The Difference In Pastas Cellentani vs Cavatappi

The charm of pasta lies in its different shapes, taste, and aroma. There are more than 50 different shapes, and some of them look similar and yet different. The pasta Cellentani vs Cavatappi is one such variety.


History of Pasta

Delicious food made of flour and eggs and interesting for its different shapes has been the staple for many for the last 100 years. There are several stories on the existence of pasta, some say it came from China through Marco Polo, others consider that the Greeks established the dish in Naples starting with laganum which is the predecessor of lasagna. Irrespective of its origin, the food is a global delicacy and a hallmark of Italian cuisine.

Love for pasta

Cellentani vs Cavatappi
  • Everyone loves pasta, children to adults. It comes with shapes that children fall in love: bowties, wheels, noodles
  • They come in different flavors and different sauce choices. Choices range from meat to white wine sauce. The options for a recipe are limitless
  • It is children friendly; You can feed your children other healthy food by enticing them with pasta 
  • When your friends come for dinner, serve them pasta, your guest will want another invitation for dinner
  • Pasta leftovers are easy to heat and serve
  • There are several recipes for a pasta dish. Each country has its own recipe
  • Wine tastes great with pasta

Cellentani vs Cavatappi

They are similar-looking pasta with little difference. They belong to the family of spiral- looking pasta and have minor differences. Cellentani is a classical spiral while Cavatappi is a corkscrew shape. The ridges and the small size of about one inch make the pasta the right size for a bite. It is never mouthful and spilling over. A famous pasta brand gave the name Cellentani in honor of a popular singer of the 1960s

What is special in Cellentani vs Cavatappi?

This pasta is good with tomato sauce and can combine with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Rigged surface and tubular center make Cellentani an attraction. Add to it your favorite sauce and choice of vegetables and meat, you have a meal to die for. The good point of tubular pasta is that they do not break while cooking. In many countries, the Cellentani and Cavatappi pasta are considered the same. The spiral shape of the pasta makes it hold the sauce together and makes a delicious meal.

Are Cavatappi vs Cellentani the same?

Cellentani vs Cavatappi

Very similar looking pasta that they are grouped together. They are both corkscrew-shaped, spiral, and tubular. But they do have some differences and the most significant is that Cellentani has more ridges. Cavatappi has originated from southern Italy and is probably the most sought-after shape in the world as the shape provides shape to hold the sauce. 

Many assume that they are the same but there is a difference. Similar in shape and composition, they follow the same recipe. They are more suited for thick sauces as their shape holds the sauce in place. The ridges help to all the seasoning together to make it a delicious dish everywhere.


1. Are Cellentani and Cavatappi same?

They are almost similar but not the same. They are both spiral and tubular but Cellantani has more ridges on the surface than Cavatappi.

2. Can I use the same recipe for both Cellentani and Cavatappi pasta

Yes. Since they are very similar, you may use the same recipe which is usually a thick sauce with vegetables and meat.

3. Will children like Cellentani and Cavatappi?

Children love the pasta for its aroma and taste.

Hope you got all the information about cellentani and cavatappi.

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