Can You Freeze Dill: Your Best Guide

Let us discuss can you freeze dill. Dill is a celery family green leaf herb widely used in cooking, mainly in western countries. But dill is mainly grown in native southwest Asia. They are used for cooking fish and eggs, and they are also used with light salads and other vegetarian foods. 

Dill leaves don’t have much life expectancy, and they can only be fresh for 10 – 14 days even if stored properly under optimal conditions. If you store it improperly, it will discolor and become soft. These are the major indication that the dill is spoiled. 

So, how will you store the dill? Can you freeze dill to preserve it? We will answer these questions and help you preserve these leaves in this article. 


Can You Freeze Dill

Can You Freeze Dill

Yes, you can freeze dill to store them for a long period. In fact, freezing dill is one of the best ways to preserve these leaves for a long time. But, you can’t just put them in a container or wrap them in aluminum foil and put them in a refrigerator. There is a unique procedure to freeze dill to keep them fresh for a long time, and we will see about that in the latter part. But to the question, you can safely freeze dill to prevent them from getting spoiled quickly.

How Long Can You Freeze Dill

We now know that freezing dill is not only acceptable but also the best way to preserve them. But this brings us to the next question how long can it be frozen, and we will see that in this part. 

If you keep your dill stored in a refrigerator, it will be unspoiled for up to 10 – 14 days, given that it is stored at the right temperature. But if you freeze it, you can increase its life expectancy up to two to three months. It can also be used after four months. But it is better to be used within the first three months. 

How To Freeze Dill

 Can You Freeze Dill

The procedure to freeze dill is slightly different from freezing other vegetables or greens. You have to rinse the dill with fresh water thoroughly, let it dry completely, and make sure it is dried completely before advancing to the next step. 

Then cut it into tiny pieces that can be accommodated into ice cube trays. Then put them into the ice cube trays and add some water into them. Then keep them in the freezer to freeze them. After half an hour, use a clean spoon or any utensil to submerge the dill into the water. 

Can Dill Be Frozen

Yes, dill can be frozen in order to store them for long-term use. But it can’t be frozen by keeping them in a vegetable container and putting them into a freezer. They need to be chopped off into small pieces and put into water and then froze. This is the proper method to freeze them.

Is It Ok To Freeze Dill

Yes, it is perfectly alright to freeze dill to store them. By doing so, you can keep them fresh for more than three months. If you keep them just in the refrigerator, it will last only for 15 days maximum. By freeing it with water, they can be preserved for months. 

You can just drop the cube into your dish, and the fresh dill will add more flavor to your dish. Due to their increased life span when frozen, people who work on seas freeze them and take them along with them. 

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