Denny’s Breakfast Hours – A Treat To Your Palate

As you are eager to find out, what are Denny’s breakfast hours? Denny’s breakfast hours have no specific time as they serve their menu 24 x 7. Reading ahead, you shall learn about that and the other specialties that make it so popular and a loved restaurant.


What is Denny’s breakfast Hours menu?

Denny’s breakfast hour menu consists of items like Chicken Biscuit & Gravy Bowl, Classic Benny Breakfast, The Grand Slamwich, Santa Fe Bowl, Brisk-It-All Melt, Philly Cheesesteak Omelette, etc.

It is no secret that breakfast indeed is the most important meal of the day. Having a good breakfast shall set your health right and the day. Here at Denny’s, they love the breakfast so much that they serve it throughout the day and for lunch and dinner, extending right up to late in the night.

If you are craving skillets or fluffy pancakes, you shall have the best ones at Denny’s. Their signature breakfast menu is sure to keep you charged throughout the rest of your day. Not to forget their coffee too! Not only the adults but also the kids love this breakfast outlet. Be it the French toast or the junior smoothies, your entire family shall be cared for here.

Denny's breakfast hours

In fact, one of the best things about Denny’s breakfast menu is that they maintain the same schedule of working hours across all their outlets in different locations. In the United States of America,

Denny’s is very well known for its vintage-style dining area. You shall not only find Denny’s across the major cities in the USA but in other countries as well. Denny’s outlets are also in different Asian, African, and South American countries too. Its outlets in New Zealand and Australia also generate a significant sum of revenue as well.

The breakfast hours at Denny’s

If you are having a very hectic day at work and have missed out on having breakfast, then there is nothing to worry about. You can visit Denny’s at any time. Even if their opening and closing hours may vary across different locations, the timings of serving their breakfast are always fixed in all their locations. Right from morning till late at night, their breakfast menu is available.

You can just go to any of their nearest outlets at whichever time you wish and enjoy having their food. Their breakfast menu is available throughout all the days of the year, 24×7.  At Denny’s, they have a very vast range of breakfast menus. And they keep adding new combinations to their breakfast menu across different locations.

Previously at Denny’s, they used to offer two menus. One was during the day and the other for the night. Yet, back then, too, one could still order the breakfast menu at any time.

Things to expect in Denny’s breakfast menu

In Denny’s breakfast menu, you shall find low-calorie foods. They do not serve foods whose ingredients have a high content of carbohydrates and fat. This benchmark of having a low-calorie breakfast menu is followed across all the outlets of Denny’s.

Another important factor of them is that the prices of their breakfast menu are never too high. It easily fits within the budget. The breakfast menu specials at Denny’s vary in different outlets. But those who are conscious about their diets can choose the gluten-free breakfast menu.

When you order a full breakfast menu at Denny’s, it shall either accompany by a juice or soft drink. In addition to that, they also have a grand slam breakfast menu. They serve this on holidays and during special occasions.

Over the years of their service, Denny’s has turned into a household name. They are popular not only in the United States of America but also beyond that in other countries too. One of their factors has always been their low range of prices for good food. This makes it easily affordable for anyone to have breakfast at Denny’s.

In a press release in 2010, the President and CEO of Denny’s, Nelson Marcholi, said that they always wanted to bring out an alternative to fast food for consumers who maintain a strict budget. The brand wanted to prove the point that it is possible to sit down at a good food outlet and dine the best food without spending much or compromising on the quality.

In order to achieve this deal, Denny’s menu has brought out many signature plates, such as the Grand Slam. It has two buttermilk pancakes, two strips of bacon, two eggs, and two sausage links at a very reasonable rate.

This Grand Slam menu at Denny’s was actually introduced in the year 1977 in their outlet in Atlanta, Georgia. This was in honor of their local hero and the legendary basketball player Hank Aaron.

The menu that you can find at Denny’s

  • Egg breakfast, gravy, and biscuit
  • The chocolate hazelnut crepe
  • Tots and mozz
  • The everyday value slam
  • Chorizo burrito
  • Classic burger
  • The grand slam slugger
  • Cowboy chopped steak

Indeed, there are a number of meals on Denny’s breakfast menu. You can find pancakes, signature slams, dinner classics, seafood, soups, steak, beef burger, sandwiches, and many more things. Customers can also order and take out or even get it delivered to their homes as well. You shall even be able to avail of the 24-hours delivery service at Denny’s.

This service is called Denny’s on Demand. All people across the United States of America can be able to use this service using their desktop or mobile.  They also provide various rewards and discounts to their customers too.

Denny's Breakfast Hours


  1. Does Denny’s have the option of a gluten-free breakfast?

    Yes, Denny’s has the option of a gluten-free breakfast.

  2. Can you find a special breakfast menu during the public holidays?

    Yes, depending on the different locations of Denny’s outlets, you can find a special breakfast menu during the public holidays.

  3. Does Denny’s follow a standard breakfast menu?

    Yes, usually, Denny’s follows a standard breakfast menu. But depending upon the location, there can be a little variation in the number and in the variety sometimes.

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