Can You Freeze Evaporated Milk?

Often used in desserts, sweet treats, and other family favorites, evaporated milk is a common addition to many recipes. But while a can of evaporated milk lasts for a few days once it is opened, it won’t last forever. So, how can we best preserve it?


Can you freeze evaporated milk?

Yes! The milk can be frozen in an airtight container for up to three months. It may separate a bit in the freezer, but will still be fine to use in other cooked dishes as well as soups. However, the evaporated milk does not really freeze well. You can also not refreeze the evaporated milk.

Now that you know about can you freeze evaporated milk or not, it is time to learn about how you can freeze it.

Can You Freeze Evaporated Milk

How to freeze evaporated milk?

It is very easy to freeze evaporated milk. If you have recently opened a can, all you need to do is pour the contents into an airtight container, seal it with a lid, and put it in the freezer. It is that easy!

This is the easiest method to freeze it. Also, you can remove the evaporated milk from the freezer as you require it for your recipes. However, you may want to freeze ice cube trays of milk if you have got a large portion of the milk.

How to freeze evaporated milk into ice cubes?

Fill an ice cube tray with evaporated milk and pour it into each section. Be careful from overfilling the tray as the milk might spill out. Once all the cubes are full, place the tray in the freeze for at least 2 to 3 hours to set.

You can drop the evaporated milk cubes into a bag that is freezer-safe. Then, write the date of freezing and also the use-by date on the front. Then, place the bag in the freezer once the cubes have become solid.

Our three top tips for freezing evaporated milk so you get the best results have been discussed below. From how to freeze evaporated milk, and what to do with it after you have frozen it to how to store it, keep reading the article till the very end to learn more.

Tip 1:

It is inevitable that evaporated milk will separate in the freezer. Once thawed, stirring it does not fix the problem, so you will have limited options when it comes to using evaporated milk.

Tip 2:

Soups, smoothies, and baked items are good places to use frozen evaporated milk. It adds a syrupy sweetness to soups, smoothies, and baked items, while consistency does not matter much.

Tip 3:

Evaporated milk should only be frozen once. As mentioned above, evaporated milk does not freeze well even the very first time, and freezing it twice can render it useless.

How long can you freeze evaporated milk? 

When using frozen evaporated milk, use it within three months for best results. The shelf life of evaporated milk is approximately three months. Keeping it in the freezer more than this is not recommended, although some people do. Due to its poor response to freezing, evaporated milk deteriorates in terms of consistency and taste the longer it is stored. 

Can You Freeze Evaporated Milk

How to defrost evaporated milk?

In order to use the frozen evaporated milk, simply add it to your preferred recipe without thawing it, as you don’t need to thaw it first. You can, however, thaw it overnight by transferring it from the freezer to the fridge. After that, it can be used the next day. At room temperature, evaporated milk will spoil if you thaw it.

Can you refreeze evaporated milk?

Evaporated milk cannot be frozen more than once. It won’t be possible to use your milk for a second time after freezing it the first time because it doesn’t respond well to freezing. Keeping the evaporated milk in an ice cube tray will preserve it for long periods of time. You can then store and use the cubes as needed.

Does evaporated milk freeze well?

It’s not easy to freeze evaporated milk. The reason is that when the milk is frozen, it typically separates, making it unsuitable for some uses. To save yourself from wasting evaporated milk, you can freeze it using the steps outlined above.


1. How does evaporated milk react when frozen?

Evaporated milk becomes grainy when you freeze it because the fat separates from the liquid. However, it may be unpleasant on the palate due to its texture.

2. Is it possible to freeze soup made with evaporated milk?

Yes, evaporated milk soup can be frozen, but the texture might change. If it looks split after defrosting, reheat slowly and stir it to fix it.

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