Do You Know: How Does Thermacell Work?

Thermacell is an advanced technology repellant that protects against mosquitos. Apart from mosquitos it also protects from many other bugs and ticks. Thermacell Mosquito Repellent device has decreased the number of mosquitoes within a 24-foot radius by nearly 90 percent! Studies have shown that Thermacell works more efficiently than other mosquito repellents. But, your question might be- how does thermacell work?


How does thermacell work?

How does thermacell work

Thermacell is a technology that uses a repellent that is heat-activated. By this, it creates a microscopic, unfragrant zone of protection from insects like ticks.  A wireless, transportable heat is provided by the cartridge that is supplied to the grill made up of metal. On the top of the metal grill, a mat saturated soaked in repellent is lodged. The repellent is dispersed by the heat creating a zone of protection from the mat into the surrounding air. A synthetic repellent – Allethrin is used here.

How does thermacell tick tubes work

How does thermacell tick tubes work

Lyme disease is the most common disease in the U.S. that ranks number one. It is a vector-borne disease. Infected deer ticks/ Ixodes scapularis/black-legged ticks bite humans and spread the disease. Ticks are the carriers that carry the disease from an infected host. The bacteria are passed from white-footed mice. This disease is passed to humans and pets by the bite of these ticks.

The first line of defense to avoid these ticks entering your property. This can be done by using broad-spectrum insecticides. But they kill other insects that are not harmful to humans. Hence, we need something that will attack the ticks specifically.

How does thermacell work for flies?

How does thermacell work for flies

The Thermacell Repellent system successfully repels black flies and other biting insects along with mosquitos by creating a 15 x 15-foot zone of protection for bug-free comfort. It offers virtually odor-free pest protection without the hassle of scented lotions or sprays.

Does thermacell work for hiking?

The new Thermacell MR450 is an improvement of the original repeller appliance which can be used for day hiking or other activities.

Does thermacell work in the wind?

thermacell work in the wind

In breezy weather, one must place the unit at the location from where the repellent is carried to the area which needs to be protected with the help of the wind. Thermacell may not work as efficiently as it does during normal weather. Anyways, mosquitos are rarely present during windy days.

How does thermacell mosquito lantern work?

 Butane cartridges are used by a Refillable Thermacell lantern of mosquito repellent. It will last up to 12 hours, which repellent mats. You have to replace it every four hours. When the color changes from blue to white, it means that it’s time to replace them.

  This is the mosquito repellent that looks good to carry anywhere you go and you can use it when needed.

Does thermacell work while walking?

thermacell work while walking

Thermacell is designed to be used on a stationary, flat surface. It takes time to work. It does not work while walking. You can try to walk slowly and it will work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Thermacell safe to breathe?

 Thermacell is repellent that is EPA-approved. It uses allethrin instead of diehtyltoluamide.
It is warned that:
1.You must keep the lantern isolated. It should not be near an uncovered food while it is on.
2.You must not inhale the vapor.
3. Allethrin is harmful to cats, fish, and bees.

2. How does Thermacell repel mosquitoes?

It heats up and disperses into the air by a method similar to that of citronella candles.

3. Can a Thermacell make you sick?

Because Allethrin breaks down outside, there are no harmful residues left when you are done using the Thermacell device. You don’t have to worry about any harmful effects besides the period of use.

4. Is Thermacell toxic to humans?

It has to be used with caution like most insect repellent products. As it is not directly applied to the skin, its active ingredient has low toxicity for humans and it does seem to work.

5. What is the best Thermacell mosquito repellent?

Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repeller Gen 2.0. is the best for mosquito control.

6. How long does it take for Thermacell to work?

Thermacell takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach maximum effectiveness.

7. Is Thermacell toxic to humans?

We need to be cautious like any other mosquito repellent. There is no actual need for worry as it has very low toxicity.
Now you know the answer to “how does thermacell work?” and hence you must get one for yourself for protection from mosquitoes.

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