Can You Eat Pepperoni Raw

Pepperoni is one of the key ingredients for modern pizzas, and you can understand it by seeing how pepperoni pizza is more famous than other kinds of pizza. The pepperoni adds an extra layer of delicious yum factor, which is its selling point.

The pepperoni is available on the market in the form of sticks. Even without being in a pizza, they look incredibly delicious and urge us to eat them instantly. But can you eat pepperoni raw? Or is it safe to consume raw pepperoni?

We are going to answer these questions in this article, so read carefully the following.

can you eat pepperoni raw


How Do They Prepare A Pepperoni?

We have to first understand the process that is carried out to make the pepperoni. The first thing they do is properly grind the meat of beef or pork until it turns into a proper fluid. After that, they will undergo a process called marination or curing.

In this process, the meat sausage will be left in a mixture of salt and water until the salt absorbs the water molecules. This will also cause the bacteria and parasites living in the meat to die. After that, the meat sausage will be exposed to indirect heat.

The next process is called smoking. The sausage will be exposed to constant smoke produced by burning fruitwood, and they will kill if there are any bacteria left. It shields the sausage from harmful bacteria and adds a delicious flavor to it.

In this process, the meat sausage or pepperoni will develop lactic acid that kills the bacteria in it. After the bacterias are dead, the lactic acid will stay in the meat, and this prevents the pepperoni from any later bacterial invasion.

Some manufacturers utilize Ascorbic Acid, which is just another form of Vitamin C. This has similar characteristics to lactic acid but are much more efficient.

Can you eat pepperoni raw

By knowing the process, you would have understood that most of the bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms living in the meat are already dead. So it is safe to eat raw pepperoni, and you don’t have to worry about any health problems associated with eating raw meat.

Additionally, the lactic acid which was developed during the curing or marination process will stay in the meat throughout its life. This will add another layer of protection against any bacteria or other microorganisms. The presence of lactic acid in pepperoni makes it much safer to be eaten.

Although it is relatively safe to eat, they are not 100% safe. They still carry a chance of bacterial or parasitic infection while consumed. Parasites like tapeworms and roundworms can cause severe discomfort.

The presence of tapeworms in the pepperoni will make you lose weight substantially. And it will also cause other excretory problems like intestinal blockages and abdominal pain. On the other hand, roundworms will present much worse effects on you, and it will cause prolonged diarrhea that can extend for several months. You will also experience swollen eyes with excruciating abdominal pain, and they can also affect your muscle movements.

But pepperonis are much safer to consume raw than other cured meats like bacon. Bacon carries a higher risk of bacterial and parasitical infection. So, you can safely eat raw pepperoni without cooking them.

However, it is advisable for kids and pregnant ladies not to eat pepperonis without cooking them. Now you know all about can you eat pepperoni raw.

How To Check Whether Your Pepperoni Is Fresh?

In this part, we are going to see how to find whether your pepperoni is fresh. Check the following things before you eat the pepperoni.

can you eat pepperoni raw

Firstly, check how fresh the pepperoni is. The fresher the pepperoni, the safer it is to be consumed. If the pepperoni is fresh, it is clear that there are no parasites or microorganisms present in it. Find if there are any dark spots in the meat. And check for the smell.

If you find any putrid or decaying smell, you should immediately discard them. The foul smells indicate that the meat is infected by bacteria and is no longer safe to be eaten. You shouldn’t try to cook them or eat them raw after this stage.

The next thing you can do to validate their freshness is by checking their dryness. These are marinated meat pieces which means they are dried well before being delivered and should stay dry. Touch the meat and check how dry the meat is.

If the meat is sticky, it has begun to decay and is not safe to eat either. The good news is that you can cut off the sticky part and cook and eat the rest.

You can also check the best-to-use by date to determine whether they are safe to be eaten. Here is all about can you eat pepperoni raw.

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