Familiarising With Zaxby Hours- 5 Fun Facts And Food Varieties

If you are a food explorer, Zaxby’s food and restaurants must be among your treasures. Everyone’s out scorching for Zaxby hours because of the variety of tastes it serves. Well, if you are new to Zaxbys or in that case, we shall say on a prerequisite note- new to America, you’ll soon be introduced to the chain of franchised fast-casual American based eatery or restaurants which offers chicken wings and fingers, salads, sandwiches etc.

For those with a sweet taste and tooth, apart from serving the above-mentioned food, the two childhood friends creation- Zaxbys, also serves ice creams and milkshakes. If you are also among those searching  ‘Zaxby’s locations near me,’ you must note at first that they operate principally in the Southeastern US with almost 700 locations.

Now, what makes Zaxby’s super famous is their Cracker Barrel hours for normal days as well as holidays. It gets quite obvious to check for Zaxby’s hours of operation and through this article, we got you in luck and have tried to sort most of the commonly asked queries like Zaxby’s hours near me or if the Zaxby’s open near me etc.


Zaxby’s Open Near Me: Famous Foods Offered By The Outlets

1. Wings


As Americans, craving for wings all the time is included in the diet itself. Americans really wish for finger-licking great taste wings and Zaxbys have both the varieties available- boneless and bone-in wings. They are served with sauces and when ordered within Zaxby hours, they offer 9 delicious varieties of sauces to try and trust us, once tried, no other wings and sauce combination can beat theirs.

2. Banana Pudding Milkshake

One of the most popular dishes offered by the Zaxby’s open near me is the banana pudding milkshake which was earlier a seasonal item then became permanent due to a rise in demand. If you want something sweet for your meal as well as something to along with your wings, the pudding milkshake will do both for you- dessert as well as a drink. It is a must-try dish in the Zaxby hours.

3. Well-seasoned fries

Try these incomparable fries with crinkle-cut that will retain themselves as bae after the first bite itself. The fries are cut such that they immerse the seasoning deep into them and retain the flavour of garlic salt and paprika on them.

Zaxby Hours Of Operation

Zaxby's Christmas Eve Hour

So, now that you are familiar with the mouth-watering food served at the Zaxbys, having awareness of their working hours is much better than lying disappointed after visiting the closed restaurant. Know Zaxby’s Hours Of Operation and then decide on paying them a visit and hence avoid ending up like that.

Well, Zaxby Hours totally depend on the area you live in as the timings may vary with the change in location. They have got all those whimsical items with pocket-friendly features like their drive through etc. So if you typically search on the web – on what timings the Zaxby’s open near me, you will conventionally find it to be in between 11 am to 10 pm.

Zaxby’s Christmas Eve Hours

Zaxby's Christmas Eve Hours1

On regular days it appears a bit less worrisome to wonder about Zaxbys close time but on holidays, when everyone’s eye lingers temptingly towards restaurants especially Zaxby’s hours of operation for their special food. Do you also ponder if  Zaxby’s open near me or google Zaxby’s hours near me? Do you goggle about Zaxby’s locations near me?

Although most of the eateries shut their sites on the festival days, Zaxby’s Christmas Eve Hours will bring you in awe of their services. And they operate even on holiday schedules, primarily with reduced hours of services. Thus, you can always save your time and money by confirming their availability, simply by making them a quick call.

Facts You Might Not Know About The Zaxby’s

Fun Fact 1

They have their restaurant base in 16 states with around 700 restaurants. The first restaurant ever opened by the Zaxbys was in Statesboro in 1990.

Fun Fact 2

The founders were childhood friends named Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley who pulled an estimated amount of 16,000 dollars from their very first restaurant.

Fun Fact 3

While the company gained fame for their delicious chicken wings but they pride themselves on the variety of sauces they offer, some of them being Nuclear, Wimpy, Insane and Tongue Torch wing sauce.

Fun Fact 4

The founder of Zaxbys used to be an aspiring musician at his time and he had to sell his drum kit to set up his first restaurant.

Fun Fact 5

Ever visited any ‘zaxby’s open near me?’ Well, you must try different Zaxbys and take a look at it their decorations and the design. The restaurants are customarily decorated with the community and location based unique decor. This enables them to create a sense of belonging among the visitors and hence create a defined local feel.

Zaxbys Close Time

Though the holiday hours are 10:30 am to 6 pm in the evening, yet before you make up your mind to visit them, take a look at the below-given schedule.

Days                        Zaxby’s Hours       (Open)                   Zaxbys Close Time

Monday 10:30 AM                                              10 PM

Tuesday 10:30 AM                                              10 PM

Wednesday           10:30 AM                                              10 PM

Thursday                10:30 AM                                              10 PM

Friday                     10:30 AM                                              11 PM

The Zaxbys Close Time is pre-defined for most of the locations and in general, they operate till late evening. As discussed earlier, they also follow a schedule for both regular days and holidays.

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1. What Are Zaxby’s Opening & Closing Hours?

Answer: As discussed above, different locations offer different opening and closing Zaxby hours. They typically work between 10:30 am and 11 pm and usually serve for 14-15 hours a day.

2. What Are Zaxby’s Holiday Hours?

Answer: For all public holidays, they have a proper schedule, on some holidays, they appear to be closed, like on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving day etc. Zaxby is famous for being open on several holidays including Christmas eve, New Year’s Eve day and New year’s day, and many such.

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