Can You Freeze Butter Cream?

“Icing on the cake”- is an analogy about making something better and good. So, the icing makes the cake better, more pretty, and tasty. Let us discuss can you freeze butter cream. Buttercream is the most delicious icing.  


Cake and its Icing 

Can You Freeze Butter Cream

Everyone loves cake but serve them without icing, they are sure to be disappointed. When it comes to children, they will not even take a bite. The icing or frosting gives you an enriching taste. There are several kinds of frosting available, many of them with exotic taste but no one can beat the simple buttercream with vanilla flavor. A basic frosting with world-class taste, who can say no to the taste.

Why is buttercream so popular?

Buttercream is also known as mock cream. It is popular for its basic ingredients and easy to prepare recipes. The ingredients in the frosting are butter, sugar, and vanilla flavor, so it is easy to store. It is popular obviously for its amazing taste. 

It may be easy to make but during the holiday season when you are baking too many cakes, it is better to make the frosting a large volume and use it as required.

How can you freeze Buttercream? 

The frosting can be stored in the refrigerator for a week but for longer storage freezing is the only option. The low temperature and air-tight containers prevent rancidity. The best way is to put a plastic cover on the frosting and then cover it with an airtight lid and then freeze. The plastic cover prevents ice crystals formed in the buttercream. When required, use a dry spatula to remove buttercream and immediately put the container. This is to avoid freezing and thawing. The frozen buttercream should be removed from the freezer and left overnight in the refrigerator for gradual defrosting. However, remember to take a spoonful from the bowl into your mouth to enjoy the flavor.

How long can the buttercream be at room temperature?

Can You Freeze Butter Cream

It is recommended that it can be stored at room temperature for two days. But make sure that the butter is fresh and is not old. It is a must that the icing is covered with a saran wrap to prevent crusting due to evaporation. But before using the frosting needs to be refrigerated, else the frosting will not sit on the cake and will flow on the sides of the cake.

Steps for freezing buttercream

  • Make sure that the frosting is frozen when fresh, do not let it sit in the refrigerator or room temperature for long. The buttercream will lose freshness, flavor, and taste
  • Before freezing, mix the frosting with a spatula so that all the ingredients are uniformly mixed
  • It can be stored in airtight containers or freezing bags. Instead of one large pack, try to distribute the frosting in small volumes
  • When using freezer bags, fill the buttercream to the required volume and squeeze the air and then zip or seal the bags
  • Label the bags with numbers and dates so that you do not use them beyond three months
  • Store the frosting at the rear of the freezer or wherever it is most cold
  • You may also buy a food vacuum sealer that will remove all the air before sealing

Here is how can you freeze butter cream.

Freezing Cup Cakes with Buttercream

When your child wants a cupcake every day, then you have no choice but to freeze the cupcakes with buttercream frosting. The best way is to let the cake with the buttercream frosting settle for an hour. Freeze the tray for 2 hours. Then it is removed and covered with plastic wrap. The frozen frosting will not stick to the plastic wrap. Label the cakes with the date and then return them to the freezer. They are safe to use for three months.

Here is all about can you freeze butter cream.


1. Is it ok to freeze buttercream?

It is safe to freeze buttercream in an airtight container for three months

2. Can you freeze buttercream?

It has been proved that buttercream can be frozen without ice flakes to retain its flavor and taste. Make sure that you label the container so that it is not used beyond three months.

Here is answer to your question – can you freeze butter cream.

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