A Complete Guide Of Popeyes Hours Including Christmas Eve

Popeyes is a food brand in the United States. It is one of the top fast-food restaurants in the USA known for offering burgers and other usual fast food in their own style. The popeyes hours would include the timings of meals that would change the menus accordingly, in the article below we will be studying more about the popeyes hours and other related topics.


What time does Popeyes chicken close?

What time does Popeyes chicken close

A smart being like you would always want to have a look at the closing hours of any shop before visiting at night including popeyes. The closing time from Monday to Thursday is at 11 pm, if you are visiting a real shop of popeyes then these timings are fixed but if the store you want to visit is in the mall or any other building then the timing may differ accordingly.

While the shops close at 11 at night, the closing timing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday would be at midnight. If you do not trust the ‘open’ green sword showing on google, you can as well call the shop, the number would be present on the contact us section only, with this you save your time if the shop is actually close or will close by the time you reach.

What time does Popeyes chicken open?

Popeyes does not consider different situations like about the early travellers, etc. The closing timing may be beneficial to the night travellers but opening may not. The Popeyes restaurant opens at 10 am daily, on weekdays to weekends, all the days you could find popeyes restaurant open to serve you at 10 am sharp. Popeyes hours would never change unless there’s an occasion, holiday or something has come up in the restaurant from the company itself, that would barely happen.

Popeyes Christmas eve hours

Popeyes Christmas eve hours

Popeyes meal would always brighten up your mood and how better it can be when you have it on Christmas eve with your beloved ones, however, the popeyes store near you must need a quick check-up to see if it is open or close because it is seen that half of the popeyes restaurants will be open and half would be closed. But wait- if you are thinking about ordering on Christmas day then just to let you know, Popeyes is closed on Christmas day and would be open for half or limited during Christmas week.

Who wouldn’t like a holiday to spend the time of Christmas with their families? Popeyes would give you paid leave or even better, you can drop working at it when you are on holidays, this way you will be able to get more time to search for a better job post which you are comfortable with. The schedule since recent years has been the same as mentioned already and it is assumed that it Is going to be the same in 2021 and 2022.

Popeyes hours near me

Search it up on google or any other source and you will get the right answer but hey! There are times when the google overview of the shop is not updated, when you could witness the live situation of the shop then you can trust the response but if not then make sure to give the shop admin a call, the number would be present somewhere near you and then go for it.

This search is a must when you are randomly thinking about dropping at the restaurant, due to recent covid issues and other problems, there can be a change in timings and even when it is showing you the live movements of the restaurant, it may close by the time you reach and you will waste your time.

The article was meant to give you a full overview of popeyes hours. The information mentioned in the article was taken and studied from all the official and real sources, nothing was falsely mentioned. The information of food and brand can always be found correctly on the official website, you can as well visit thor social media pages to keep yourself updated gradually without needing to visit the site separately on google.

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1. Is popeyes open on Christmas?

Maybe. The answer to this question is not fixed as some of the popeyes shops will be open for limited hours or half-day on Christmas eve while others may be closed, the situation of the location and business also matters and of course, workers would be glad to receive a holiday on Christmas eve. The timing scheduled on holidays is hard to find on google directly so it’s better to be updated on the official site or official page of popeyes on any social media like Instagram or Facebook.

2. What time does Popeyes drive-thru close?

The timings differ for a few days. The popeyes drive-thru on days like Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday close at around 10 in the night but when we talk about Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the closing time is 11 in the night. The opening timing for popeyes restaurant remains the same, it opens at sharp 10:30 in the morning to serve you its delicious food. With popeyes drive-thru service you can rest back and have a wonderful time in your car if you do not feel like walking in the shop.

3. How late is popeye opens?

If you are talking about restaurant timings then the Popeyes restaurant is open until 10 in the night on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays but on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays they are open till 11:00 at night. Meanwhile, the closing hours for Popeyes drive-thru is 10 in the night on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and for Friday, Saturday and Sunday the timing is till 11 pm.

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