How To Build A Home Bar

Since the concept of joint family has faded in today’s times, people have extra space in their homes which they do not wish to waste. Many make the room a game room or a mini cinema room; some even look to extend the living area and turn it into an extra guest room. However, this article is for those who wish to know how to build a home bar and use that extra space to create a bar-like ambiance at their home itself.

A home bar can be a place to chill with friends or have a nice party without having to worry about the drinks and the arrangements. Of course, having fun at a bar or a pub is another experience altogether but sometimes if one wishes to chill from the comfort of his/ her home and in pajamas, a home bar is the go-to.

Also, in the last one-year, whole world was shut and everything was locked down. People who wanted to meet friends and party, couldn’t because of the circumstances. Thus, in times like these, a home bar can play a major role. The concept of home bar was promoted and accepted widely during these tough times. Having a home bar could save you money, as the drink that costs $10 more in a bar or a club can be made at home itself and also be personalised according to your needs.

People with a home bar could still have a drink and a recreational session within their homes and there was no need to step out. You could stock up your favourite drinks, without having to worry, at one single place and make one for yourself whenever you feel like. Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

So, how to build a home bar that looks chic and gives the proper chill vibes? Well, here are the answers to many such questions that come to mind when we think of building a home bar on our own. 


1. How to build a home bar on a budget?

A budgeted home bar can be built using all the recycled materials. It is the most inexpensive and extra wooden doors that might not be of any use at home; though many recycled products’ stores are now open and the products are not that expensive as compared to others. 

The shelving too can be done using the doors or extra wood. You do not need to have complete knowledge about woodwork and nailing to get things done, the basics work well enough. After all, not everybody has carpenter genes in them. Glass work is not a compulsion in the shelves but if one prefers, he/ she can surely arrange the glass to make the shelf look more attractive and actual bar-like.

The lights can be bought from a regular electronics store and put in such a way that you find it attractive to look and feel like having a drink. LEDs are a go-to these days, as they consume less power and give higher and longer outputs. The LED strips will surely be a great addition to the lighting as they provide a great ambiance. These we all have extra chairs at our homes, the same can be used as barstools. Otherwise, using wood, the barstools can be made too.  Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

2. How to build a home bar from scratch?

Well, building a home bar can be a task for many while some just get on with it without knowing the dos and don’ts. However, building a home bar from scratch requires you to consider a lot of points:

Step 1: Beginning with finding a perfect spot in your home to build a home bar. After deciding where the home bar should be built, we begin with the dimensioning process. 

Step 2: Proper dimensioning must be done of the area for the home bar and then we go on to decide the size of our home bar and check if it fits the area that has been chosen. 

Step 3: Deciding the height and capacity of the home bar according to your requirements. For example, if you host a lot of parties, then the capacity has to be bigger and the shelves should be wider and more in number. 

Step 4: Begin with the construction process. The most preferred material used to construct a home bar is wood. Wooden work requires less precision, is expensive, and gives out great results. 

Step 5: Once the construction is complete, we begin with the lighting process. LED strips usually brighten up the place and create a club or bar-like ambiance. However, regular LED bulbs also do the job. 

Step 6: The home bar setup is almost ready. All it requires now is some chairs and barstools to be kept and the shelves to be filled up with your favourite drinks’ bottles.

So, this is the basic step-by-step process of building a home bar from scratch. However, these are just the basic steps and further modifications and changes can be made according to your preferences. Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

3. How to build a basement bar?

The basement is the best place in a house that can be used as a home bar. Since basements are under existing bathrooms and kitchens, a lot of extra work is reduced and time is saved during the construction. Also, the existing plumbing and electrical work help a lot during the construction. A basement has the space that can accommodate a full-fledged wet bar but one can always first try out building a dry bar and then later make use of the space and build a proper wet bar. 

The basic elements that must be considered during building a basement bar are:

1. Bar unit: The first and foremost element is the bar unit. The primary purpose of a bar revolves around the bar unit itself. It can either be a permanent unit that accommodates several people or it can be a mobile bar cart that can be moved around.

2. Bar fridge: As long as power outlets are available in the basement, a compact bar fridge is a must. It should at least be able to store two to three six-packs while the bigger ones can store wine bottles, a greater number of beer cans or bottles, and a few snacks as well.

