Can You Eat Sand Fleas

In this article, we will discuss can you eat sand fleas. If you have ever been to a beach, you would have noticed tiny heads popping out from the sand after each wave. When you try to get to them, they will disappear into the vast sand on the beach. It is almost impossible to get to these tiny creatures.

These tiny creatures are called sand fleas or sand crabs. Although sand fleas and crabs are different species, people refer to them the same. You can easily distinguish them by their appearance. Sand crabs are more crab-like creatures that look exactly like a tiny version of a crab. Mostly, they are pale white in color.

A sand flea will have a different appearance except for its pale white color. Sand fleas are shrimp-like creatures with the semi-spiral body, and they look like a miniature version of a shrimp. They are very hard to catch. But can you eat sand flea if you manage to catch one? We will answer that question in this article.

Is It Safe To Eat Sand Flea?

can you eat sand fleas

Both sand flea and sand crab are safe to be eaten after properly cooking them, and they are delicious snacks and can also be served for dinner or lunch. If you eat a properly cooked sand flea, you will certainly like its taste. They are crunchy, tasty, and healthy pieces of food.

Generally, female sand crabs and fleas are tastier than male ones. It doesn’t have anything to do with the texture or taste of the meat. It is because the female flea has more meat than the male ones. But mostly, you won’t recognize any difference at all.

However, you are not supposed to eat them without properly cooking them. They might carry parasites that might infect you and cause you illness.

Is Sand Fleas Poisonous?

can you eat sand fleas

Generally speaking, sand fleas are neither poisonous nor venomous. They don’t carry any imminent danger, but they can be proven to be annoying. Their bites can cause itching and redness in humans. It can also cause inflammation in people who are allergic to their bites.

They also carry another significant threat which is parasites. Most of the animals carry parasites, including creatures that live on the sea and shore. If you eat a raw sand flea without cooking it, you will be put at risk of getting infected by a parasite which can cause serious discomfort.

Apart from parasite infection threat, there is also another serious danger that comes along with uncooked sand flea. These creatures carry a bacteria called Vibrio Vulnificus. This is the bacteria that can be commonly found in most sea creatures.

Vibrio Vulnificus is an extremely harmful bacteria that can lead to amputation of your body parts. This bacteria can target one or more organs in your body at a time. Medical attention will not be helpful in this situation, and only a surgical procedure involving removing or amputating your body parts will stop the transfer of this bacteria to your whole body. So cook sand fleas well and then eat them to be on the safer side.

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