicama. Jicama closely resembles the appearance of the famous Chikoo fruit. But the major difference is Chikoo is fruit, whereas Jicama is a vegetable. To be more precise, Jicama is a root vegetable. Other parts of this vegetable, including leaves and branches, are poisonous for humans. 

The leading producers of this vegetable are South America and Mexico. Texas also produces Jicama in the United States. These vegetables are available throughout the year, unlike some seasonal vegetables. Always pick Jicama that weighs lesser than 4 lbs. These jicamas are much sweeter than the big ones. The bigger ones are starchy but not as sweet as these ones. 

These vegetables are not only used as food but also a necessary thing for cooking in most houses. If you don’t know how to store Jicama, read the following to get to know more about that. 


How To Store Jicama

how to store Jicama

Jicama is not a vegetable that is used daily. They are only used in moderations, and that too once in a while. Most of the time, these vegetables will lie dormant in your vegetable cupboard. So it will be a wise choice to store these jicama vegetables for later use. 

To do that, we are going to freeze them using a refrigerator. At the freezing temperature, bacteria which will make the vegetable spoiled won’t be alive, making it is the best choice to store your Jicama. But you can’t store these vegetables just like that. 

You have to follow a procedure to keep them away from the risk of getting spoiled. First, take a foil and keep the vegetables on it. Then fold it tightly, leaving no gap for any air to escape. This will prevent any moisture or spoiling bacteria from entering. The foil also conducts the cold temperature perfectly to the vegetable, freezing any harmful bacteria inside. 

How Do You Store Jicama

how to store Jicama

Jicama is not easily spoilable vegetable like tomato and cabbage. But to store them for a long period, we will need to store them in a secure place like a refrigerator. To be more precise, we should store them in the freezer. 

To store these vegetables, we have to wrap them around with aluminum foil tightly. Make sure you leave any gap or cut on the foil. This can cause harmful bacteria and moisture to enter, making them spoiled quickly. Then store them in the freezer. By doing this, we can extend the vegetables’ life expectancy up to 12 months. 

How To Store Cut Jicama

Cutting any vegetable, including Jicama, will decrease its life expectancy by more than half. In order to store them, we should first let them dry completely. After that, place them in an air-tight container (metal container preferred) with no moisture and place them inside the refrigerator. 

By avoiding moisture, we can keep this jicama vegetable not spoiled. You can store these sliced jicamas for up to 9 months by keeping them in a freezer. 

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