3. Bar sink: The bar sink is for those who opt for a wet bar and not a dry one. Bar sinks help a lot as you have access to water to fill up the freezer trays or maybe add it into drinks or prepare cocktails without having to mess up the complete place. Also, after everything is done, the glasses and other plates can be washed and rinsed here and the need to rush to the kitchen or bathroom upstairs is eradicated. Generally, a small stainless steel 15in x 15in sink is preferred. 

4. Barstools: Barstools of appropriate height are a great addition to the bar unit. Depending upon the size of the basement bar, the number of bar stools can be arranged. The height of these bar stools should also be considered while buying or constructing.  Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

5. Storage: There must be enough storage to store your wine collection or expensive whiskeys. The shelves in a bar unit should always be looked upon as they make the greater part of storage. If constructing your bar unit, then it can be designed according to personal needs. 

6. Lighting: The lighting of the bar should be perfect and create a proper bar-like experience and set the mood right. The bar unit can be illuminated by placing lights creatively and appropriately. 

7. Other small appliances: Lastly, small appliances like coffee makers, microwave, blender, and more can be kept in the basement bar as they come in handy.

4. DIY bar:

Not everybody can afford to hire someone to build a home bar. Some prefer to construct it themselves. Well, the process is pretty simple and requires some woodwork skills and basic construction knowledge. It begins with finding the right raw materials like wood. For instance, old doors which are not in use and are kept aside can be used to make the bar unit. Likewise, the construction process begins with nailing all the pieces together. Once the basic frame is ready, then we move on the polishing and designing the frame. Now, the frame is ready and we proceed to the shelves.

The partitions on the shelf should be neatly done while keeping in the mind the storage space required. Next comes lighting; lighting has to be done right to set the mood once somebody enters the bar. Once the lighting part is done, the things that remain are barstools, tables, small appliances that can be kept in the bar. Also, if you are considering a wet bar then the plumbing and electrical connections also need to be taken care of with proper waste and trash management.  Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

5. Build your bar

Building your own bar can be a tough task for some while many enjoy the process. People find it as an activity to sharpen their woodwork skills, designing skills and consider it as a family bonding activity too as family members can be involved in the process of constructing your own home bar. Although it requires certain skillsets, for most people the basics work just fine. Some even give the contract of building a home bar to professionals, but the fun in building your own home bar is altogether a different feeling; as some people say, their drinks hit different while having it in a bar they built on their own.

The process and method of building your bar remain the same as that mentioned above in the DIY bar. 

6. How to build a bar at home?

Building a bar at home can get cumbersome and thus people hire someone else to do it while there are people who wish to construct it by themselves and are self-dependent. The guide for constructing a home bar is given in how to build a home bar from scratch. 

However, if you want to hire a designer or any third party to do it for you, then you might find good contacts nearby and finalize it. The designers today offer numerous customizations to make it completely personalized. The whole thing might cost you a bit more but the work will be done by professionals who ensure each and everything is taken care of. People do consider building their own home bars, but a professional’s work is obviously more carefully done.

They keep in mind all your requirements and offer the best deals which might turn out to be expensive but the investment that you make can definitely be seen after the work is complete. Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

7. How to build a bar against a wall?

The steps to build a bar against a wall differ only in the initial stages. The framework needed for a bar unit is different and for a bar against a wall is different. The major difference being the back of the bar is not needed in this case, but if you want to spend more and want it, it can be made. Thus, everything has to be stuck and nailed to the wall. Otherwise, the back support of the bar cabinet has to be stuck to the wall. 

The design can be custom and personalized or you can choose from the regular ones. The shelf cabinets, the table, everything is in contact with the wall. Back support can be constructed but will increase the overall cost of construction. 

8. How to build a bar base?

The bar cabinet’s base has to be strong and must be able to withstand the overall load. The base should hence be built of hardwood. The nailing should be done precisely and properly. The adhesives should be applied accurately and there should not be any margin of error because the base is like the foundation of the whole bar cabinet. The base is preferably built in a rectangular shape and of thick strong wood. 

