What to Prefer – Liquid vs Powdered Pectin?

Pectin is one of the chief components that is required to make jams, jellies, and other home preserves. It is a naturally occurring starch that is found from the peels of fruits. It is then mixed with other essential components such as sugar and citric acid. Liquid vs Powdered Pectin is a comparison that is done based on the preferences of an individual or in the manufacture of a product.


What is Pectin?

As mentioned earlier, pectin is a type of starch that is used to make jams and jellies thicker and more viscous. Pectin helps to develop cell structure and strengthen the cell walls.

liquid vs powdered pectin

It was discovered a long time back that if pectin is mixed with sugar and acid, it creates a jelly-like substance that helps in the preservation of food and also helps to make jams and jellies. It can be bought from any grocery or food store. Normally you can find pectin in both types- the powdered and liquid forms.

What Are Its Types?

Before coming to powdered pectin vs liquid, we must know the types of pectin that are used in making a product.

There are two different types of pectin- high and low methoxyl. Out of these two, high methoxyl is most used in making products.

Liquid Pectin- How to Use It?

Liquid pectin is used in making jams and jellies to create a smooth and uniform thickness. But unlike powdered protein, when you use liquid pectin, you have to follow certain rules to get the possible result.

If you want to make a fruit jam, be sure that you add the liquid pectin only at the end of the cooking process. While applying the liquid pectin, check if the water is boiling or not. The water should boil and the sugar should also be applied to it prior to applying the liquid pectin.

Powdered Pectin- How to Use It?

The usage of powdered pectin is completely different from that of the liquid one. Irrespective of what you are making, it must be remembered that you have to use powdered pectin only at the beginning of the cooking process. Unlike liquid pectin, the powdered needs to be cooked. It needs to be added even before the sugar is added or the water starts to boil.

The amount of powdered pectin that needs to be added depends on the type of ingredient of fruit that is being used. In fruits such as apples, powdered pectin is required in lesser amounts as apple already contains a little bit of pectin in it.

Along with the powdered pectin, a proper amount of sugar and citric acid also needs to be added to it so that the chemical reaction takes place properly and the desired result can be achieved without any problem.

liquid vs powdered pectin

Liquid vs Powdered Pectin- Which One is Better?

Although it depends on the person who is using it, it would be safe to say that people normally like to use liquid pectin more than powdered one. The reason behind it is convenience. In the market or the stores, the liquid pectin is sold only in its regular form. However, there are different variants when it comes to powdered pectin. It is easy to use and the results can also be achieved without facing any issues. On the contrary, it takes time and patience to use powdered pectin. The usage of it varies from one substance to another.

Here is all about Liquid vs Powdered Pectin.

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