How to Clean Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are a really good addition to your multivitamin balanced diet as they are extremely fibrous and rich in both vitamin C and vitamin K. They also come under the list of cold weather superfoods and apart from the nutritional qualities they also taste like magic when cooked properly. But you might be wondering “how to clean Brussel sprouts”. To ease it up for you, we have created a whole guide on how you can clean and trim your Brussel sprouts efficiently.


How To Clean Brussel Sprouts From The Garden?

  1. Take the sprouts into a bowl and rinse them with cold water. While the water is falling over them, use your fingers to remove any dirt that is sticking on the sprouts.
  1. Remove all the outer layers that appear to be dirty or blemished. Remove especially those that have black spots on them. Do not worry if a bit more comes off.
  1. Take a small kitchen knife and cut out the stem of the sprouts from the bottom. Again, do not worry if few leaves fall out with the stem.
  1. Depending on the size of the remaining sprouts, cut the sprouts from the middle, if the initial size seems to be big, and discard all the leaves that fell apart when you cut the sprouts.
  1. Rinse the sprouts well once again and try to remove any stuck-up dirt and then leave them for drying.

How To Clean Brussel Sprouts For Roasting?

  1. Take all the Brussel sprouts and wash them thoroughly under cold water.
  1. After washing, make sure that they are dried well. It is important to dry them properly else they are going to get steamed instead of roasted.
  1. Remove all the outer layers that have black/brown spots on them. It’s fine if some extra leaves come out too.
  1. Remove the stem of the Brussel sprouts from the bottom.
  1. Slice them down from the middle depending on their size and they are ready to be roasted!

How To Clean Brussel Sprouts Before Cooking?

To clean the sprouts before cooking first, take all the sprouts in a bowl and rinse them well under cold water. Try to remove any stuck dust on the sprouts by using your fingertips.

Now, Dry them up and remove some of the outer layers from the sprouts and trim the stem from all of them and they are ready to cook!

How To Clean Brussel Sprouts From Stalk?

To clean Brussel sprouts from their stalk, first, gently hold the Brussel sprouts and remove them from the stalk in a circular manner. Take all the Brussel sprouts in a bowl and rinse them under cold water.

Remove any leaves that have black spots or blemishes over them, some extra leaves may fall off in the process and it’s completely normal. Trim the stems from the sprouts and discard the stems.


1. Do You Have To Wash Brussel Sprouts Before Cooking?

Yes. Brussel sprouts can trap dirt and sometimes tiny insects under their leaves so it is very important that you wash them properly before cooking them.

2. How Do You Clean Kosher Brussel Sprouts?

Take the Brussel sprouts and cut their bright outer leaves till you reach the leaves that are light green in color and cut them from the middle.
Now cut them from between and put them in a bowl of salted water and leave them for soaking for at least 10-15 minutes. This is to make sure that they are as clean as possible.
You can also soak the removed leaves separately and make yourself a nice Brussel sprout salad!

3. Should You Soak Brussel Sprouts In Salt Water?

Yes. Brussel sprouts when soaked in salt water get cleaned thoroughly and any dirt or impurity that may be on their leaves get sedimented at the bottom of the container. Soaking also helps in giving them a slight taste enhancement. So overall it is a good practice to soak them in salt water for about 15-20 minutes.

4. How Do You Clean And Trim Brussels Sprouts?

Get the Brussel sprouts in a bowl and deep rinse them under cold water, use your fingers to remove any stuck dirt or impurity on them.
Take a small knife and trim the stem from the base of the sprouts and discard the stem.
Start removing the outer leaves from the sprouts. Remove the leaves that seem to be very thick and also look for leaves that may have been bitten by insects and discard them as well.
Once you have reached the point where the leaves of the sprout are very soft and tender, cut the sprouts and divide them into equal halves.

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