Candy That Starts With E: Iconic Treats

We all get so excited when it comes to candies. Who does not even like them? I do not think there is anyone who hated candies as a kid. We all have some childhood stories related to candies for that matter. There have been thousands of candies out there. Over the years so many exciting and iconic brands and products have come. You will be surprised to know that some of these candies have been there for over a century. It is so amazing to look at it as something that has so many memories attached to it. I am sure there are several candies out there that you would have never even, heard of. There is an endless variety to it. To be fair this is one of the main reasons why the experience of it is so fresh. There is a candy that starts with E.

candy that starts with e


What are some of the best candies that start with the letter E?

You go to a market and then you will realize the insane variety you get in candies. They come in all flavors, shapes, sizes, and colors for that matter. You can pick an alphabet and can find several iconic and mouthwatering candies from that one. Let us look at the candies that start with the letter E-

Éclair: Some may argue that they are not exactly candies. But come on, éclair should be counted as one. And they are so iconic too. We all must have tasted this one. It is not exactly a candy. Rather you can count it as a pastry as well. It is quite popular in France. Éclair is very popular. People all around the world enjoy it. Some bakeries try to make something similar to éclair. The creamy filling inside was something unique when éclair came first. However, now a lot of products have copied or used this concept. Éclair does not only come in pastries now. There are éclair toffees too. You would be surprised to know that éclair has been out there in the world since the 18th century. That is almost 3 centuries of serving goodness and joy to people.

English Toffee: Anyone who likes sweet candies would love English toffees. There are simply so classic. These toffees are made with sugar, butter, and flour. You may say that they are just like the usual toffees. But no they are not. There is a secret ingredient in it that makes it different. And that would be almond, not secret after all. They add almonds to their toffees and that makes them so rich and exciting. Usually, the USP of these toffees, is that it is hard to chew. And that is correct. They are hard to chew and also stick to the teeth. But to be fair that is what makes them different from other toffees. We all struggle to eat them and still would love to go back to them. This love-hate relationship is what makes it so iconic.

El Bubble: It is disappointing how not many people are aware of this exciting candy option. These are quite unique. Basically, these are cigars for kids. Before you jump the gun they are not real cigars. They are made of bubble gum. And kids enjoy such things. They are popular among kids. Kids are fascinated by these kinds of products so to speak. You can find these bubble gums in a variety of different colors. You may have only seen them in blue and pink. Well, that is because these 2 are the most popular colors that get sold. But there is more variety. These candies are sweet and have a long-lasting flavor to them. I am sure you would love candy like that for yourself.

candy that starts with e

Elephant Gummies: Gummies are something very popular. We all like to have gummies. If you need something new to try. Elephant gummies are what you need. Most of the candies that we talk about are decades old. But this one actually started just a few years ago. It is relatively new. If you are tired of all those old candies. Then, it is time to try something new and refreshing.  Elephant gummies are very popular. Especially, in kids, these are really adored. I mean who would not like a cute little sweet elephant? This candy is vegan, the coloring of the elephant is done with carrots berries and turmeric.


Q. What flavor can we get in elephant gummies?

Ans. Elephant gummies come in a wide variety of flavors. All of them are made with natural ingredients. So, they are absolutely safe to consume. You can find kiwi, lychee, strawberry, goji, cherry, and passionfruit.

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