Can You Freeze Clotted Cream?

Clotted cream gets its popular name from heating cow’s milk which rises to the surface as ‘clots’. The prime question is Can you freeze clotted cream?  The cream is usually made in large volumes and can be stored for later use.


All about Clotted Cream – Can you freeze clotted cream

Can You Freeze Clotted Cream

It is also called Cornish or Devonshire cream from its place of origin. It was probably first made in the 14th century in Cornwall and Devon. To those who are unfamiliar with the composition of clotted cream, it has a substantially higher percentage (64%) of butterfat than regular double cream (48%), single cream (18%), and full-fat milk (4%). The excess fat gives a flavor and taste not present in other creams. The cream is used on scones with jams, spread on crumpets and bread. Clotted cream is not sweet but it complements scones with jam.

Clotted cheese made at home

They are expensive but can be made at home by heating full fat cow’s milk and then refrigerating the mix usually a whey is left behind which you can use in baking, oatmeal, and smoothies. Try to avoid unpasteurized cream.

History of Clotted cream

Originating from Devon and Cornwall, brought into England by Phoenician settlers. The water in the milk is reduced by continuous heating. The settlers prepared clotted cream by slow boiling of rich milk in shallow pans between 80ᵒC to 90ᵒC on cinders to form a buttery crust. The mixture is rapidly cooled to make the floating cream sink. These days, people have adopted faster, more economical, and non-romantic ways of making the cream. Though it is a long process, the clotted cream is worth the effort for its delicacy.

How is clotted cream different from double cream?

Clotted cream is heavier and has 64% fat in comparison to 47% fat in the double cream. Both clotted and double cream are prepared very differently. While whipped cream is prepared by heating to separate the fat (cream) and the liquid, double cream is made by separating naturally by letting the cream rise to the top.

Whipped cream and clotted cream are heavy. But whipped cream is built by whipping the full milk into air peaks. Clotted cream is denser compared to whipped cream. Because of its thick texture, clotted cream can be mistaken for butter. Butter is made by churning while clotted cream is separated by heating. The calories from 100g of clotted cream are 577 calories and 717 calories for butter.

Can you freeze clotted cream?

Can You Freeze Clotted Cream

Of course, you can freeze the clotted cream. It can be stored up to 7 days in the refrigerator but frozen clotted cream can be used for up to 4 months without turning sour. You must freeze clotted cream quickly and then cover it with plastic wrap to avoid the formation of ice crystals. Ice crystals ruin the flavor, texture, and taste of the cream.

How to Freeze Clotted Cream?

The question on our minds is, Can we freeze clotted cream? Yes, you may.

To maintain the texture and the taste clotted cream must be frozen as soon as possible without leaving it for long at room temperature. The cream must be frozen in small packs to avoid freeze and thaw. Tinned cream should be removed from cans transferred to a container with an airtight lid. Do not forget to label the box so that you do not use it after 4 months. 

Can you freeze and defrost Clotted Cream?

Transfer the frozen cream to the refrigerator overnight. Once thawed, the cream has to be used immediately and you cannot refreeze. The clotted cream once thawed completely is ready to use. Make sure that you do not freeze the leftover cream. You cannot freeze and thaw clotted cream. This is the reason it is recommended to freeze the clotted cream in small packs to avoid freeze and thaw cycles.


1. Can clotted cream be frozen?

      Clotted cream can be frozen. It does not go sour when frozen,

2. Is it ok to freeze clotted cream?

      You can freeze clotted cream in airtight containers for 4 months

 3.  Can clotted cream be refrigerated?

      Refrigerated clotted cream is safe to use for 7 days before it becomes sour.

Here is all about can you freeze clotted cream.

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