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If you are craving juicy burgers and chicken sandwiches, why don’t you visit your nearest Burger King outlet? Learn about at what time does burger king serve lunch and the delicious range of menu that you can find there.


What Time Does Burger King Serve Lunch?

Burger King serves lunch from 10:30 am onwards every day.

Burger King is undoubtedly one of the most popular eating hubs in the United States that serve fresh, moist, and incredible burgers. Burger King was started by Keith J Kramer and Matthew Burns back in the year 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida.

And then, as years passed, it turned into a very popular restaurant selling hamburgers all over the US and the world as well. It became people’s favorite burger joint. In the year 1954, from being Insta Burger King, they renamed Burger King.

what time does burger king serve lunch

Lunch Hours

The lunch hours at Burger King begin immediately after their breakfast hours end. From 10:30 am, they start serving the lunch menu. Since their outlets are open 24 hours a day, they stop serving their lunch menu at 6:00 am. They follow this routine all throughout the week.

But it must also be noted that depending on the location, the start of their lunch hour may vary between 10:00 am to 10:30 am. So, you can plan your timings accordingly and visit their outlet during any time of the day and enjoy having a great lunch meal.

Amongst various other menus in their lunch items, you shall surely find a great range of burgers and Whoppers as that is their specialty. They also have an option for a drive-through in which you shall be able to pick up your meal on the go. This service starts at 11:00 am and continues till 11:00 pm for the entire week.

Menu for the Lunch Hour

On the lunch menu of Burger King, you shall find a great variety of food items. It includes sandwiches, burgers, desserts, sides, and drinks as well. It also has King Jr. meals, Mix n’ Match combos, and Family Bundles so that you can have the meal just as you wish.

The Flame Grilled Burgers at Burger King also includes many of its popular Whoppers, regular Hamburger, various types of Cheeseburgers, and also the Rodeo Burger. The lunch menu at Burger King has the following categories of meals:

  • Flame Grilled Burgers
  • Chicken and more
  • Sides
  • Featured
  • Family Bundles
  • Sweets
  • King Jr.
  • Drinks and Coffee

In each of these categories, you shall find a great variety of different meals to choose from.

Popular Lunch Menu

Big King XL: This is the best-flavored hamburger that you can ever find anywhere. This popular XL hamburger has ½ pounds of meat, leafy vegetables, and lots of proteins. It comes with a combination of flamed-grilled beef, crinkle-cut pickles, thick onion slices, and cheese. All these great tastes are perfectly wrapped with their in-house sauce that elevates the taste higher.

Double Whopper: This double whopper comes having flame-grilled goodness and elevates the joy of eating further. The meat, vegetables, and bun all add a great amount of protein and calories that are too delicious to ignore.  People often order this food item from their lunch menu.

Whopper: Just like the double whopper, it is too packed with proteins and deliciousness. The grilled patty binds the taste of meat and vegetables perfectly and adds a crunch to its texture from the pickles and onions. And to elevate it further, the ketchup and the mayo do the rest of the job completing the flavor profile in its unique blend.

Double Sourdough King: The art of its taste is a delicate one having a great ratio of beef in this patty. The extra patty comes having a second slice of American cheese, turning its flavor royal. People love having this delicious burger with an optimal quantity of beef.

Chicken Fries: Chicken fries are always a classic, and their taste can never go wrong. These long nuggets add a thrill to the palette. Dipping them in the ketchup or a sauce makes the taste complete.

what time does burger king serve lunch

Croissan’wich with Egg, Bacon, Cheese, and Sausage: There is no denying that this skewed item is absolutely delicious. You can even customize its dressing as per your favorite combination of veggies. The bun itself is so delicious that it blends perfectly well with the meat and the other items. As this tasty savory dish hits your tongue, it turns it irresistible for you to stop eating. Around 577 calories are present in this delicious goodness.

CheesyTots: This fried goodness comes packed full of flavor. It is perhaps the best way of having potato mash. You shall taste the flavor of molten cheese in each of its bites. The combination of cheese with potatoes, having been deep-fried with a coating of breadcrumbs, works like magic.

Their blend of spices adds unmatched flavor to it. It is a great option for a light meal, too, if you are looking for a bite during your Netflix shows. Needless to say, it is one of the most popular items from the lunch menu that customers love to order.


  1. At what time is lunch served at Burger King?

    The lunch hour menu at Burger King begins at 10:30 am, immediately after they stop serving their breakfast menu.

  2. Is lunch served throughout the day at Burger King?

    Yes, as it is a 24-hour family restaurant, you shall find the lunch menu always available till the time the next breakfast hour starts.

  3. What can I find on their lunch menu?

    The lunch menu at Burger King is very elaborate. Right from sandwiches to burgers, you shall find a great variety of different types of foods. They also have combo items such as burger combos, family bundles, and various other meals.

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