19 Fruits That Start With H For A Quick Bite Amidst Work

Having something nutritious in short intervals between works is a healthy habit. If you practice so then, this list of 19 fruits that start with h is surely for you.


Fruits that start with H

Are you ready to know about some hassle-free eating fruits names and more? Keep on reading!

 1. Honeydew

These fruits have an origin in the Middle East. Also known as honey melons, are light green fruits having a skin of white-yellow shade. When this fruit turns ripe, it becomes mildly sweet having a soft and juicy texture. Rich in vitamin C and fiber, these fruits taste great in salads.

fruits that start with h

 2. Hackberry

These Mediterranean berries are ripe during the autumn season, becoming deep purple as they mature. Inside the crispy shell lies a dry and sweet pulp with a crispy seed in the middle. Its high resourcefulness has always been recognized by the native Americans who use it as medicines and food. They accompany well with porridge and meat dishes.

3. Hazelnut

This fruit of the Hazel tree is small and round having cinnamon-colored shell over the white-yellowish flesh. They have a sweet flavor to them and are rich in oil. Rich in vitamin E and protein, this fruit is loved by all for its great taste.These are eaten as a snack with a little seasoning and makes a fine topping over ice creams.

4. Horn Melon

This strange-looking oblong fruit is known as Cucumis metuliferus. They are emerald-green juicy fruit having a jelly-like flesh that tastes like cucumber with many edible seeds. As they are ripe, the color of their thick outer skin turns orange and small spiny projections as horns appear. Rich in vitamin C and iron, these fruits make a wonderful salad and smoothies.

 5. Hairless Rambutan

 These fruits resembling a sea urchin are in the shape of an egg having a bright spiky shell. Below its exterior lies a creamy sweet flesh which is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. These fruits can be consumed directly or also be made into salads and smoothies.

 6. Highbush Blueberry

These deciduous perennial shrubs produce clusters of urn-shaped small flowers of white and pink. The berries having many seeds gradually change their color from blue indigo to black as they are ripe. Being rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and other nutrients these berries are called ‘superfood.’These can be directly eaten or added as flavor in pastries.

7. Hala Fruit

These unusual looking fruits from the coastal areas are also called pandanus.It’s hard and red fibrous body has a lot of segments and contains the flesh having many seeds. This fruit is sweet like mangoes. A thing about these trees is that it is only the female tree that produces the fruit.These fruits are eaten boiled or as a juice.

8. Honeycrisp Apple

These apples which were patented in 1988, is highly known for their crispy taste and a balanced sweet and acidity nature. Going by the name this flavorsome apple tastes like honey. These delicious apples are either eaten raw or made into pies and salads.

 9. Huckleberry

These berries belonging to the state of Idaho, are small in shape filled with nutrients. These berries resemble blueberries in appearance and taste. Like all berries, this berry is nutritious too, providing many health benefits. These are used in jams and pies.

10. Hardy Kiwi

This fruit is a native to Japan and its neighboring countries. This kiwi has a smooth and leathery skin, having colors of purple, green or brown. These delicious fruits always provide many health benefits against some deadly diseases. Kiwis are eaten whole with the skin and are also tossed in salads.

fruits that start with h

11. Hottentot Fig

Also known as sour fig, these coastal creepers are mostly found on rocky outcrops or dunes. They have purple daisy-like beautiful flowers with succulent fruit. Their tasty and tangy flesh is refreshing to eat especially in the hot climate. These fruits are usually eaten raw or you may find them as a mix in jams.

12. Huito Fruit

These plants have a dense growth and are found in places having rich loamy alluvial soil. These fruits are not only of a great taste but also provides immunity to the body. Their vibrant blue color is used as natural dyes. These unique in taste fruits has a slight bitterness to them but their flavor profile improves when over-ripe.These fruits can be eaten raw or being processed into desserts and jams.

13. Heirloom Tomato

Tomatoes have a history of their origin before the 1940s in the South American Andes. They come in different shapes and differs in their textures, colors and tastes too. These fruits with their fleshy texture surely are one of the most flavorful and juiciest in the group.They are used in salads or made into puree and sauces.

14. Himalayan Mulberry

Going by the name, they are found in the Himalayan regions of China, India and other places. These berries are said to grow on trees having long lives.These dark purple berries are a rich source of anthocyanins. They are eaten fresh and makes a delicious juice too.

15. Honeyberry

These berries of the spring season are a native to Eastern Siberia. They have attractive white and yellow flowers which are fragrant. These elongated berries have a delicious taste like blueberries and raspberries. While eating them, their tender skin disintegrates. These are eaten raw or added in yoghurt and ice creams.

16. Hog plum

This native tree to Peru bears colorful fruits like purple, orange, red and yellow. They have thick leathery skin with a hard stone-like body and a pink-yellow spiney pulp. These plums are much like avocado and carry immense amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C.These sweet, sour and tangy mixed fruits are made into fruit salads.

17. Hyuganatsu

This plant has its origin in Japan. The fruit is of medium-sized having around to a bit oblong structure. As they get ripened, they become light yellow. It has a juicy and sweet flesh with a bit of sourness to it. This fruit contains a rich amount of oil than other citrus fruits. It is enjoyed with a sprinkle of sugar on top of it.

18. Honey Locust

This deciduous tree native to the central United States blooms during late spring.Thefruit has a flattened structure having a leathery and hairy pod which are from green to red and om other shades. This pendant like pod is twisted and curved. The flesh is densely sweet and succulent with a crispy texture.These fruits are eaten raw and are made into smoothies.

19. Hawthorn Fruit

The thorny shrubs that grow these berries belong to the family of roses. The flowers bloom during the month of May in red, pink or white clusters. The berries vary between red and black upon being ripened. The raw berries have a mix of sweet and tart taste to them.These berries being rich in antioxidants, are known to provide multiple health benefits too.These can be eaten directly or can be used in tea, desserts and jams.

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