15 Fruits That Start With I And Are Rich In Vitamin C

You must be aware that our bodies are unable to create their vitamin C components and are dependent on external sources. This list of 15 fruits that start with I is the ones that carry plenty of vitamin C in them.

Are you eager to know about the sources that supply this extremely important vitamin? Keep reading.


 1.  Ice Apple

fruits that start with i

Ice apples of the Palmyra palm trees are found throughout the Eastern or Southern India. Ice apples have a fleshy body with a tan coating and a translucent and juicy fruit. This fruit helps the body to cool down during summers. These incredible fruits have a litchi like texture tasting like a sweet and tender coconut. This fruit has vitamin C and other nutrients for the body. These fruits are eaten directly and are also made into desserts.

 2. Indian Fig Fruit

These figs which are a native to Mexico are from small bell-shaped plants, bearing flowers of the mulberry family. These oval-shaped fruits have a flesh varying from bright red and purple or sometimes white and yellow color. The thick rind having a juicy texture is filled with prickles. The fruit also has many tiny seeds. Figs usually are filled with magnesium, vitamin C and other nutrients. They are added as an ingredient to jams and jelly.

3. Illawarra Plum

This fruit of Australia and its native regions has the shape of berries. These bluish-purple fruits have a seed that protrudes out of their skin. Their sweet and juicy flesh has grapes as texture and pine flavored. These fruits are known for being the best bush fruit providing nutrients and vitamin C. Illawarra plums are eaten raw and used in jams and jelly.

 4. Indian Mango

These stone fruits vary in different sizes, forms and in tastes depending on their cultivars. They come in a range of colors from orange, red, yellow or green. Underneath their waxy leather-like skin, has a flat or oblong pit with a fibrous surface along with the pulp. Raw mangoes have a sour and acidic edge to them while the ripe ones are delicious and sweet.   These mangoes have a low-calorie count and richness of vitamin C. These fruits are enjoyed raw, as a juice or jams.

 5. Indian Gooseberry

Amla as they are called, are a native to Asia. These berries are small and round in bright or yellow-green color and sour in taste. Being highly rich in vitamin C, studies show that in 100 g of these berries contains as much as vitamin C of 20 oranges. This quality has earned them the name, ‘superfruit.’ These sour flavored berries are used in various dishes to enhance the flavor.

 6. Icaco

These low shrub bushy trees hold a cluster of flowers that are greenish-white in color. These small flowers appear all the year round but more during the end of spring. The round drupe is in multiple colors such as pale-yellow and white. The mildly sweet to sometimes tasteless fruit has 5-6 stones with a white seed that can be eaten. They are known for having a rich supply of vitamin C.These fruits are used in different culinary recipes.

 7. Indian Almond Fruit

These large tropical trees belonging to the leadwood family. The fruit appears from the flowers and changes its color from green to various other shades until they are fully ripe into dark-purplish red. The outer covering is shiny while the inside covering is fleshy having a woody texture. Towards the rind of the fruit is a corky tissue that helps it to float. Having a great flavor and high nutritional value along with vitamin C, these fruits are used in cakes, desserts and other dishes.

 8. Indian Sherbet Berry

This native plant of India is a seasonal crop-producing fruit largely during the summer. These fruits when ripe, develops a dark purple to black outer skin having a lighter tone on the inside. They taste like grapes with a flavor sweet and sour flavor profile and a hint of tartness. These fruits are rich in vitamin C and minerals and digests easily. These fruits are eaten directly and are also made into sherbet.

 9. Indian Jujube Fruit

fruits that start with i

Ber fruits as they are known, are the fruits of the spring season having a small round shape. In appearance, these fruits look like dates having a brown, black and purplish color to them. They taste sweet and tart with a rich mix of minerals, making them very appealing to all fruit lovers. They are one of the sources of providing vitamin C. These fruits are enjoyed been eaten directly.

10. Indian Hog Plum

This fruit is a native to Peru. They have a variety of colors from green, yellow, red to some more. Their thicker leathery skin is a covering to the pulp inside which is pink-yellow. They have a texture that feels similar to an avocado. These fruits are filled with the richness of vitamin C and antioxidants. These fruits are eaten raw and also used in jams, jelly and ice creams.

11. Ilama Fruit

These tropical trees are from Central America. These compound fruits which are harvested during late June are sometimes oval, cone-shaped or heart-shaped. The skin being of pale-green to deep-pink color has a dense layer of grey-white growth. They have a grainy surface that is leathery and soft. The flesh appears to have fibers with a custardy near the rind. It is sometimes dry or juicy having brown seeds and has vitamin C. These fruits are eaten raw.

12. Ichigo

These shrubs are Japanese strawberries that are of a light shade like cherry-blossom pink. These are very rich in vitamin C and many other vitamins and minerals. They are eaten straight out from the tree and are also used as toppings for many desserts.

13. Ice Cream Bean Fruit

This plant a native to Central and South America bears fruits that are sweet, taste like ice cream. Alternatively, they are also called Igna edulis. These plants have fragrant flowers with leguminous pods of varying shapes like straight, curved or twisted. These green fruits turn yellow and brown with maturity with a white flesh. Their seeds are black or olive in color. These fruits contain vitamin C along with other vitamins and minerals. These fruits are included in different cuisines and eaten.

14. Imbe Fruit

This evergreen small tree belongs from Africa bears these ornamental fruits. The cluster of flowers blooms these small bright orange fruits. These berries have thin skin with a single seed. A rich source of vitamin C, these fruits are sweet with a hint of acidity too and has latex. These fruits are eaten directly and also added to juices.

15. Indian persimmons

fruits that start with I

These fruits having their origin in China are grown in the subtropical regions of the world. Having a richness of vitamin C, these fruits have an attractive shape and color. They resemble a ripe tomato with a sweet and excellent flavor. These fruits settle well with multiple cuisines.

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