Iced Tea Vs Sweet Tea: Differences In Their Taste And Origin! 

In India, 64% of the population consumes tea and 88% of the households have it in their daily regime. So this means we have great fans of tea here. Not just in India, tea has been a popular beverage all over the world. With tea being the most refreshing beverage, it also has got really interesting confusions with it. Being a tea lover, the curiosity to know the differences between iced tea and sweet tea is something you can’t resist yourself from.

To know the differences in detail, one must first understand their origin and how they differ in taste and their preparation. A lot of convoluted arguments had been put forward regarding whether both of them are the same and different. Some say they are the same, while their certain ingredients don’t allow some great tea lovers to agree on this. If you really want to know the correct differences between iced tea vs sweet tea, keep reading! 


iced tea vs sweet tea: Differences in their origin 

iced tea Vs sweet tea

The only similarity between iced tea vs sweet tea is both of them are non-alcoholic drinks and they aren’t very much exclusive in their serving idea. Iced tea can have sweetness in it and sweet tea can be served cold. So that’s what makes more people get confused about this! But the only thing that seperates them is both of them have originated from different cultures and are prepared in different ways. 

In the comparison of iced tea vs sweet tea, sweet tea first originated in the USA. And its name is based totally on the way it is prepared. So as its name says, this tea has sweetness added to it while it is prepared. Be it sweetness or natural sweetening agent, it has got them added into it to make it sweet tea. It is more prominent in the southern states of the US. They consume it uniformly throughout the year.

iced tea Vs sweet tea

Whereas, iced tea was a result of a random experiment done by Richard Belchyndenan who was an American merchant. So, this experiment was done by Richard during 1904 at the World Fair which took place in St. Louis. He carried out this experiment to come out of a situation where he wasn’t able to sell hot tea as people weren’t interested in consuming it. This was because of the severe heat during summers. Iced tea is more prominent in Northern parts of the US and is consumed by people vastly during summers. 

sweet tea vs iced tea: know how it’s prepared and served! 

Sweet tea is prepared by boiling black tea in water for a long time. After this, a sweetening agent is added to it to give it a sweet taste. But this criteria isn’t true with iced tea. Iced tea can be prepared with a wide variety of tea itself. It can be made using black, white or green tea. And as its name suggests, it is always served with ice cubes in it. It is never served hot. A lot of ice cubes are added to it which makes it an iced tea. In general, iced tea doesn’t usually have sugars added in them but one can add them in it if they are sugar lovers. 


1. Is ice tea brewed in hot water or cold water? 

Iced tea may be served with ice cubes in it but it is always prepared in hot boiling water. After its preparation has been completed in boiling water, it is then cooled down and served with ice cubes in it. 

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