9. How to build a bar blueprint?

Before beginning the construction of any project, a blueprint is made. The blueprint shows the object that has to be constructed from various angles and views with proper dimensioning of each side. This dimensioning has to be done very precisely and with accuracy as the whole project will be constructed by having a look at this blueprint. The blueprints are usually made by professional architects or designers.

These blueprints, however, can be made using many online tools as well if you’re not hiring any third party to construct a home bar for you. It will take some time, but you will eventually be able to get it ready soon and begin with the construction process. Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

The blueprint of a bar should show its basic outer dimensions. Wherever the holes or joints are needed, those places shall be marked precisely. The shelf cabinets, nails, and bolts should be accurately marked. The cuts and customized fittings should also be shown and mentioned in the blueprint. The blueprint is the foundation of the whole process of constructing an object. 

10. How to build a bar counter?

A bar counter is essentially the centerpiece of the whole bar. A bar counter is where the drinks are served. So, this part should be properly constructed without leaving any stone unturned. This is the center of attraction. 

The bar counter should neither be too high nor too low, the height should be appropriate for anybody who wants to sit and have a drink. The standard height of a bar counter is 42 inches. The bar counter should also be wide (home bars usually are 12 to 16 inches wide) and long enough for at least two-three people to sit at a time.

The material of the bar counter plays a major factor as many hot and cold drinks will be served on it. The countertop should also be equipped with a sink if it is a wet bar. The sink should preferably be on either of the sides of the bar countertop. This keeps it away from the main drink serving area and comfortable for others to sit. 

The bar counter should indeed be constructed very carefully and beautifully.  Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

11. How to build a bar cheaply?

Budget bars are very common. Not everybody wants to spend everything they have on a home bar. Home bars can be constructed in a cost-friendly manner too. The same has been discussed in the first subheading of the article. 


1. How much does it cost to build your own bar?

Building a bar can be done according to one’s preferences. The cost of building a bar can vary from project to project as people like their bars to custom made and personalized. However, the average cost of a simple basement bar is from $2000 to $4000. This is just the cost of a basic home bar. The amount can go on increasing if the materials used are expensive or if the size is larger. Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

2. What do you need to build a bar?

The basic materials and machinery required to build a home bar are:
Compound Mitre Saw
Circular Saw
Finishing Nails
Nail Gun
Brad Nails 15-16 Gauge (Optional)
Safety Glasses
Tape Measure
Hand Sander
Caulk Gun for Wood Glue/Adhesive

3. How wide should a bar top be?

The bar countertop widths vary depending on the usage. The average width of a home bar is 12 to 16 inches while that of a commercial bar is 20 to 28 inches. 

4. Do it yourself bar ideas?

DIY home bars are very common these days. People prefer constructing a home bar themselves rather than having someone else construct one for them. A few DIY home bars that can be constructed are a bookcase bar, TV bar, globe bar (movable), old piano bar, wine barrel outdoor sink, fish tank bar, vintage truck bar, suitcase bar, and pallet bar. All these home bars can be built using recycled materials and are cost-effective.  Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

5. How much does it cost to install a wet bar in a basement?

The average cost of installing a wet bar in a basement is $8000. This amount can, however, be increased or decreased depending on the materials being used and the customization is done. 

6. Does a basement bar add value?

The answer to this is a big yes. A well-finished basement with a bar and/ or a bathroom can add a lot of value to the house. The basement is often left unused by people, but a good basement bar, if installed, can be a boon. People who like to chill and party have a place to do so within their home and with all the homely comforts. The cost v/s value projection of a wet basement bar is around 70% which is a huge return on investment. It can be a deal-breaker for many potential buyers as well. 

7. How do you stock a bar?

A regular home bar can be stocked up with the essential liquors which do include vodka, a versatile gin, tequilas for margaritas, two rums, whiskey, and a basic brandy. The basic liqueurs are also kept stocked with essential juices and essential non-alcoholic mixers.  The addition of a home bar at your place can be a big advantage in terms of its worth and selling point. A home bar can be a good place for entertainment and recreation and a focal point for parties as well.
It also saves you money as the cocktail that costs $10 more in a bar, can be made at home with the same ingredients. It can be a place to enjoy your solitude and feel relaxed. Home bars also have a huge cost v/s value projection and are a great return on investment. A home bar is an exceptional addition to your home if you can afford it.  Here is the answer to your question – how to build a home bar?

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