What is the Difference Between Heath Vs Skor

Any person who loves chocolates or toffees is well aware of two bars- Heath Bar and Skor Bar. If you have tried both of them then you must have liked both of them. However, it is often difficult to find out which is the better one when it comes to Heath vs Skor. There is not much of a difference between these two bars as both of them are made from toffee that is covered in chocolate milk.

But let us find out how both these types of bars are made and how are they different?

Heath Vs Skor


Heath Bar- What is It?

The Heath Bar is a product of the famous brand The Hershey Company. Although the company claims that this bar is made from crispy English toffee covered with chocolate milk but it is more of a butter toffee in reality.

There are a few reasons which raise the question that whether the Heath Bar is actually English toffee or not. In English toffee, nuts or almonds, or any sort of dry fruits are not used. Also in an English toffee, brown sugar is added instead of white sugar. However, on looking at the ingredients of the Heath bar, one can easily see the presence of almonds. So, it will be better to consider Heath bar as a butter toffee despite their claims.

Heath bar is delicious and is very tasty, thanks to the perfect balance of butter and caramel. Initially, the bar was introduced by the Heath Brothers in 1928. Later in 1996, The Hershey Company bought it and started selling them under their banner.

Skor Bar- What is It?

Unlike Heath bar, Skor Bar is both created and sold by The Hershey Company since 1981. Skor vs Heath becomes quite irrelevant in this case as both are bars that are sold by the same companies. The Skor bar is more popular and is sold more in Canada while the other is bought more in the United States.

The Skor bar is a buttercrunch toffee that is made up of chocolate milk. It does not claim to be made from English toffee. The taste of both the bars is similar and it is very difficult for a person to find out the difference between these two products.

Heath vs Skor- Which One to Choose?

If a person looks at the ingredients of both the bars, he can see that there is hardly any difference in it. But there is one component that gives the Skor bars a slight edge over the other one. Heath bars contain vanillin, which is an artificial vanilla flavouring substance. Skor bars do not use this component.

As a result, many people who like the taste of dark chocolate will prefer to have Skor bars rather than having Heath bars.

Heath Vs Skor

On the other hand, there is also one key factor which makes the Heath bar a favourite among the people. It is the nostalgia of many people associated with this product. As mentioned earlier, Heath bar was introduced much before the Skor bar and many people still like to buy it even today.

When it comes to Heath vs Skor, the preference of a product depends on an individual. Both the products which are manufactured by the same mother brand tastes almost identical and similar to each other. There are a few differences in the ingredients or components required to make a bar but even after that, it does not play a major role in the quality of the products. Hope after reading this article, you understand the difference between heath bar and skor bar.

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